Fragile Italian Glass Snowboard: Every Third Thursday

Fragile Italian Glass Snowboard: Every Third Thursday

This Every Third Thursday, we’re in Italy, home to some of the best glassmakers in the world. This is where we’re going to build the world’s first glass snowboard Quality Italian Glass Here in Breshia Italy, with Nino and Andrea and we’re at a glass factory We’re gonna make a glass snowboard So we have a square piece of glass that we’re gonna cut into the shape of our “Park Series” All of Jim’s work is in this machine. They’re gonna hit go. Boom! And we’re gonna have ourselves a shape Normally water is the enemy in our factory, and I was just speaking to Andrea… and the water hitting the glass now is to keep the glass cool so it doesn’t shatter First piece, there’s gonna be two pieces. We have our glass snowboards here that we’re gonna thrown in the ovens. It takes 24 hours. It’s gonna put the curve in the tip and the tail. … So we’re not riding a completely flat snowboard. Nino had this form made from the special shop, and it’s the exact shape of our Park Series. So this is a one-off piece. 580 degrees celsius, basically its gonna heat up this flat piece of glass and melt it over our board Our snowboard is gonna cook for 24 hours, we’re gonna go check out some of Italy Let’s go checkout out this board. No way! Unbelievable. Look at that! Tip and tail. It’s time to put the inserts in the board. It’s the hardest part, I can tell. I don’t speak Italian, but I can tell they’re very worried about this board shattering. And then we move on to tempering the board Tempering it will allow it to shatter into a zillion pieces that won’t cut you. We’re now throwing the board into the car and heading to the second factory. Where they can temper curved glass. We’re here at Vira Ver Technologies. They’re tempering our glass snowboard. And they make windshields and glass for some of the most high-end automobiles in the world. These are the technicians who put the technology into the board so we can ride it. Without them it would be impossible. Our glass snowboard profiles just came out of their salt bath. They’re fully tempered now, so now its time to take them to bonding. Right now we’re in the clean room, and they’re laying the graphic in, as well as the bonding agent. Right now we’re putting the board into the vaccuum bag, sucking the air out. Our board is the last piece to go onto this cart as it’s being rolled into their autoclave. It’s getting cooked overnight, we’ll be back here tomorrow to pick it up. We’re back this morning, just pulled the board out, it sat in their all night long. Pulling it out for the first time. Here it is It’s getting revealed to me for the first time, which is cool. This board is unbelievable. We’re gonna wrap it up, then we’re outta here. We’re heading to Tuscany to ride this glass snowboard. Grazie! Let’s go ride this board. This is unbelievable, the Ride Day is here. Five days to build this glass, technical board. We’re here in Abetone, Tuscany. Beautiful mountains. What do you say? Let’s go ride. It’s like carrying a stack of plates. Nino, you’ve been working on this for like a year, here. You do the honors. How’s it feel? FAST man! So fast. Glass! That base is glass. No no no! Easy! It looks so, real, like such a great snowboard, and it feels like one. So you’re caught between two worlds. Are you delicate with it, or do you ride it? And really test it. And I think today you really need to test it. It feels like it’s gonna slide, then all of a sudden then it doesn’t, like it’s on a track. When Nino would get the board on a steep section, then it would break loose and… And all of a sudden it would be the fastest board you’ve ever seen. We’ve run into a little issue, it’s like minus twenty degrees, I don’t know if it’s the cold or the butter.. But the board is intact so let’s keep riding! And then last run, I hear him drop in and you hear it go CRACK. She’s broken

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Fragile Italian Glass Snowboard: Every Third Thursday

  1. Fin Slack says:

    the mean car!!

  2. Altia Manning says:


  3. Jeremy Correa says:

    High static friction, low kinetic friction

  4. Dan L. says:

    I want that broken board!

  5. 5teFX says:

    Great episode! Nice to see some high end Italian manufacturing…

  6. John Davies says:

    make a 3d painted board based on a hexagonal frame work. fill the spaces with hi density foam or apoxy and have it printed in a single peace i recon it would be sick

  7. John Davies says:

    make a 3d painted board based on a hexagonal frame work. fill the spaces with hi density foam or apoxy and have it printed in a single peace polias hrd apoxi base i recon it would be sick

  8. Parcours97 says:

    Fiat Multipla… Seriously!?

  9. Philip Metz says:

    It looks like there's no board xD and it's sooooo dope

  10. JEANIUS FILMS says:

    I need one! Maybe 2…

  11. Timothy hackett says:

    u guys should make a concrete board

  12. OneTreeProd says:

    WOW, my two favorite things in the world put together! (Three if you count ITALY!)

  13. The Uni-Boys says:

    You should try and put some of the new heat stuff on the glass board

  14. Its Ghosty says:

    Do you have to have bindings to ride at a moutainn

  15. Aivaras Šaučiūnas says:


  16. Cole M. says:

    i want one o///o

  17. That_cat21 says:

    I would just hang that up on a wall and be like

    Its rideable.

  18. Oamist Kar says:

    y not bullet proff glass or plexiglass

  19. Villain CSGO says:


  20. AkhmenHotep says:

    that board is gorgeous, I want one just to hang on my wall, you could also give them away as trophies in comps, it would be so cool

  21. Botanisk says:

    Think if You lost the grip and IT broke

  22. Andrew Durkee says:

    I don't snowboard but I love this video

  23. Wilko 16 says:

    Network A-thanks for showing the songs at the end and they also went well with the video also really really good editing the best I have ever seen

  24. John Cartwright says:

    Am I the only person that thinks the potential of having glass, albeit tempered, breaking off in the snow is dangerous?

