FLOW STATE | Russell Bierke

FLOW STATE | Russell Bierke

– [Narrator] Time is a social institution and not a physical reality. There is in other words,
no such thing as time in the natural world. You can make significant
plans for the future, if, and only if, you are alive today. – [Brett] What was your strategy there Because I remember you
were probably 10 meters in and almost 10 meters
across from everyone else? – [Russ] I remember that
one, kind of just came in like super doubled up. Like I chased it in from the
start and it still just like kept holding me up and even
though I was real far in, compared to the pack, if I was
another couple of meters in, I reckon it would have helped a lot. – [Brett] And so you backed yourself, thought you could make it? – [Russ] Yeah, I tried to stick
the air drop and it’s like as I was falling, it’s like
the bottom kept dropping out and getting further away. (both laugh) – [Brett] You had flotation on did ya? – [Russ] Yeah, I had a
little impact vest on. I’m glad I didn’t blow it
and hurt myself on that one, because I definitely, getting the wave my life that arvo. – [Brett] Yeah, nice. Bloody oath he did. (passenger laughs) – [Brett] Can I open this a little bit? (drowned out by passenger) – [Passenger] Just open the window. – [Brett] Do you reckon you see things a bit slower than others? I just wonder what goes through that head from that 10 seconds of when it comes, to when you’re in and how you
make it look so effortless. – [Russ] When you like looking
at a wave and lock into it, for me it is kind of like
it is moving in slow motion. If I’m feeling good and in the
zone, it’s almost like every step and movement is subconscious. This a campaign, four
three and an impact suit. (bystander drowned out by audio) – Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure. (surfer coughs) – [Russ] You sound good mullet – [Sean] Yeh, I went to splendor. – [Russ] Ready for a flogging? – [Brett] Are we allowed
to drop (beep) the name or what are we doing here? (passengers talk over one another) I want to, can we say (beep), na, we can’t cut it out hey? I mean I’ve been out there probably what 30 times in my life still. For people who haven’t surfed,
they wouldn’t understand it, it’s like next level isn’t it? How did you get into that
frame where you went and did it and then how did you learn
to pick the right one and sit in the right spot,
and just work that place out? – [Russ] Even after traveling
everywhere around the world, it’s still one of the hardest
waves I’ve found to line up and read and predict
what’s going to happen. Back in the day I was
just so hungry for it, especially when I was younger,
I would just kind of go out there every time and it
took a fair few beatings to work it out. I guess always trying
to figure out a pattern to the ocean, which the
ocean always has patterns but it can be pretty
hard to work them out. – [Brett] Even just the angle
of like such a steep drop on quite a long board, that’s
a mental block in itself. How do you find big,
steeper drops on big crafts? – I think a lot of it
growing up with my Dad always taking me to the
bigger bombies around here and always riding bigger boards
whenever the surf got bigger that’s his school of thought,
especially from Hawaii. Learning to surf I was just
kind of comfortable riding the bigger board from the get go maybe. – [Brett] What is your headspace? What’s going in there, were you like tortured as a young fellow? (both laugh) – [Russ] I don’t know I
guess I kind of just like enjoy the rush. It’s just kind of that
excitement you get in the moment and yeah it’s probably a bit addictive, that adrenaline rush. I love going out and surfin’
small fun waves as well but it’s just kind of a
different feeling and rush that you don’t really get anywhere else. – [Brett] How long can you do this shit, well I’ll just classify it
as shit, but how long can you maintain that standard
of risk sort of thing? – [Russ] It is a weird
question to ask myself, like “How long can you keep doing it for?” I like to think I’m getting
a bit more calculated the last few years (laughs). – [Brett] Let’s hope so. – [Russ] I guess as long
as you kind of still have that excitement and want to chase it. If I’m finding I’m not
really enjoying myself I think I’ll tap out for sure.

Antonio Breitenberg

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65 thoughts on “FLOW STATE | Russell Bierke

  1. Nigel Robinson says:

    Wow great edit, different music, good story, compared to your average surf rock music video. Well done.

  2. Luke Eaton says:

    Russell bierke is an absolute maniac. So much respect.

  3. joe Dirt says:

    Heavy,.Go Russell, Cause Not many want a piece of those monsters.

  4. moshekorem says:

    This guy is an alien!

  5. Mac Daddy says:

    This is my favourite surf movie of the year. Russell is an absolute weapon and the editing/music is spot on. Well played

  6. clarkewi says:

    Love it.

  7. Hoku Insai says:


  8. DANK BRAND says:

    Last wave was unreal! 13:37

  9. Robin Moulang says:

    yes AK!

  10. Josh Mills says:


  11. Josh Mills says:

    can someone explain to me how russ is on his backhand at 10:25, a right hander as well as at the slab, a left hander? I know the slab so its not been flipped, or have they flipped the 10:25 wave?

  12. Andy Fox says:

    What a legend!
    There's definitely some big things coming for Russ and he ain't one bit fussed to take them on

  13. James Harrison says:

    One of the best surf films I have ever seen. Massive respect

  14. Daniel Straw says:

    Bow down to the night king! What a bloody hero. That was unbelievable!

