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Here is an intermediate rider. We’re going to take a look breakdown right here She’s going from heel to toe and she’s using a lot of upper body. You can see her arms really kind of [just] like flailing around using ‘Counter Rotation’ movement almost to get the board around so she’s using a lot of upper body if we break it down Right there, so you can see that the first movement. She’s doing is to get Her arms around her shoulders around So her shoulders are around But her board it’s still right there, so countered She’s twisting her upper body or countering her upper body And then a lot of times they counter rotate to get the board around So we’d want to focus on lower body movements to get this board around right there Finally you see right there look at that arm. Play all the way around a really powerful movement its front arm is flailing around So here comes use that now you can see? her her lower body Is here their upper bodies like that so quite a big alignment issue right there? And then she comes down she’s going to try to get the board straight, but seven a bit of a problem because this Backhand until it’s out of alignment if it was Behind her a little bit more I wouldn’t see it And she would be in alignment, and the board would be a lot easier to get straight So there’s combs right there now Just using our body see that hand raising up right there, so you see how the lower Body is Still like that and upper body is open like that so quite a big alignment issue right there and then both hands Instead of being her hands like right at her hips Their way out there. It’s using a lot of upper body to steer Let’s see there in that front hand stunt to and using the upper body again first to stoop steer, so Her hip is pointing that way like that And a shoulder your front shoulder is pointing over here. So she’s using different movements upper Body counter-Rotation movements get the board around she does get a stop but she’s just using a lot [of] upper body to make that turn Flying lee her hands around checking her meat So using those hands that good good writer and stance Good ability. There’s just some things She could work on to help improve her writing to make her more efficient So one thing we noticed just right off with his writers like his hands out there If it was in alignment, we wouldn’t really see it would be back over just lying there Just like if you were walking you know your your hands just Fall to your side, so he’s out of alignment there. You can see that He’s switching Edges here nice, but now he’s almost catching an edge. We can see oh Really really? Close to catching the Edge right there but Let’s see him keep going down And another thing we’re noticing here. Is that his head is looking Down where you should be looking out in front of him so it’s looking down his feet which most people do Especially at beginner lower levels they work on foot technique. So they’re staring down Get his eyes up a little bit more now. He’s gonna try to transition Edges here Let’s see this Okay, I’m already seen just right there downhill edge Is starting to? Kick up snow, so I know that His uphill Edge is his heel, but he’s putting weight on his toes right there. I saw almost catch an edge right there No He could Actually stand up a little bit more. He’s still staying in a kind of a hillside stance right here I hold it too long and he’s board is Almost parallel to the to the fall line right now Let’s see right there. So he is really compensating to get over onto his edge if he could just Get his upper body to be straight instead of like hunched over like this and His hand right here. You know it’s just throwing everything out of alignment But he does make it gets it around which is nice is it was a strong writer So he’s using more strong movements instead of efficient ones comes through and what I like is that he finally does get around and He starts standing up here It gets around right? He’s still not You know overcome singing. He’s putting his shoulders instead [of] a center of mass. He’s putting his upper body Where it should be coming from his hips? Pushing his hips into it standing up and extending [his] hips on the toe side He starts getting more comfortable and stand up, but still He still kind of kind of hunched over a little bit So instead of being straight. He’s a little hunched over but Starting to get his board flat. He’s going to be going through some flats. So he rises up and distributes his weight nicely and rides off Those are some things that he could work on is extending his hips through his toe side turn and Keeping his body aligned a bit more we can even see right here is ham still Just out there if it could be more right there’s where it should be hanging down the side, but Nice strong riding technique There’s some things that he could use to be a little bit more fish and more efficient using his front foot Ankle to Initiate and really that core Instead of using his shoulders to extend his hips through his toe side turn, so we’re going to watch this intermediate rider She’s trying to improve And get on to Steeper terrain and have more speed, so I’m just taking a look through here I’m going to break down this next turn So I can already see something that catches my eye right now and its alignment really going to break down right here, so She’s putting weight on her on our front leg. It’s bending but your reference alignments are your board here your hips your knees and your shoulders are all aligned and if we take a the Board’s here knees are here a hips but Really? What’s what? I’m