First Impressions of Huniepop 2

First Impressions of Huniepop 2

Hello, Victorious Lion here. Woah, how are you already doing a review on
Huniepop 2? It’s not even out yet, you’re right, however,
these are just my initial impressions and some theorising on what’s out so far and
some features that I think should be in the game. But hold your horses Victorious Lion, what
is Huniepop anyway? Well if you’re still living under a rock,
Huniepop is an adult dating sim which involves having sex with your dating partners. I’ll be upfront about it, I pirated this
game. However, I’m not proud of that because this,
this is a game worth buying, this is truly a game worthy of your support. I wanted to change that and help those who
I think are making something breathtaking, so I’ll buy it on Steam right now to show
you how much I love this game and that it is possible to support these developers. Anyway, now remember way back in my confession
video, where I confessed to watching porn? Yeah, well we’re going to be exploring porn
through the lens of NSFW video games. I want to show you why I love these games,
why I absolutely adore them, because I don’t think they receive the recognition they deserve. I want to take a closer look at them, even
if they are shunned and bring attention to those which I believe are stellar. These games are the reason why I love porn,
which is why I want to do them justice by showing the glowing potential porn has in
games. So this marks the commencement of me reviewing
nsfw games. yayyyy Now before anything else, I have to
say that I do firmly respect women. There is an inequality between genders, it’s
true. Of course, there would be a gap when women
were only allowed to vote a century ago. There’s no way to erase prejudices within
100 years when for the vast majority of human existence, women were seen as secondary. And that prejudice is utterly disgusting. At the same time, I do not think that it is
wrong to be sexually attracted to women. Sexual attraction between genders is entirely
natural and I reject the idea that we should not openly discuss pornography, when it is
so much better than people would lead you to believe. You know, I’ve played and seen so many NSFW
games, stories, art and videos by now and above everything else, I see heart, I see
passion for people making what they love. And beyond that, people are able to express
a rawer side to emotions and thoughts, to be able to connect more readily to one another,
to talk about things which they are scared of. Which is why I love NSFW games. Back to Huniepop. Some people say that Huniepop disrespects
women. And I strongly disagree. Yes, the goal of Huniepop is to have sex with
every woman in the game, but it’s more than that, it’s to connect strongly to each of
the characters, to learn about who they are and to be there for them. That’s what a relationship is about and
what makes it so sweet. And sex is a part of the relationship, it’s
this acceptance of you by another person at your most vulnerable, to share an intimate
connection with you and to trust you enough to let you hold them in your hands. I mean just listen to this description of
Lola. “This is one independent lady who don’t
need no man, but uh she doesn’t seem to mind one every now and again.” I’d argue that Huniepop champions diversity
and independence from its array of characters, it champions girls who are fierce and who
are different, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But you have sex with the girls in skimpy
outfits, you debase them, you are objectifying the girls reducing them to nothing but perverted
stereotypes for your male entitlement. I do not think so, I would say that the girls
are much deeper than you give them credit. Sure, they’re not anywhere near as fleshed
out as I would like them to be, but they all have their own nuances in fears, dreams and
hopes, they’re looking for someone to genuinely care for them. I have to say I have the utmost respect for
women and the women in the game. To me, I don’t feel like they are sexual
conquests, but emotional journeys of understanding, understanding their various stories and being
able to become a part of that. Is sex part of that? Well yeah, I guess. Which is why in Huniecam Studio everyone hates
you immediately after the events of Huniepop 1 after finding out you’re a playboy kind
of stung. Look I don’t really want to be a playboy,
okay maybe I do, but not for the reasons you think such as having more sex. Sure, that’s a reason, but more than that,
I want to be able to relate to them romantically. I want to be able to take care of them emotionally,
to participate in their story. And yeah, I want to see the most scenes possible,
so of course I will date all of them and have sex with them. Because beyond anything else, I want to see
them succeed. This is about creating a loving relationship
with each of the girls. All the examples of the girls in the game
are examples of independent women and they all sexually desire the player in consensual
healthy relationships. Okay, you do cheat on all of them and I think
that’s a little uncool, not the harem part, I mean sure, have sex with as many people
