FROZEN QUEEN ELSA Elsa’s Musical Ice Castle Playset Sled Race Frozen Video Toy Review

– [Child] Family fun for everyone. – [Female Narrator] Hey everyone! Guess what we’re playing with today? That’s right. It’s Disney’s Frozen! Elsa’s Musical Ice Castle Playset. Woo! I’m so excited! Take a look. It has Elsa and Anna and so many more of our favorite Frozen friends Ooh wow! And it looks like this
magical castle lights up and sings a song. Ooh wow, that’s so cool. All right let’s get this
new toy out of the box. And here we are. It’s Elsa’s Musical Ice Castle. And would you look at there? There’s Elsa right now up on her balcony. Oh man, I bet you she’s got a great view of the Arendelle Mountains. Let’s take a look inside. Oh wow it looks beautiful! And it looks just like the ice castle that Elsa built from the movie. It looks like upstairs we have Elsa standing there beautifully in her new ice princess dress and I bet you she’s about
to sing a beautiful song. Now let’s look over here at Princess Anna. Oh and she’s standing there on the beautiful grand staircase. But you want to be careful, if it’s made of ice it
might be a little slippery! Now who else did I see in this castle. Oh I remember. It’s our favorite snowman around who gives the warmest hugs. Olaf! Hi Olaf! Oh I bet you he’s having a blast getting to hang out with Elsa and Anna. Let’s look more around this ice castle. This ice castle is two stories. It has the beautiful balcony that our Queen Elsa can go out and sing on. And an awesome staircase. Woo! Oh and we can’t forget
the ice water fountain that Elsa made with her ice powers. It looks just like the one from the movie! Look at it. Oh it’s beautiful. Now there’s something so
special about this ice castle. That’s right. It has music and it plays it! So what we’ll do is we’ll press down where Elsa’s standing and. Oh, that’s not good. Anna I told you that the
stairs were slippery! Get back up there. Phew! Okay, now that Princess
Anna is in a safe place, we’ll go ahead and play the music. Here we go. (Let It Go plays) (gasps) Oh my goodness! It’s Let It Go from the movie Frozen. This is one of my favorite songs. That is so cool. And if you turn off the lights, you can take a closer look at it. Watch this. It lights up! Yep, that reaction on
Olaf is just how I feel. It’s so beautiful and I love it, love it when things light up. Oh wow. And it actually made the
fountain light up too. That is beautiful. Wow, this Elsa’s Ice Castle is so cool. It’s like I can recreate the scenes that I want to from the movie however I want to do it. But hmm, I think I remember few more characters that were part of this scene. Well who are they? Oh I remember, can you? Why it’s Sven and Kristoff. Oh hi guys! That’s perfect. Our two other favorite characters
are here to complete it. Now it’s going to be great. Woo wee. Oh wow take a look at that sled. That’s impressive. Perfect for the Ice Master of Arendelle. Oh and it looks like his sled
comes with a few cool stuff. Like some cloth to stay warm. We’ll put that in the back there. And, oh, ice. He is the Ice Master. That’s what he does to make a living. And what about Sven? He works hard too. That’s right, carrots! Oh wow! His sled is fully equipped and it looks like there’s enough room for everyone to have a ride. Okay it looks like
Kristoff’s ready for a ride. How about you Sven? Oh no! Now where’d Sven go? Hmm let’s take a look around and see if you see him. Sven. Of course. He loves ice just as
much as Kristoff does. Oh poor buddy. I remember he did want
to go up the staircase. (laughs) Silly Sven. Here have some carrots! And that way we can lure him back to get back on the sled. (reindeer neighs) I knew that would work. Here we go. Good boy Sven. Okay now that he’s all harnessed up, who’s ready for a sleigh ride? Oh of course I know
that Olaf would want to. All right let’s pile on it. Okay is everyone on and ready to go? Uh oh Anna’s driving. Woo Hoo! And away they go. How about a race? Let’s see who can race
around the ice castle first. But we’d need more than one sled if we’re going to have a race. I have an idea. Okay it looks like we have our racers. It looks like we have Elsa and
Bulls-eye in the first sled. Oh that’s a nice looking sled. Sven led by oh, looks like Anna’s driving and Kristoff. And we have Olaf with, hey it’s Rudolph! He’s probably thinking how am
I going to drive this thing. Well I don’t know good luck little buddy! All righty guys once
time around Arendelle. Ready? Set. Go! Uh, Olaf? I said go buddy you gotta go! Whoopsie. And now he’s off. Look at that they left
a big trail of snow, that’s for sure. Wow I really do love this ice castle. Who do you think will win the race? All righty. Congratulations it’s whoa! Sven and Anna! And Kristoff. They were moving so fast. Back it up. There you go. What a race! Nice job Sven! (Sven whinnies) And of course we’ve got to give a hand to your drivers in that fancy sled. Of course they love
Arendelle and they live here. They would know the quickest
way around the ice palace. Wow given a chance to play with all of my favorite characters from Frozen and have the ice palace
and Kristoff’s sled? That is so cool. I love this new toy! And we can’t forget how
beautiful that ice palace is. Oh yeah, definitely awesome. Well for more fun videos
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sorts of cool Frozen toys and watch some more fun videos
with our favorite characters. And today’s spelling word is Sled! S L E D They all had their own sled and they all have a race
around the ice castle. Sven, Kristoff and Anna won this time, but who will win in the
next time we have a rematch. I don’t know, you’ll have to wait and see. I just love Frozen, don’t you? What’s your favorite
part of the Frozen movie? Is it anything that we can
recreate with this palace? Well let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to become one
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