Good morning! What’s happening? I’m in Takeshiba port at the moment I’m going to Niijima today with my friend Usually people go there for surfing, onsen
or playing golf I think It’s my first time there.
My first surf trip so it should be good! Finally in Niijima! This is the place we’re staying at tonight It’s called Habushi Surf Station This is Habushi beach It’s famous in Niijima There is no waves Absolutely no waves today Spoke to some other locals again And they said that This morning there were some waves
down south in secret Or there is another one
called Awai something Finally found the super market Maruman supermarket Look what I found Cebu mangoes! Super delicious! So we finally found the secret spot But I think it’s a really long walk to the beach Maybe like 10 minutes I’m in a forest at the moment Where’s everyone going? I think it’s towards the right Is it crowded? Yeah We’re going to get changed And then we’re going to… Go and surf! I’m going to switch to my
underwater Go Pro stuff now I’m walking at the moment back to the car Which is going to take 40 minutes! Wow this place is so far Thank you Fried fish It’s Japanese Horse Mackerel What about this? “Mutsu’s” kid
(some kind of fish) It’s someones kid So I’m going to check The surf at the moment I have nothing else better to do My friend is still sleeping So why not There’s absolutely no one around Luckily the place we’re staying at
is quite close to Habushi beach And I got my coffee I need my coffee We are going to check out Maihama surf point at the moment Went to look at Habushi before It’s too big It was over head And it was tubing Just way out of my level Maihama is on the west side of the island This is mamashita point This is on shore winds There’s no way we’re going in here But there’s a guy over there
who’s got a tent up I think he’s going to go surfing I see a surf board I just came out of a… Free onsen It’s where surfers go after
they go surfing There’s 3 outdoor pools And there’s like a “Rotenburo”
up there which is a private onsen We’re going to just cruise around The city at the moment Because dinner is at 7 And it’s currently 5 o’clock Maybe we just go for
a drive anywhere Ah, Maihama is here! I am at Habushi beach at the moment Just came here to take some
time lapse video of the beach And we’ve been drinking
on the beach Tomorrow is the last day Of being in Niijima Hopefully there’s still some surf here tomorrow I want to go in the morning
one last time You just finished surfing? Surfing all day in secret spot? The shore break was crazy right? Ah yeah, it’s pretty scary Yeah it’s scary Is that a digital camera? This is a Go Pro What kind of fish is this? Ah Tuna Gobo is uhh Like some sort of root This is tofu? You know grapes Spinach Egg plant And Sashimi! “itadakimasu” means let’s eat Today is day 3 in Niijima It’s currently 5 o’clock We’re doing one last surf session Before we leave today at 11 This is my bed Since we have nothing to do on this boat For 7 hours We’re just going to drink Kanpai (Cheers) We’re just checking out What’s around the ship Oh, Go Pro man! How are you? I’m good This was the same as last time It’s my first time here Oh yeah? I’m Ken I’m Aki Today we surfed at secret spot Yesterday afternoon at Habushi, the waves were good It was tubing! Your English is so good I was in America Canada Oh really?! Hawaii New York Toronto Niagara Falls Karate lesson Do I do this when I walk? That’s funny! Nice to meet you! Are you living in Australia? Or are you Australian? I’m Aussie What’s your name? I’m Ken I’m Nobu! So I made friends with all these guys Because I had a Go Pro in my mouth yesterday They remember me from that These guys I think they are going to start their
own Go Pro shop in Shibuya They’re going to introduce me and I’m going to become friends with them Which is AWESOME Check this out They have a Beer vending machine in Japan You can get a large Sapporo
for 310 yen This is Oshima Oshima island, which is
next to Niijima He is going to throw
this rope Wow did you see that He threw that so far I’m almost home I’m almost at Yokohama We’re about to land in about an hour I’m going to sign off Had really good fun in Niijima With my friend Koji Did you have fun? He said it was fun! He said very enjoy! I’m going to go back to Niijima Maybe in summer Anyway take care, have fun! PEACE!

Antonio Breitenberg

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32 thoughts on “FIRST VLOG! BEST SURF SPOT IN JAPAN – Niijima Island

  1. Liam Pineiro says:

    What an amazing job! It wasn't very long ago that I began my own journey out here and its been an amazing ride ever since – I wish you the same and look forward to watching your channel grow. Just became your first subscriber!!

  2. Freddy Tried says:

    Great video keep it up!! Should check out my videos and subscribe if you like 🙂

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  4. Karl Smith says:

    Congrats bro! Enjoyed, awesome!!! Also your Japanese accent on your English 🙂

  5. Billy George says:

    Wicked dude! Now I want to go surfing when I come to Japan in Sept!