  15. TooTrue says:

    That last wave is without a doubt the widest, deepest, and most beautiful Shippies wave ever paddled! The amount of fortitude it takes to launch over a ledge like that and engage the rail immediately after air dropping, then step down another ledge. I don't understand how you can negotiate so many variables perfectly with such consequences.

  16. Tillarmie says:

    Absolute savage…….

  17. Troy Aurio says:

    Madman status! That air drop to beast pit was all time.

  18. John Hawkins says:

    Fucking legend

  19. Discharge Summary says:

    Alan Watts

  20. Chris B says:

    What an absolute animal! Top vid!!!

  21. the_rugged says:

    movie of the year

  22. James Hall fishing says:

    Excellent movie

  23. Neil Brewer says:

    What a Charger!!!

  24. Bruno Paganin says:

    Amazing video!!

  25. Antonio Breitenberg says:

    Best surf edit 2019

  26. Clowntown .Johnson says:

    Absolute sick edit guys. Russ reminds me a lot of Loz Towner. Very humble, relaxed in skitz waves and charges like a fukn animal.

  27. Christian Rose aka Smalltowninnewmexico says:

    dude the soundtrack is D O P E as fuck. sick pits, couldve been deeper hahaha nah nah this man is a fucken warrior dude

  28. TheMozzaok says:

    After Morning Of The Earth, admittedly, a somewhat different vibe, that is the best surf movie I have ever seen. That vibey mood music and that killer left, the obligatory shipsterns insanity then those desert rights was just stellar. My only criticism is that maybe they should have got a gutsier surfer who takes off deeper, and later, in more critical parts of the wave. lol. That kid is a madman. His dad educated him very, very well, he is a total water man. I have never seen anyone else with his affinity with the ocean, at such an early age. Big thanks uploader, that was GROUSE.

  29. figumjones says:

    6:25 minute mark… He isn't addicted he is committed

  30. dopy says:

    Fuck me that was beautiful!

  31. fiddlestickz muzik says:

    I've seen that left slab a few times in films now, what's it called..? is it that NSW south coast spot..?

  32. Camiel Van Dorst says:

    How is this guy not an Australian Cult Legend?

  33. Roy Rogers says:

    No words… Respect ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

  34. Greg Lucero says:

    1:50 absolute fearless, what a animal!

  35. Dana Schierenbeck says:

    Unreal surfing, great cinematography and cool soundtrack. Thanks!

  36. Tony Jovanovic says:

    Heavy wave, heavy surfing and what about those swimming out there capturing all that! Much respect.

  37. James Anderson says:

    A wave made for the rider. A Rider made for the wave.

  38. Nicholas Richon says:

    Amazing. Unreal waves and skills. Found myself watching the take-offs as much as the line. Impressive.

  39. Tommy Ashworth says:

    When the video started off with Alan Watts, I was hooked. Fabulous camerawork and editing. And of course bloody phenomenal surfing, those waves were heavy!!! 10/10 video

  40. Nick R says:

    instant classic.

  41. raindogred says:

    10:21 switched footed barrel..hes loves a good pigdogging does Russel

  42. tim ashworth says:

    get home from work. fucket ill watch flow state for the 4th time. then rewind the shippies section again. epic!

  43. Fred Rossetter says:

    6:26 Amazing drop … backside, tail barely holding, back foot almost slipping off…. but he makes it.

  44. Darcy de Joux says:

    Awesome ,what a legend ,cool music too

  45. Stephen Wolfram says:

    H O L Y F mental.

  46. thai magalhaes says:


  47. thai magalhaes says:


  48. Captain Kai says:


  49. Ryde Ovashit says:

    Man… My respects, if that mean anyting… That was the most impressive thing ive ever seen

  50. Carlo Canepa says:

    What an animal !!!

  51. vancey01 says:

    Epic cinematography! Russ is a Hellman ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ„๐Ÿป

  52. Daniel Fleming says:

    Where is the left hander??

  53. Liam Odgers says:

    Sick Film, My New Favourite

  54. James Fritz says:

    Amazing crazy freefall drops. Insane

  55. ADZ Out n about says:

    Probably the best upload I've ever watched……but you have serious issues dude

  56. Jody Aloha says:

    Loved the Alan Watts start, awesome vid & insane waves!

  57. David Armstrong says:

    australian of the year -the decade. Can't thank you enough Russell. Made my year to see that incredible bravery.

  58. Glen Mack says:

    I was shitting myself watching from the couch!

  59. Jiyu Shugi says:

    The perfect title for this film!
    From Wiki: In positive psychology, a flow state, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

  60. mjenniferromeo says:

    That drop at 6:35. I mean…damn. The kid is spectacular. Terrific vid.

  61. federico aka voxa on the road says:

    Best movie I've seen in years! Fucking legend!!! ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿค™๐Ÿค™

  62. Clinton Whoo says:

    Wow, Russell is so young, but already a legend…Legendary video = Salute and RESPECT to you Russell! Oneill are lucky to have you on their team…

  63. jason Evans says:

    ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘vid of the year .

  64. Ty Nelson says:

    holy shit

  65. hoptoads says:

    Efffing AWWWsome!

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