Furchester Hotel: Elmo Goes Sledding with Penguins (Full Episode)

Furchester Hotel: Elmo Goes Sledding with Penguins (Full Episode)

la la la la la la la. Welcome to the Furchester Hotel. Your room is ready for you. Just needs to get the bed. The lamp, the desk,
the rug, the sink. A pillow for your head. The hotel’s run by monsters,
a staff beyond compare. We’ve got the kind of service
you won’t find anywhere. So welcome to the Furchester. Welcome to the Furchester. Dine in style. So genteel. Cookie come with every meal. Here’s your key
so check right in. Let your family stay begin. Welcome to the Furchester Hotel. NARRATOR: Penguin
Bobsleigh Team. MISS FURCHESTER: Ah,
Miss Flappingham. We just finished
polishing your skates. MISS FLAPPINGHAM: Oh, thank
you so much, Miss Furchester. MISS FURCHESTER:
Oh, I do hope you enjoy the skating rink
we put in your room. MISS FLAPPINGHAM: Oh, marvelous. Will do. MISS FURCHESTER: Oh,
oh, oh, oh, Mr. Dull? Here they come. MR. DULL: Here who comes? ELMO & PHOEBE:
Look out, Mr. Dull. MR. DULL: Oh, oh. MR. FUZZ: Oh, well done. We did it, everyone. PHOEBE: Oh, dad, the
bobsleigh track is great. MR. DULL: Why are you
bobsleighing in the hotel? PHOEBE: Because this weekend
is the Birds on Ice Games. ELMO: And Uncle Fergus built
a track around the hotel for a real bird
bobsleighing team. And they’re coming to
the Furchester today. MISS FURCHESTER: Yes! Maybe you’d like to
join the team, Mr. Dull. MR. DULL: Do l look
like a bird to you? MR. FUZZ: Well, you
might prefer curling. MR. DULL: Curling? MR. FUZZ: Oh, come
on, let’s show you. ELMO: Curling! PHOEBE: Wait, are you? ICE FLIPPER: That’s right. ICE FLIPPERS: We are
the Ice Flipperers. ELMO: Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh boy. Elmo’s so excited to meet
a real bobsleigh team. PHOEBE: Yeah. ICE FLIPPER: Not to
mention the best bobsleigh team in the world. ICE FLIPPER: Yeah. Last one in the
bobsleigh’s a rotten egg. Wow, this is the
best bobsleigh ever. ICE FLIPPER: Yeah. PHOEBE: But that’s
not a bobsleigh. ICE FLIPPER: It
isn’t a bobsleigh? Hm. ELMO: That’s a chair. Oh, boy. You see that right over there? Now, that’s a bobsleigh. ICE FLIPPER: Really? PHOEBE: How come you don’t
know what a bobsleigh is? I thought you were the
best bobsleigh team ever. ELMO: Yeah. ICE FLIPPER: Well,
I’m sure we are. We’ve just never actually
been bobsleighing before. ELMO: Uh, this
might be a problem. ICE FLIPPER: Maybe you
two could teach us? ICE FLIPPER: Yeah. ELMO: Oh, hey. Yeah! Elmo and Phoebe are
great at bobsleighing. PHOEBE: It just takes practice. Come on, we’ve got
a lot of work to do. ICE FLIPPER: Oh, come on. ICE FLIPPER: Oh, yeah. We are the best
bobsleigh team ever. ICE FLIPPER: Yeah. So, uh, how do we bobsleigh? PHOEBE: All you need to do is
to get the bobsleigh moving. ELMO: Yeah. ICE FLIPPER: Oh, uh, got it. Giddy-up. Giddy-up, bobsleigh. Giddy-up, giddy-up. Come one. ELMO: No. Not like that. ICE FLIPPER: Oh. ICE FLIPPER: This isn’t working. We’re not moving. PHOEBE: I know it’s frustrating. You just didn’t have
the hang of it yet. If you want to
move the bobsleigh, you have to rock back and forth. ICE FLIPPER: Ah, got it. OK. Back. ICE FLIPPER: Forth. ICE FLIPPER: Back. ICE FLIPPER: Forth. ELMO: No, no, no,
no, no, no, no. Move together. PHOEBE: Yes. You need to listen
to each other. Just repeat back and forth. Back and forth. ELMO: All right. Phoebe and Elmo will show you. PHOEBE: Right. ELMO: Here we go. ELMO & PHOEBE: Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. ICE FLIPPER: OK. Ready? ICE FLIPPERS: Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. PHOEBE: You’re doing it. [LAUGHTER AND CHEERING] ELMO: Phoebe and Elmo showed
them how to bobsleigh. PHOEBE: Oh, yeah. Come on, let’s see
how they’re doing. ELMO: OK. Oh, here they come. COOKIE MONSTER: Here who come? ICE FLIPPER: Here we go. COOKIE MONSTER: Whoa! ELMO & PHOEBE: Go Ice Flippers! COOKIE MONSTER: Wow,
they fast bobsleighers. Me pretty fast at eating cookie. [CHEWING] [LAUGHTER] ELMO: Oh, Cookie. Come on. COOKIE MONSTER: Record time. Where’d they go? MR. DULL: Oh, yes. Yes. This looks like a nice
