Future Surf Pro  (3 years old)

Future Surf Pro (3 years old)

– Right there, good job. Okay, Should we get the vlog? – Yeah! – Alright, vlog! We’re gonna take you somewhere fun! – Yeah! – We gotta catch it! (echoing boom) – [Adley] Whoa! – [Shaun] We got it! (rock music) – Hello! – [Shaun] Hey! – Hey! – [Shaun] What’s up, guys? Adley, your friends are back here! – Hi! – [Shaun] Hey, what are you guys doin’? – Boating. – [Shaun] Yeah! (rock music) – Come on! – [Shaun] I’m comin’ on! – [Adley] I’ll film! – [Shaun] You wanna film? – Yeah – [Man] Alright, all aboard! – [Adley] I’ll film you, dad. – Oh, hi vlog! – [Adley] Wait, come over here. – Okay, I will… – [Shaun] You got it? – Hey Adley. Aghh! – [Shaun] Are we ready to go? – Yeah! – [Shaun] We’re pirates! – Yeah! We’re gonna catch a fairy. (Shaun laughs) (Rock music) – Good luck. (Shaun laughs) – [Shaun] Adley, are you having fun? – Mm Hmm. – [Shaun] What do you like about the boat? – Snacks. – [Shaun] You got snacks? Casey’s gonna throw down some wakesurfing. – Wakeskating. – [Shaun] Wakeskating?
We’re going wakeskating? – Yeah! Skateboard, got the shoes on. – [Shaun] I have never
seen anyone wakeskate. How does this work, like
wait how does this float? It floats? It just works. – [Shaun] Wait, so can
you do tricks and stuff? – We’re gonna try. – [Shaun] Attempt? – Yeah, maybe a shove it? I don’t know. – [Shaun] That was Shauna
that just shredded out there. She’s gonna be Jenny’s instructor once we get the lake lot. – Yup. – Jenny needs no help from me. (Shaun laughs) – [Shaun] And then all
the kids got snacks, you got cereal in there? Mmm, I’m jelly. It’s weird to see you
ride something normal, I’m used to you shredding
with weird things. – Can I see what’s on… Ooh. – [Shaun] Ooh. Check it out, shout-out to Casey’s sponsor. Liquid Force. (splash) (laughter) – Good luck! I’m so excited, I’m gonna learn
all this stuff next summer about boats and wakeskates and surfs, this is us next summer, guys. (rock music) – [Shaun] Hey, he fell! – You fell! – [Shaun] Should we go get him? – Yeah! – Yo, Casey just tried to jump the entire wake on a… wakeskate? Is it called a wakeskate? Wakeskate. I don’t know how he does that, but we’re gonna tell him to do it again so you guys can see. Yo, do that again. I wanna film it. – What, fall? (laughter) (boat motor whirring) – [Shaun] Almost! – That looks like it hurt so bad. – [Shaun] You good? (Casey grumbling) (laughter) – [Woman] You good? You going again? – Oh yeah, I’m going again. (boat engine whirring) – [Shaun] Hey, say good luck, dad! – Good luck, dad. (cheering) – [Shaun] Adley, do you
wanna get in the water? – Yeah! – Alright, you’re set. (splash) – [Man] Who was that? – Dada! (Shaun laughing) – I jumped over you! Are you splashing? Hey, hey, hey! Alright, we wakeboarded, we wakeskated, now we’re gonna wakesurf. – Go daddy, go daddy! (rock music) – I love you! – [Shaun] Babe, have you ever wakesurfed? – I don’t think so. – [Shaun] This is your very first time? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Get it! You should know how to do this though cause we’re gonna have a lake next summer. – Yeah, I know. – Good luck, mommy! – [Shaun] Adley’s excited. – Yay! – [Shaun] Do you think
she’s gonna do so good? – Yeah. – [Woman] Is this your first time? – [Jenny] Yeah. – So, I think the hardest part
is just getting up sometimes. You just let the boat kind of pull you. You feel like, the water moving and just flip the board onto your feet. – [Jenny] Okay. – Push down on your heels
close to the edge here, cause then it’ll be easy to flip up. Just gotta push that edge down and push it up to your feet. – [Shaun] We all just
learned how to wakesurf. There you go guys, free tutorial. Hey babe, trust your instincts. (splash) – [Man] Then push down on those heels. – [Woman] Stand up! (cheering) – Good job, babe! First try! Jenny just did that first try! Wow! (Jenny screams) (Shaun cheers) – [Shaun] Should we go get her? – Yeah! – She did awesome though,
it was her first try! Jenny, you shred. Jenny! You did it! Babe, you started that run underwater. She was like, underneath the water and then started coming. (rock music) (Shaun cheers) – [Shaun] Babe, you did so awesome. Did you have fun? – Yeah, that was way fun. Give me high five! – No, you’re wet. – [Shaun] Did you have fun? – Yeah! – [Shaun] Are you ready
for the lake next summer? – Yes, I’m so ready. – Back, back, back, back.
Okay, gas, gas, gas, gas. Turn the other way, turn
the other way, there you go. – [Shaun] Oh, stressful. Stressful. – Good enough. (cheering) – Hey babe, some day we’re gonna have to learn how to do that. I wanna be the guy that’s on shore just telling you what to do, and I want you to be the one who’s trying to do it. Real talk real quick, like
how beautiful is Utah? We’re just doing a quick half a day, I’m still going in the space station, we’re on a lake, there’s a beautiful mountain over here. Look at the mountain. Beautiful, right? Dang. I like Utah a lot. – [Man] Good job. That’s how we work hard and play hard, huh? – [Shaun] You get the yellow. – I need some. – [Shaun] There you go. – No, I need some more of that. – [Man] There you go. – Let’s do it. – [Shaun] Yeah, good job. Good job girls, high five! Hiya. Hiya. Looking good, I like this boat. Alright, we need to get
a boat for next summer. Everyone, drop some comments. What kind of boat should we get? Thank for a good time, bro. Hey! – We’re gonna get pancakes. – [Shaun] We’re doing pancakes for lunch? (lip smacking sounds) What are you gonna put on them? – Um, syrup. I’m gonna have round. – [Shaun] You’re gonna
have round pancakes? – Yeah. (Adley humming) Daddy, you wanna color? – [Shaun] Yeah, I wanna color. Yeah, is that what you’re gonna eat? – [Jenny] Ooh, you should get this guy. He has a funny face. – [Shaun] Get mom. (Jenny grunts) (Shaun laughs) Good job. – Is it still in my hair? – [Shaun] She got ya! Oh no, oh no. She’s gonna get you back. She got you. Important to know when you have kids, sometimes you need to do fun adventures with just one of the kids so they get all the attention, huh babe? – Mm hmm. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – [Shaun] Ooh, that looks yummy. – Banana bite. Mmmm. We here? – [Shaun] Yep, should we go see Niko? – Yeah. Niko! – [Shaun] Let’s go see Niko. Nana’s here. Hi guys. Did you have a good day? – Mm hmm. The best. – [Shaun] Oh, he’s so cute. – What’s not to love? You just hold him all day and snuggle. – [Shaun] Aww. – I had so much fun. – Did you go in the water? – No we just stayed in the boat. – Oh, that’s fun. – Yeah. Koopa, stop! (John Cena theme song plays) – Did you like the wind in your face? – Yeah. – [Shaun] It was the
best day ever, huh Adley? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Wanna end the vlog? (explosive sound) (rock music) (“It’s Raining Men”)

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