as you like, but not telling them that you’re seven timing them is kind of dog on your part,
especially knowing that it would hurt them. What I wished would be a feature in this part
of the game was either in the finale being able to go to each one of the girls and tell
them you cheated on them but love them nonetheless and you wanted to be honest with them. And after they had slapped you to death for
lying, which you deserve by the way, they might tentatively come to love you again. An ending I would have liked to see is a harem
of girls who love you or choosing one girl you especially love and discovering that your
flame burns for them the most, which I think would be a really cute and cool ending. As I’ve said before in my video on harems
in anime, I don’t think harems are wrong as they are depicted in western culture. As long as each member of a harem is loved
equally and each member fully consents, I don’t see why not. In practice however, I acknowledge it does
not always work out that way, with women suffering, but if you were to have sex with two women
or share your girlfriend with another male, I don’t see what’s wrong with it if you’re
all happy. As long as it’s not just done out of a want
for sex or more beautiful girls, but because members actually love each other I think it’s
okay. However, to experience so many unique stories
in Huniepop, to be able to understand each of the girls, I think this decision is warranted. This is because I came to love each of the
girls on an intimate level through sex, but also understanding their desires and weaknesses
and wanting to serve that role to fulfil them and become all that they hoped for. I think that Huniedev creates a game that
caters to both men and women to enjoy. The characters in Huniepop are so human, what
I mean by that is they aren’t flawless, Beli Lapran for instance wishes to be someone
who eats healthily and has a sense of purpose in her life, except that she isn’t. In fact, Droneable made an entire video on
it which I’ll link in the description and explains it so much better than I do. There is a complexity to the characters, which
I rarely see elsewhere, and not to plug Droneable again, but to plug Droneable again, he’s
made an entire series of videos on all the Huniepop girls and he vivisects each of the
girl’s personalities and backgrounds, which is credit to how awesome he is, but also how
awesome the game is. Moreover, this game is a culmination of amazing
art, music, writing and voice acting, you can really see the love that’s been put
into it. The writing and the voice acting comes together
so nicely and I need to say that Kyu’s voice actor gives life to the entire game through
how playful she is, but also through a certain degree of vulnerability that she expresses. This is also conveyed through her personality,
how she’s judgemental and unapologetic for her pervertedness and she’s just so funny
and cute. Did I say that I really love Kyu? Because I really love Kyu. As well as half the characters in the game. Because they’re so well developed, I’m
talking about how they’re written. And this willingness to express vulnerability,
that’s what I think makes good voice acting, to make yourself vulnerable to express the
emotions of a character. I’ll probably write another video on why
I love pretty much all the characters in Huniepop. Somebody please remind me sometime, please,
because I always forget. And that’s without the major surprise in
the game, which is that all the dates and even the sex in the game is done through a
match 3 mini game, which is decently challenging and has a fair amount of strategy to it. It’s also kind fun to play, which is always
a bonus. Altogether, the sex, the relationships, the
girls, they’re funny, they’re charming, they’re sad, they make me smile, they make
me laugh, they make me feel something. You mean your pants? ahahaha no. Oh my god no. Not my pants, we won’t regress to that level
of degeneracy, making dirty jokes like the barbarians we are. But I’ve already said that I masturbate,
I love anime style graphics and the sex scenes in this are really well done. So what if I masturbate to this? A few points of criticism. I just wish there was a metric tonne more
dialogue. In an interview with Frosted Fricks, Ryan
Koons says that he animated all the mouth movements by hand, what a beast. So he was saying that adding on any dlc or
extra dialogue would be an absolute nightmare. However, the method he was using was kind
of inefficient, I know it wouldn’t be a match completely, but you could just adjust
the characters to open and close their mouths while the audio file is playing, I think? I don’t know, I think that’s how anime
does it. Or you could try using something like Live2D
or Spine which was used on the 2d models in Darkest Dungeon, but I understand that learning
an entirely new software this late in the game and making it work with your models might
not be feasible. Anyway, I actually wouldn’t have minded
having no lip flaps or voice acting for a large portion of the game, if you just added
more dialogue. Droneable also mentions this problem, that
