Forgotten Shores – Surf Church Porto 2018

Forgotten Shores – Surf Church Porto 2018

Did you know that the North of Portugal was offered to a French nobleman as a reward for brave deeds in battle in 1096? Even before its independence, in 1143, the north already was populated and had its own “portucalense” identity the city of Porto already existed and was ruled by the Catholic Church The Portuguese were a people of the sea; they we’re sailors and discoverers They still are. Nowadays, the unkown horizons and challenges still exist Untill 1974, Portugal was under the domain of a fascist dictatorship called “Estado Novo” that left behind a hurting nation, with people longing for true freedom These scares and disappointments with the Church (involved in the regime) left the Portuguese people believing that God doesn’t care about them that God doesn’t care about Portugal and that these shores are forgotten We believe Jesus is the example that all of us should follow we believe, in Jesus, one can find freedom, joy, and true happiness! That’s why we study the Bible, to learn from Jesus’ teachings at Surf Church, every Sunday, every week, we teach half a chapter of the Bible we go through the chapers vers by vers so that everyone is able to follow along and study with us together The idea of Surf Church is to specifically to connect with surfers Surfing is growing as a Sport, so we have more surfers and more opportunity to reach out we want to use our passion for surfing to create realtionships to talk with people and be able to share the good news this message of hope the message of God, the gospel that is why we focus especially on personal discipleship to teach and lead others by example. Always with the bible open so that not only we as church grow, but also each individual, that is part of our community so that they can teach and lead others in the same way to bless others, the way they have been blessed

Antonio Breitenberg

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2 thoughts on “Forgotten Shores – Surf Church Porto 2018

  1. Immanuel Heims says:

    TOP VIDEO! Weiterhin viel Segen euch!

  2. WayneWrz says:

    Looks like an amazing ministry.

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