Flip Flops And Hockey Skates

Flip Flops And Hockey Skates

At this point in my life
it’s hockey. Its eat, sleep, breath hockey
pretty much. I used to go to the hockey rink
in my swim trunks and flip flops every day and. Now I have to wear pants
and winter boots and sometimes you gotta
wear two socks makes your toes don’t freeze. But it’s it’s
it’s well worth it. My name is Parker James. I grew up in the Huntington
Beach area of California and now I’m playing
in Northwestern Ontario. In my experience no matter where you are the culture
is the same. If you are involved with hockey
everyone loves it with the same amount
as passion by everyone. That’s invested in it
is invested one hundred percent. Hockey culture
in my opinion is like it’s just
a closer tight knit community. The ultimate goal is to become
the best hockey player that I can be.
But it’s also about the journey. Now I can say I’ve played
real Canadian hockey and coming on the ice every day. It’s almost like
an adrenalin rush. You get a bunch of different
mixed feelings excited. Sometimes you get
a little nervous. It makes me feel like I’ve lived the real hockey
lifestyle you know. And I love it. Moving away from home
is not easy being this far away
from your family and not being able
to see them very often. It’s real tough but having
such a welcoming billet family it really makes
makes it much easier. Do you ever Operate a snow
blower? You’ve operated one? No. Well I’ll be interesting.
Oh boy. Like a lawn mower. Sure.
It’s great to be involved in a part
of this hockey culture and, To kind of experience it
with him because it’s so new
for him as well. I mean he does.
He’s never really seen snow or had to shovel
or wear layers right. So it’s kind of neat for us
to be able to go along with his experience
with this coming from so far. No matter if you’re
from California or Northwestern Ontario. You know it’s hard to describe
but everybody in that culture is going to be able
to gel well together. If you play hockey you have
to visit northern Canada in any province just to experience the different
lifestyle it is to play hockey. For whatever reason
I’ve always come back to hockey. I’m not sure if it’s
the competitiveness of it. But you just can’t find
any other sport. But whatever that is it’s just
hockey is the best sport. I believe in the world
and that’s why I chose it. Hockey will always be
a part of my life. It’s given me so many
great opportunities and It’s given So much,
To me in my life that, I Will be forever grateful.
I can’t imagine myself without

Antonio Breitenberg

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