Flaman Trailers – 2012 Enclosed Sled Trailer Lineup

Hello internet it’s that time of year
again, it’s a time for sled trailers. And today I’m going to talk about our all-new twenty-twelve enclosed trailer lineup. As you know at Flaman Trailers we like to
bring in trailers for every sled so that means we have trailers that we consider
good, we have trailers that we consider better, and then we have our best. I’m going to start my showing you our Summit Series which is our ‘good’
trailer. If you’re just starting to purchase
an enclosed sled trailer, like this is going to be your first enclosed sled
trailer, the Summit Series is a great place to
start. Treated floor, white interior, garment rack, overhead cabinet. This trailer is loaded up with nice features.
Tortion axles right underneath it it’s a great trailer to start enclosed sledding experience. We just talked about our Summit Series which is our good, steel frame, enclosed sled
trailer. This, however, is our aluminum solution and it is a beautiful trailer smooth side two-toned black and green. Green i guess if you’re into a certain
color of sled, but we can get them in yellow, we can get them in blue, we can get them in red. inside the trailer nice finish white wall interior i really liked the window option provides natural light inside the
trailer lighting up the interiors you’re working
on stuff after sledding. There is a misconception though about
the floor: The Advantech flooring which is what I’m
standing on is one of the most robust flooring on the market today it’s not particle board it’s actually a
fiber-resin board that stands up to water and to abuse from carbines exceptionally well. The XR sled low-boy. Undeniably probably the best standard
trailer on the market today for sled trailers. I say it’s a low-boy because obviously you can get it in the traditional high-boy but what we’re finding a lot of
customers are liking it with this option so that they can also put in cars and
side by sides. It becomes a true Multi-seasonal toy hauler. This trailer shines; white wall interior, black hard-top flooring checker plate on the trim to finish off
the unit. Standard with a window and with an overhead cabinet. You will not find better value on the
market place today than the XR sled series. Last but not least one of the trailers
in the enclosed line up that’s asked about quite a lot is do you have a
trailer for two sleds that’s enclosed. Well, we do; it’s this all aluminum Rage two-up. It’s a nice-looking unit dressed up with
aluminum rims, it fits any budget, very very economical, and it only weighs
thirteen hundred pounds. Nothing special about the interior but if
you’re just looking for a shed on wheels a looks good behind your truck this fits the bill. And it has a side door that’s really
good for convenient access. So that’s just some of our enclosed sled trailer line up look at our website for a lot more variety and options. We have ten locations Edmonton, Nisku, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Southey, Yorkton, Moosomin, and Swan River. My name is Steve Whittington, and this has been Trailer Talk.

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