seen is shoulders, so you see everything else the lower body is in alignment, but the shoulders aren’t so there’s a drill that I have and I but I focus on this it’s where I drop my front shoulder more it helps to bend my knee a little bit more But [as] we continue on there’s other things That we can work on as well. So one big key thing is Keeping my shoulders aligned with this slope as well. So not just my lower body my hips knees and board I need to also keep my My shoulders aligned so she needs to drop her shoulder a little bit more and then as she finishes this turn She just transitioned edges. We’re gonna take a look just at her legs so her front leg You can see it’s pretty straight The back leg she’s bending her hip ankle need bit more So what she really wants to focus on is bending her front knee bit more so that honey’s more bent and well, it’s Not so much. It’s pretty straight there, so if she can Point the knee out a little bit more so that she’s a Duck stance to riding a horse or a cow girl stance so if she can point the knees out like this back knee like that That’s going to help out in her riding a make her more efficient So those are just some quick things that I saw him in this this writer in particular Lee was that the alignments the shoulder wasn’t aligned and then that front knee stays pretty stiff you can see it even Starting to lock up right there Just don’t just really be stiff in That front knee and you can really see that the back leg. It’s really bent so that that’s something that she would want to work on go out and watch some of my tutorials on the drills on how to bend try to touch the front of the board, but I do have a drill section on this particular set of skills, so that’s something that I could have her watch that as well, so she gets an idea and Watching this video would help her to see what she’s doing particularly where Specifically in [her] [reign] in her writing and what she can do to improve in each Little part of the turn So there’s parts of the turn that you’re going to want to be Bending a little bit more and more efficient movements that really can help make a huge difference So she [just] finished a toeside turn, but cheese I’ll twist it in her upper body Her hands are pointed here here. She could close herself up and Just turn her neck a little bit more and she wouldn’t open up her whole whole upper body, and she’d be better aligned especially on that toe side edge As we come along we can see the upper body. She’s really initiated she’s really opened that back hands here the front hands there the hip is pointed there, so She’s really using a lot of upper body to make this turn Comes around and wow she is really? Bent and Ernie look at this front leg how straight it is and then look at her arms Just all out of alignment All over the place. They’re so a little bit to work on would Maybe hold her hands not right next to her pant legs so that she’s not using so much the upper body to make the turn Let’s see if she’s coming down yeah, so herb or is pointing this way, but her Upper bodies that way so quite quite a bit countered position there Comes around gets it through and wow look at this She’s leaning back so much that the nose is coming off of the ground of [the] snow so she’s really leaning back her front, leg is pretty straight and The back leg [is] really bent that’s how the board is lifting up off the ground lifts up off the ground Gets it around she’s using upper body To get that board come around really quick, and then instead of coming around and finishing her turn and Keep going down the hill what she’s Gonna do is she’s Gonna make her turn and over-Rotate so that She’s skidding and her back foot becomes our new front foot. She rotates it so much it comes around and there you go now you Can see the front foot or the one that’s down the hill more than the other is her back foot so she’s over rotated she’s using a powerful movement and It’s too much, and it over rotates her around She gets out of rhythm and she’s skids quite a bit, and she doesn’t get her front foot back in front Our back foot still the front foot now there we go. He’s compensating Compensating and then right here she’s starting to to bend her knee a little bit more but She’s looking, right? Down at her feet or she should be looking out in front of her So keep your eyes up Use more lower body movements her hands right now. She’s an alignment her shoulders hips knees board all I’ll aligned Let’s take a little bit more I Guess she’s coming down Well, she’s bending that front knee that’s good. It’s really good and she’s using Her body as alliance her upper body’s aligned. Oh Now he’s starting to Opening that shoulder up right here. She’s She could close that up, but she’s actually opened it up a little bit more. Let’s see what? yep, she’s starting to open it up that upper body and there comes, the Backhand that Backhand is forcing the board to rotate or pivot around quicker it’s Open so much, and then you have to use Other movements to compensate and now you can see her boards pointed this way but her hips if she would be pointing the same way She’d be looking over his shoulder, but she’s really opened up Right here. It’s really opened up So she could close it more Be a lot more efficient and as she comes around right there Still close that shoulder up a bit more so that she’s I don’t see that that shoulder that hand should be This shoulder should be closed up the hand just Should be more at the side, so if you were turned sideways, just turn her neck instead of her upper body

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