FoE Soccer Cup

FoE Soccer Cup

BAM hi Forge fans my name is Pia I am one of the game designers of forge of Empires and if you are in the mood for some soccer if you want to shoot some gold score some cups and win some amazing prizes then go and check out our forge Soccer Cup here we go to get into the action click on win win and the fan outfits down there and you will enter the main event window where you see four different shot options each one of those shot options has a different hit chance so you can either go down the safe route and always use the trick shot which is a guaranteed hit and rewards it with ten cups every single time you take a shot or you take the more risky route and try a power shot at corner short or a lob the lower the chance the better the rewards you can get so let’s go and try a lob here we go and oh no they keeper got it so what happened now is we missed so we don’t get any cups but the jackpot on this option is increased and it’s not only increased for me but it’s increased for the whole neighborhood so always come and check the event window check for when the jackpots are high try your luck go and grab those cups if you really see a nice jackpot which you really want to have there is some chance some way of increasing your head chance and this is by activating the fans down here double chance it says so when you do this the hit chance for your next shot is doubled don’t worry you if you take a trick shot that doesn’t count towards the fans see the hit chance is still doubled for the next one so let’s try the LOB again better luck next time so whenever you take a shot it costs you one of your shots the one that you have down here up here you have up to 11 and total every shot you take costs you one but don’t worry they regenerate at a rate of one per hour exactly like your Forge points and also if you really run out of them you have the option to either buy them using premium or you use the shot packages that you can find in your inventory they add five shots you’ll get those short packages too by doing quests for the fan brain bin alright what do you do with those cut said he will eventually get you can use them down here not only to activate the fans but also to open the mystery boxes the golden chest which has a variety of nice things including a lot of new buildings or you wait and buy the special offer here which is time limited so every couple of hours it gets replaced by a new one so let’s go and open a chest tada all sorts of cool stuff you can get and there’s one last thing I want to show you down here and this is on the bottom left this is the what we call top scorer reward so at the end of the week the player that scored the highest jackpot in your neighborhood that will win the exclusive neighborhood Cup which is a pretty good decoration it’s mostly for its very good in the game and it’s also just to show off that you are the one who won the neighborhood carpet that week there’s a last thing that we quickly show you the new buildings we have this is the Hall of Fame building which is very interesting for players that are active in guilds because this Hall of Fame produces power power is used to level up your guilt so go and get me as many of them as you can the next new building is the victory tower that produces medals okay you have to wait seven days but hey still it’s a one-on-one building that produces medals and the last new building is the fan shop it’s a production option which not only produce the supplies but it also provides happiness so basically that’s it cool okay players go check out our soccer event have found many cups many amazing prizes and go foe

Antonio Breitenberg

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6 thoughts on “FoE Soccer Cup

  1. Kekette Blues says:

    Et en Français c'est possible ..
    Et pkoi pas carrément en portugais au moins on sera dans l'ambiance !

  2. alberto27 says:

    1- El porcentaje de probabilidad de los tiros es falso, es mucho menor que el que pone.
    2- El CM de Facebook si tienes algún problema con el juego y pones una queja te bloquea directamente en vez de darte solución.
    3- Reportas esto al buzón de quejas (Alemania) y tampoco responden, una atención al cliente PÉSIMA.

  3. haruma yuna says:

    is a shiet this event

  4. DrexxBoban says:

    I dont have this man on left side so I cant play  it(WHY)

  5. Crolix says:

    I bought hall of fame for 4000 cups,,but cause my internet crashed 

  6. Crolix says:

    I didnt get it and my cups got used

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