Flyers mascot Gritty accused of punching 13-year-old boy

Flyers mascot Gritty accused of punching 13-year-old boy

Antonio Breitenberg

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22 thoughts on “Flyers mascot Gritty accused of punching 13-year-old boy

  1. MrChmodx says:

    New ways for parents to embarrass their kids over a non-event…

  2. Bigolbeardog says:

    sports people are unruly children. morons at best.

  3. Mr Gritty says:

    I was having a bad day. Sorry.

  4. Coorhagon says:

    Kid needs some grit

  5. Ari Swift says:

    MAne Wut Da Hell

  6. Televisionarchives says:

    They found nothing to back up the allegations.. He took her son to a chiropractor instead of an emergency room doctor

  7. Alexander Nieves says:

    With all the phones and camera in the build and there no video no case, so should I say this 13yr was assaulting the Mascot with a weapon. Oh wait all 13yr are innocent and always listen and behave properly, I'm not saying it's okay to hit kids so give me a break.

  8. Brady Johnson says:

    The kid was a Penguins fan

  9. Jimi says:

    Comcast….SPECK tacour.

  10. Tommy from Wii sports says:

    Bruh the kid who got punched go's to my school ( even thought the claims where false but his dad is still on tv)

  11. Eustace Cornwall says:

    stay tf out of philly then scrub

  12. KrazyCam10 says:

    Gritty commits war crimes

  13. Brian Moore says:

    Look at his eyes. He's clearly on meth.

  14. risinglotuswind says:

    So he waited almost two months to report it? I don’t believe him. All they want is $.

  15. Stoney Lo says:

    Dudes just looking for a quick check

  16. Washable Junk says:

    Sounds like self defense. Gritty was hit and hit back

  17. jim beam says:

    You're kid is outta control!!!you better teach him some manners..

  18. jim beam says:

    Money money money [email protected]

  19. Camellia Black says:

    Back in 1992, my dad and I went to Shea Stadium to watch the Mets play. I accidentally bumped into Mr. Met when I was walking to my seat, and he got irrate. He procured a bat and broke my kneecaps, but nobody believed me, even though there must have been hundreds of witnesses. These sports mascots always get away with it. I'm sick of it.

  20. Eric Wisniewski says:

    I heard the family is penguins fans
    Kinda strange flyers dominated penguins from start to finish
    Then gritty for some reason starts smacking kids around

  21. youtube account says:

    Image seeing this mascot on the stand taking the oath 😂

  22. Sue Martino says:

    Sports were never meant to be a family thing it all ways was meant for hard working men keep kids out of stadiums

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