there’s not enough substance to work with for analysing Huniepop and for a community
to arise around it. I disagree there, but I do agree that there
is not enough dialogue, there’s not enough time with the girls, which I think was so
precious, because Huniedev was able to make me fall in love with the characters in-game. Also, this suffers the same problem as Persona
5, the dates are not detailed enough, there are just these time skips in between, most
notably on the dates where instead of the date you get the match 3 puzzle and after
you complete it everyone acts like it was a good date, but I never got to see the details. You need to give me the juicy details, it’s
like savouring the scent of a wagyu steak and then not being able to actually eat any
of its contents. Man, I just remembered how bad I am with analogies. But I just wish what would have happened is
the date happens through the puzzle, but then you also have a dialogue section that you
need to pass, where we can see exactly what happened on the date. For example, going to the carnival with Jesse
and buying her a massive toy bear. Or sharing a romantic evening with Tiffany
and asking her how she’s doing at school, to lend her your shoulder and allow her to
rely on you to help ease her burdens. These are the memories I wish could have had
and could have been implemented through more dialogue and plot. Also, giving items to the girls. I think that some of the unique gifts weren’t
very good gifts at all, like giving Kyanna, a Mexican girl, maracas. I feel like some of the gifts wouldn’t make
someone happy, I mean if you gave me a Chinese Lantern I probably wouldn’t be happy. I think there is a way to make it work, for
example, giving traditional gifts to them on specific dates. However, I don’t feel like that would work
very well, because a typical Huniepop game goes through 50-60 days. It’s not necessarily that they would be
against it, it’s just that I feel like they would like more personalised gifts more. They actually do kind of acknowledge this
in game, especially with Aiko when you give her Japanese things, she’s like “hahaha,
you’re so racist”, which is true because I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t like a set
of chopsticks for a gift, because I wouldn’t, then again I’m Chinese not Japanese, but
still. Still this is not a huge issue, I can see
why they did this, because it was easier, not because they wanted to be racist. Furthermore, I wish that there was more dialogue
after you had met the girls extending past a single question and answer and instead a
conversation with a series of options to answer that’s more like real conversation. Also being able to understand but also have
an effect on the girls, such as allow Tiffany to reconcile with her mother, actually making
a tangible change in the game, to be involved in it. To change something for the better and help
the girls realise their dreams and desires. I loved how Ryan Koons was able to make me
fall in love with these girls, but not being able to help them love themselves just killed
me. This means disagreeing with the girls, even
though it does not agree with their personalities and not earn you hunie in the short term,
but help them lead less destructive lives and I’m thinking of Audrey here in particular
who’s on the verge of dropping out from university and does illicit drugs. That is what I would think would be a satisfying
romance. Also, why is the first Huniepop have an aspect
ratio of not 16:9 and it’s only in 720p as a maximum, I know it was old, but still,
720p in 2019, tsk tsk tsk. Just kidding it’s not a huge issue. Another thing, BDSM in Huniepop is not so
well done. BDSM hasn’t really been explored at all. I’m a submissive male and again, BDSM isn’t
about whips, chains or gags, it’s about trusting your partner to take care of you
and accept the most vulnerable parts of yourself. There’s a small mention in it with Aiko
and her CGs, but I would have liked to see more, especially coming through her dialogue
as a dominatrix, something like you telling her you care for her and her pushing you against
the wall or something like that. One quick thing, Huniepop and HunieCam Studio
are made by Ryan Koons, who goes under the name Huniedev. Huh.. I thought that they were made by Kyu, the
love fairy you know, I mean she does do all the PR stuff and at least on twitter, she
posts everything as if she’s in character. Wait is Koons masquerading as Kyu on Twitter? Oh my gosh. Look I don’t discriminate whether it’s
a super buff guy making a video game or a love fairy. Okay yeah, I do. I’m kidding. Whoever it is, you brought the fire, I don’t
care who you are, you could be a tadpole for all I care, this game is amazing and you deserve
a pat on the back. Strange that the voice actor Kyu is doing
the voice acting even for the announcements though. What I love about Huniedev more than anyone
else, is how he’s so open and honest, to the extent that he’s even willing to make
sex jokes in their announcements. For example, “strap on some protection because
it’s time to plunge right in” “And all the hot salty fish you can eat.
