hello and welcome to winter proc get his cult but there’s no snow but we know places where you can do winter sports specifically ice skating in the city center of Prague let us show you the first spot is really easy to find just at the end of the street jealous now there’s place called oval sneaker and it’s like three minutes away [Music] so the first spot is right here on what’s new as you can see not too many people here they just open today and it will be here till the end of January very good all right training for the Olympics if you come here you can rent the skates it will cost you 100 crowns around 4 euros for an hour you will need an ID and 50 crowns for a kit but if you bring your own ice skates you can skate here all day long for free let’s see Jaromir Jagr is mom back on old town square and yet another place also five minutes away and it’s quite hidden so that way [Music] don’t worry you will not get lost the map as always it’s in the description this place is called nephron tegu it’s very hidden so not too many people know about it you can rent skates you can skate here and it is open till mid-march from mid-november so it’s open for very long time it’s 70 crowns to skate here 50 crowns to rent the skates and you need a 500 cram deposit and they do not take carts so have some cash with if you’re not into ice-skating there’s a bar every done and if these two ice skating rinks we’re either too small for you or too crowded we have another option for you there’s the old town square you walk through the street up there on letna and on your walk you will get to see some really nice face and the final spot ice-skating rink on letna we’re actually going to skate we rented the skates for 100 crowns you have to give a deposit or some sort of name ID let’s go oh this is fun so when’s the last time you were ice-skating and could actually see the Prague Castle yeah lady and I can also cook so that’s it from us from the honest guide I really had a blast skating I haven’t done it for many many years also we are finishing in Prague seven which is a district worth discovering we’re just going to go have a lunch there if you want some tips for that we have already covered it on one of our episodes so enjoy the winter in Prague and I’ll see you next week hi and as you can see Yannick Bruce Lee for the first time and not Bruce Lee as the famous actor but Bruce Lee as in to skate because this is Bruce Wayne skates are Bruce lon

Antonio Breitenberg

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