quiet place to read. [LAUGHTER] ELMO: Look at them go,
Mr. Harvey P. Dull. PHOEBE: Oh, the
penguins are amazing. ELMO: Yeah. MR. DULL: Oh, really. [KNOCKING] MISS FLAPPINGHAM: Come in ELMO: Oh, the Ice Flippers
are coming, Mrs. Flappingham. PHOEBE: Yeah. Do you mind if we
watch from your room? MISS FLAPPINGHAM: Not at all. But be careful, the
floor is slippy. [LAUGHTER] PHOEBE: Oh, they
really are the best. Nothing’s going
to stop them now. ELMO: Nope. [GONG] [YELLING] PHOEBE: Uh-oh. [YELLING] ELMO: Oh, oh, no. Here come the Ice Flippers. MONSTERS: Oh, no. PHOEBE: Put on your brakes. [CRASH] ELMO: Oh, boy. PHOEBE: Is everyone OK? ICE FLIPPER: Yeah, we’re fine,
but our bobsleigh’s broken. This runner thingy came off. PHOEBE: Oh, without that
the bobsleigh won’t slide. ICE FLIPPER: What? How can we be the
best bobsleigh team if our bobsleigh won’t slide? ICE FLIPPER: This
is a huge problem. ELMO & PHEOBE:
It’s a catastrophe. ICE FLIPPER: You’re telling me. [BELL RINGING] [SINGING] It’s more than just a slip
up or a mess up or a mishap. A Furchester catastrophe. We need to fix it fastrophe. And put it in the pastrophe. This simply cannot lastrophe. A Furchester catastrophe. The problem is so vastrophe. We’re really flabbergastrophed. Let’s ring the bell
for blastrophe. Catastrophe. Catastrophe. What a catastrophe. Catastrophe. Catastrophe. It’s a disastrophe. Catastrophe. Catastrophe. I want it in the pastrophe. It’s a catastro– what a
disastro– it’s a catastrophe. PHOEBE: The bobsleigh can’t move
on the ice without the runner. ICE FLIPPER: Now what do we do? PHOEBE: We need
to find something to use in place of the
runner so the bobsleigh can slide on the ice. ICE FLIPPER: Good thinking. But what could we use? ELMO: Yeah? PHOEBE: Well, let’s put our
furry heads together and think. ELMO: Right. PHOEBE: Yeah. What slides on the ice
apart from the bobsleigh? ICE FLIPPER: A penguin’s tummy? ICE FLIPPER: Oh, yeah. We could slide on our
tummies down the track. ICE FLIPPER: Oh, but then we
don’t be in our bobsleigh. PHOEBE: What else
slides on the ice? ELMO: Well, Elmo does. Elmo does when he’s
walking on the ice. Like this. See? [LAUGHTER] PHOEBE: Well, yes, but
I’m not sure you’ll be able to move a whole
bobsleigh full of penguins, Elmo. ELMO: Oh, right. PHOEBE: There has to
be something else that slides on the ice. MISS FLAPPINGHAM: These
skates are simply divine. PHOEBE: That’s a wonder. Oh, Mrs. Flappingham’s
given me a monster idea. The ice skate slides on the ice. ELMO: Yeah. ICE FLIPPER: Oh, and it looks
just like the runner thingy. ICE FLIPPER: Oh, let’s try
it and see if it works. PHOEBE: Mrs. Flappingham? MISS FLAPPINGHAM: Hm? PHOEBE: Do you think we could
borrow both of your skates? MISS FLAPPINGHAM: Of
course, my darlings. ELMO: Oh, thank you. PHOEBE: Thank you. ICE FLIPPERS: Let’s bobsleigh. Yeah! We are the Ice Flippers. Yeah! ICE FLIPPER:
Giddy-up, bobsleigh. Let’s go. COOKIE MONSTER: Oh,
this thing was amazing. Here they come. Whoa! ELMO: Oh, here they come. PHOEBE: Here they come. MR. DULL: Oh, no! ICE FLIPPER: Yeah. I know we’d be the best
bobsleigh team in the world. ELMO: Oh, boy. And Mrs. Flappinghams’
ice skates worked. PHOEBE: They fixed
the bobsleigh. ELMO: Thank you for
helping us solve our problem, Mrs. Flappingham. MISS FLAPPINGHAM: You’re
quite welcome, Elmo. ICE FLIPPER: Um,
Mrs. Flappingham? How’d you like to be
on our bobsleigh team? We’ve got room for one more. MISS FLAPPINGHAM: A bobsleigh? How can I resist that? How can I resist? ICE FLIPPER: Come on, let’s
bobsleigh all day long. [CHEERING] MISS FLAPPINGHAM: Budge over. MR. DULL: Oh, no. [MUSIC PLAYING] ALL: (SINGING) You
really can’t be going. Oh, say it isn’t true. The Furchester will never
be as furry without you. So don’t check out. Don’t check out. Please, please, please,
please don’t go. Don’t check out. Don’t check out. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Please, please don’t check out. Farewell from the
Furchester Hotel.

Antonio Breitenberg

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