    They didn't do any testing outside of a public run for even manufacturer defects?

    Still, would love to have that thing on my wall!

  25. iCharlie - Apple and Beyond says:

    if you were snowboarding it would look like you are sliding on your bindings

  26. wavey61 says:

    Make it out of clear plastic and coat it with a thin layer gorilla glass for scratch protection!

  27. Frwills Moore says:

    I love snowboarding I love doing tricks

  28. dogzballz says:


  29. randomness019 says:

    hey guys love your vids I have a challenge for you guys since the glass board worked so well and the heating element worked so why not combine the two and 1 have a heating element in the middle a ceramic base do you think Ill work😎❄🙏

  30. Phillguy says:

    I am not sure if this is fucking genius or fucking stupid.

  31. wnds says:

    what was the song at 2:33

  32. winnie damayo says:

    next is snowboard made of air.

  33. Griffith says:

    I wan't it so much xD

  34. Dirt Bike Addict says:

    That was a rectangle

  35. snowbordersrock says:

    2:34 whip game strong

  36. Derek Jones says:

    Great idea leave broken glass where people recreate.. Brilliant

  37. Rhys says:

    Use bulletproof glass like on Braille.

  38. Roman Hamm says:

    try plexi glass like the ones used in hockey rinks plenty of flex there

  39. Giulio Grassigli says:

    Abetone is in Emilia Romagna

  40. Boston Bmx says:

    make a carbon fiber snowboard

  41. Erik Lange says:

    Nice car

  42. Booyayabam 333 says:


  43. Booyayabam 333 says:


  44. Cliff Burton says:

    Bullet proof glass board one day ?

  45. BY Gomel says:

    Ouh, dude! That's awesome!!! Now I wanna the same board! =)

  46. Foxtrot Mike Lima says:

    worth a shot

  47. Grice2Nice says:

    it has to be heavy as hell

  48. Tyler Cato says:

    Make a plastic snowboard

  49. KTM Exc says:

    0:38 my dream car❤️

  50. Allo says:

    Why the hell did you go to tuscany to ride when in you were near Venice which is actually not all that far away from the dolomiti

  51. jonas 0801 says:

    Fiat multipla💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  52. Riku Kitazaki says:

    It could have been really dangerous if it had broke in middle of a slope

  53. rock_hard_gamer says:

    Put wax on to see how fast it can really go

  54. Sniper's Shot Gaming says:

    Sorry, but I have to say, tempered glass is not used in windshields. Side windows, yes, but windshields are made from lamented glass.

    Search “How to fix a chipped windshield” by ChrisFix for more information.

  55. kandtwoodworking says:

    These are some of the best videos I've seen. Just entertainingly fun. I appreciate the fun you guys are having doing them, but also the amount of work and cooperation that must as well. Cheers!

  56. doncarlo5 says:

    honestly … someone will find a way , some day in the future , to apply a glas base on a snowboard …. imagine ….no need for waxing …. ever again

  57. RomanMines64 says:

    Try putting the heating pad thing in the glass so it is just fast

  58. edison Beard says:

    Glass skis next

  59. Graybadger06 Ritz says:

    So are we sure there where no rocks. I was pretty sure it was great

  60. Vick Chen says:

    It's cool. I like it up up

  61. Jack Pontarelli says:

    mama mia that's a spicy snowboard

  62. Леонтий Беляков says:

    That real sick guys!

  63. Kent Kollath says:

    what about the metal edge? does the glass has a nice sharp edge?

  64. Studder Steve says:

    i keep on replaying 6:29 and its scary after a while

  65. Alperen Gün says:

    This is so dangerous. This board is potential knife.

  66. Shayne Donovan says:

    Heat assisted glass board

  67. Some One says:

    Imagine if you hit a rock with that thing

  68. Konnor McGowan says:

    Dude it’s fine I have on board WiFi

  69. Señor Rondom says:

    Fragile? Must be Italian

  70. Groom Lake says:

    I like signal keeping it it core keeping it real!

  71. Colby McKay says:

    *walks outside and trips

  72. Sean Markow says:

    The graphic ruins it.

  73. Daniel DeJesus says:

    Cool experiment. That glass board was cool. Shame it didn’t last that long.

  74. Grant Myers says:

    Should have made it out of acrylic

  75. Dom Bardelli says:

    Cut a board in half and turn the bindings to make skis

  76. Q SNOWBOARD says:


  77. CMDR Karos says:

    Now make one out of transparent aluminium.

  78. Brad the impaler says:

    Seems like an awful lot a work for just glass

  79. Luke Brown says:

    Should’ve used bulletproof glass

  80. BestVidz YouTube says:

    Clear acrylic would be cool but probably scratch too fast

  81. Nig Slayer says:

    A square piece of glass that looks real square to me

  82. Saviance says:

    So VELMA!! A SLIGHTLY TRANSPARENT SNOWBOARD DOESN'T WORK! You failed. Theory disproven. Scooby Doo.

  83. Gulag Administrator says:

    Ride pow in that

  84. Alex Kaczmarczyk says:

    Its like they made a glass snowboard before

  85. Koglio Knows says:

    Looks like it would be crazy expensive to produce. But looks sick as hell!

  86. Infinity says:

    Stop clickbaiting and get to the video

  87. Karlo says:


  88. Andrey thy beast says:

    Try carbon fiber

  89. Nutty says:

    But can it ride park…?

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    Must be so expensive

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    Standing Still “ SO FAST “

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    Very cool

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    That was crazy I’m surprised it stayed in one piece

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    Imagine a boardslide on this

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    do a rail

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    Songs ?

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