From Fashion Model to Sled Dog Musher

From Fashion Model to Sled Dog Musher

(light ambient music)
– It’s a great life. I wouldn’t change it for anything. I was a model. I was always in heels and
pumps and platform shoes, and I worried about my
weight. There just came a time I just said, “Enough,
I’m not happy anymore.” I came to Alaska with one dog
and about $500 in my pocket ’cause I wanted to be a sled-dog musher. (light piano music)
I knew that life in Alaska was for me basically the moment I stepped off the airplane. I got here and the
mountains just blew me away. It’s like how some people
feel when they see the ocean. I personally don’t feel
isolated at all in Alaska because I’m surrounded by a lot
of dogs and a lot of family. Racing is fun, and I enjoy that. But there is a great need
for rescue in Alaska. We take dogs that are rejected from other teams and other kennels. They all have their own unique stories, and this is, to me, the most
rewarding work we can do. I’m training for the Iditarod 2016. The Iditarod is the world’s longest and probably most well
known sled dog race. It’s a thousand miles, starts in Anchorage and goes to Nome, and it
covers some amazing country and it goes up on the coast
off of the Bering Sea. To be on the sled with
the dogs feels amazing. You’re part of this wild
world where there’s caribou and there’s moose, and
you got the sunrise, you got the sunset, you
got the stars over you, you got the moon over you. And it’s a great feeling
to be a part of that.

Antonio Breitenberg

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9 thoughts on “From Fashion Model to Sled Dog Musher

  1. Cara Bissonnette says:

    That was awesome Zoya! You're living the dream! And you've got a huge heart taking in all those wonderful dogs. Can't wait to watch your journey at the Iditarod!

  2. Robert Forto says:

    Nice video, Zoya!

  3. Rhonda Heumiller says:

    When are you televising the rest of this story? I can't wait to see my cousin on my TV. Can't wait to follow your progress in the iditarod Zoya.

  4. Al Low says:

    Lucky Lady.

  5. Annie H says:

    Are you going to actually make it to the finish line this year?

  6. moreknowslessshows says:

    her soul is as beautiful as herself. fascinating person

  7. April Ramirez says:

    she is my musher from school I got her and she has her ups and downs but in my heart she is the best girl racer because she tries and she has the strength.

  8. April Ramirez says:

    and other girls too

  9. Annie Hopper says:

    We are so proud of you!

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