I’m talking about vaginas man.” Also, “Inna de Poona” the island which
the game takes place on is obviously a sexual innuendo. And she just called me a skank. Woah I am so offended. Not really. I mean just look at the first comment on this
video “nice video and what’s up with hey S K A N K S. As a side note when she said peeksy, it became
peek-ski in the subtitles, you clearly said peeksy, you liar, lying with subtitles tsk
tsk tsk. He has a willingness to criticise himself
and that is something that I can respect. Kyu says as much in one of the announcements. “Last year that piece of shit huniedev said
that Huniepop 2 would be a late 2018 launch, but that things might change in that time.” Which is kind of funny now that I think about
it, because he commissioned a voice actor to do the announcement trailer and call him
a piece of shit. I like that’s he’s willing to criticise
himself and see his own mistakes, I like that he’s humble and he doesn’t promote himself
as anything but himself. Talking about promoting people. Droneable. I want to recognise Droneable for the work
he’s done, even if he never sees this, no matter how much he jokes about how he doesn’t
deserve his sub count, I think he really does. Why is Droneable so good? There’s nothing contrived about him, he’s
honest. I disagree that there is nothing more on Huniepop
you could say. For example, the strategy and mechanics behind
the game, writing fanfiction and reanalysing each character at least until you have a 30
minute dissection on each of them. I would love to work with you to make a collab
video, if you’re fine with tag teaming with a no-name YouTuber. No but seriously, I’ve got some ideas. Please see this video Droneable. Ahem, anyway, make a discord, please, that
applies to you Droneable as well Ryan Koons. Please we need an official HuniePop discord,
so fans of the series can express how much they love your series and give you feedback
directly. So we can actually contact you, because that’s
the thing, people really love your video games, but they cannot talk to you and give you feedback,
the people that love your games the most. Now after that brief segue, I guess I’ll
have to drag up everything that Ryan Koons has ever said, written, posted, done on the
internet for something to blackmail him with and damage his reputation with. Of course, if we’re going to do a review
on you, we’ll have to know all your past history and have a record of your previous
transgressions, so we can immediately grill you. It’s not personal, it’s just a sense of
professional courtesy, you know? So prepare yourself for a grilling, no but
if you’re listening, I’m going to be honest, please take it as constructive criticism. I’ll give it to you straight, the Bush Spiral
Scouts and Huniecam Studio were mediocre at best judging from all the reviews. But the reviews on steam are funny for this. I mean, look at this. I play this game when I feel like my dad’s
been getting too proud of me recently. -my gf caught me playing this
-no more girlfriend 10/10 *slow clap* But let’s look at some more serious reviews
of the game. “In a way, I did [enjoy Huniecam Studio],
but at the end of every playthrough it felt hollow. The game feels unfinished, especially compared
to its fun, content-rich predecessor. If this were a 1-2$ mobile app the scantness
of the gameplay and replay value would be somewhat understandable, but to be honest,
tons of free phone apps have kept my attention longer, so even that valuation might be a
stretch. It has none of the naughty humour of HuniePop,
none of the ‘adult only’ art, none of the charm. It’s just a run of the mill clicker game and
most others do it better.“ To be honest, Huniecam Studio is just kind
of meh. And the fact that it’s a clicker game, I
really dislike that. I hate clicker games, to be honest they’re
empty and a waste of your time. The only redeeming feature of this is that
it has no in app purchases, but it has no new CGs, nothing. Anyway, what are you doing? Get to the first impressions of Huniepop 2
already. Right. So let’s do it. I don’t think that they should have added
the characters in Huniecam studio into Huniepop 2, even though it was more convenient, because
parts of the characters are already made. Why? Because I don’t think they were ever intended
to be full characters. They had to completely rewrite these characters
to add background stories to them and they don’t feel as well thought out as the original
cast of Huniepop. That said, they did a great job even with
that restriction, I do have to grudgingly admit I like the new characters, except for
Suki and Lillian. However, before we get into the thick of it,
I want to address some criticism of Huniepop 2, the first of which is about Abia, a Muslim
woman being into sex and being a possible dating partner in the next game. Also, her job is airport security. Now I don’t know anything about Muslim culture,
so please do forgive me and correct me for any misinformation and I will do my best to
correct it. First thing to keep in mind, it’s a game. It has no relation to real life. But you see, every piece of fiction is propaganda
and should be representative of exactly how people should act in real life. Well does having sex with a loli in a game
or reading about it in a manga or a book make you a paedophile? No, because if that was the case, then we’d
have so many paedophiles. This has nothing to do with real life. However, even if it had any relation, keep
in mind it doesn’t, even if I take you at your very worst, the fact is Muslim women
have sex. I don’t see anything wrong with a Muslim
woman having independence over her own sex life and her body and being able to have a
loving sexual relationship with someone else. In fact, I think it’s amazing that Huniedev
would champion Muslim women as being healthy and independent and having consensual relationships
with other people. To include diversity of an underrepresented
culture in video games I believe is a very good thing. Now, you could interpret Abia being airport