  6. AnthonyisFrench says:

    Nice man! Beautiful footage. Great vlog 🙂

  7. Flipper says:

    I love the area you were in, the nature is lovely & it makes it enjoyable to watch, the video footage is really high quality so beautiful

  8. Mimi Wei says:

    Loved this! Too bad I didn't get to visit here when I was in Japan. Please check out my channel for my videos from when I was in Japan! 🙂

  9. Mark Yoshida says:

    Awesome Vlog ! More!

  10. Axis says:

    G'day mate just wondering what the water temp was like? I'm an SA boy so it's bloody freezing here but is it more like queensland or??

    cheers I'm subbing btw >.o

  11. Theo O'Shaughnessy says:

    Hey man what's the surf scene like in Japan? You don't hear much about Japan being a traditional surfing place do you? I'm really keen to find out more.

  12. Ueberkombo says:

    Keep it up with the subtitles man, always good to learn some Japanese 😀
    I'll go to Japan next year and I might go surfing as well 🙂

  13. Michael Dudikoff says:

    sitting landlocked in Germany and enjoying your surfing vlogs. I love the diversity of Japan. Definitely worth a trip someday. Keep up the great work.

  14. T Ryan says:

    I really enjoy that video ken. Great feel and you showcased the island(s) beautifully. That water is a killer memory even on vid.

  15. ケーシークリストファー says:

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  16. Lilloo says:

    Hi Ken. How are you doing? I'm going to Niijima island inspired by you 🙂 . It's beautiful…..
    Can I ask you a favor? I need your help, please.
    I can't find a place to stay lol . I tried to find the place where you stayed 'surf station Habushi' but all just goes to the travel agency web site and they(every single accommodation there)are not available no matter what date I put. Is it really that popular? Or they just prefer walk -in guests?
    I can see there are many surf shops and accommodations but not a single e-mail address I can find. Only phone numbers…🙊
    Do you known e-mail address for 'surf station Habushi' (or any other accommodation)?
    If you do please let me know. I'm going to Narita airport this Saturday 🏄🏼‍♀️ so excited 😀
    And…. I'm looking forward to watch your new vlog~

  17. Shiro Usagi says:

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  19. Tokyo Islands says:

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  20. malakhi kelly says:

    I wanna see you in a over head tube

  21. 犬のぽち says:

    So nice video
    Thank u for coming
    My favorite place is secret
    Have a nice surfing🏄

  22. Gabe - says:

    Hey Ken! Which spots close to Tokyo do you recommend beginners to start learning how to surf? I live 1.5 hrs south of Tokyo, and your videos are really encouraging me to start learning how to surf

  23. cwegers2 says:

    Sounds like you are from Aus . Am I right ?

  24. GO SURF SCHOOL says:

    Hi Ken, what month were you there ? My plan is to go in warmer months/summer but is that surf season ? Its family trip, so plan is Tokyo, Disneyland etc then side trip to surf and see another side of Japan. i was considering Okinawa, but the proximity of Niijima is much better. So is it a cool place for family/ kids ? Any tips on a nice resort or hotel I can put the family in while i surf? i read somewhere Gerry Lopez surfed Niijima in the 70's. That's cool! Grea Vlog, very inspiring for next holiday… sending thanks from Oz. Keith

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    Amazing landscapes

  26. Tame Fangupo says:

    Water looks blue af

  27. DraganIvo says:

    This looks awesome. Will be heading to japan june 19th and wanted to check out Niijima island.
    Two questions though,

    – Is it easy for beginner surfers? Are there any instructors present there at usual times on the shore?

    – Where exactly do you book your tickets for the speedboat because I try EVERYWHERE to find an actual website but they're either just blogs or all in japanese.

    Thanks in advance, dude!

  28. Nick Jamo says:

    Great spot but couldn’t surf two foot slop with 100 people

  29. Tommy Today says:

    Wow that spot at 6:00 is absolutely beautiful, great find

  30. RT says:

    Cool. Good weather and kinda good waves.
    I've also been to Niijima and Kozu islands, and Mel but only Apollo beach since Bells had double that was too huge to surf for me 😀
    think you already know, "Itadakimasu" has not only meaning as let's eat but like thanks for foods, thanks for chef, thanks for payer and so on. Cheers 😉

  31. mikkol79 says:

    No need for a wetsuit when surfing in the end of June..?

  32. mikkol79 says:

    How much does renting a car cost..?

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