security to be a joke, but as others have said, what do you think happens in Muslim
countries? Of course, there are Muslim men and women
who work in airport security and I think Huniedev is trying to show that Muslim women are able
to work in any role and again, dispel false and incorrect prejudices against the Muslim
community which is such a vital part of our society. There was controversy over Polly who was a
futanari or in other words a chick with a dick. To be honest, I don’t really mind, but I
understand that allowing characters to choose the gender of Polly according to their sexual
preferences would allow more players to be comfortable, so I think that was a good move
on their part. Now Droneable was talking about the art style
and he said that Huniepop’s artstyle was holding it back, to be honest, I really liked
Huniepop’s artstyle, maybe because I love anime and manga beyond any reasonable measure,
but then again, judging from Droneable’s videos, he does too. As I said earlier, the decision to bring some
of the girls from Huniecam Studio on, I did not feel was not so good. I don’t really like Huniecam Studio from
a story perspective, because it doesn’t make any sense, as many others have said,
as in why are all the girls suddenly turned into cam girls? Also, the designs for the cam girls in general
weren’t my favourite, but it was a cartoon game so I can give it that. When it translates into this more realistic
artstyle, I can’t give it that benefit, I feel like the transition did not make all
the characters look that great. However, mostly, I have to say the change
in art style was for the better, if these images are representational of the final gam
which I know they aren’t completely. But let’s have a look at each of the girls,
now that sounds really perverted, but I promise you it’s not. Okay maybe it is. I just want to examine each of the characters,
ranging from how they look to the ideas behind them. So Jessie. The new art style I feel does not look as
good with her, the eye shadow just feels like it’s too much, and I just wish we had the
old character designs back with the really soft colours. I know the point is that she’s washed up,
but the aesthetic change just emphasises how fake and made up everything is about her. She was probably my least favourite girl in
the first game, because all she had going for her was her sex appeal, she didn’t care
about personality or a loving and caring relationship, she was all about manipulation and lies, she
was also a horrible mother to Tiffany, so I kinda wish she didn’t return, but whatever. It was either that or Nikki who was my least
favourite girl, but even Nikki is a little better, even though she had no personality
and was quite bland. She kind of reminds me of a kuudere, I understand
if you’re too embarrassed to talk about much at the start, but it’s not a relationship
if you can’t share things. And she’s probably the closest to me, with
no friends and being a loner. Get this I’m the epitome of shy, I cannot
handle social situations at all I’m rubbish at them, but she does nothing. It feels like she’s too shy to even try
talk to you. And I’ve read romance manga like that where
nothing happens at all and it’s boring, at least couldn’t you gain her trust and
be someone she could confide in or something? I don’t know. Anyway, back to the character analysis. I got sidetracked. Kyu, I feel the art style on her is not great
either. Her hair looks bad, eyes aren’t great, they
lose that cute anime quality. Just look at the difference, in my opinion
and I’m biased here, but I just think that the old art style looks so much better on
her. I hope it’s better in-game. I don’t remember who said it, but I recall
watching something about how in artwork the more simplified the face, the more easily
an audience could relate to the face and understand it. And this really applies in this scenario. By going from anime style art to a more realistic
one, I feel that we are less able to relate to the characters and read their emotions. What makes anime characters and art so good
in the first place is it is expressive, that’s part of the reason why anime eyes are so large,
so artists can capture what emotions they are feeling. With realistic art, it’s more difficult
to do so. Also, in my opinion, in this case she looks
a lot more cute and beautiful as she did in the first Huniepop. I do have to admit, that the belly buttons
and the toning of the skin, seeing the outlines of where muscles begin and end and the reflections
of light gleaming off of the muscles is pretty sexy. Same thing apples for Lola where the transition
just doesn’t look good on her. I, like Droneable, don’t like her curly
hair, it’s just a personal preference, I understand a lot of African Americans wear their hair
like that. And it’s not because I hate African American
women, I personally just don’t like the curls, on the other hand I can say that her
long hair style is so sexy. I wish that it was Audrey, like Droneable
or Momo, who were transferred over to Huniepop 2. Momo’s cute by the way, best girl or Kyanna,
who’s super fit and sexy, as well as being motivated to do things in life or Tiffany,
even though she’s like vanilla. Woah that’s actually pretty creepy, you’re
describing a girl as a flavour of ice cream. No, I mean vanilla as far as fetishes go,
school girl is pretty normal, at least when you’ve seen the world like me. To be honest, I totally fell in love with
Audrey like Droneable too, which is why I wanted to see her in the second game. It’s kind of sad that she became emotionally
depressed and fell to hard drugs in Huniecam Studio after finding out she was cheated on
even if it’s not canon. I felt a gravitational attraction to her,
is it because I’m a submissive male? A bit. However, more than that, I want to take care
of her emotionally, to help her find what she’s missing, someone who genuinely cares
about her. Apart from that however, I think all the new
characters, surprisingly look very good, maybe because they didn’t need to adapt anything
and had more creative freedom, but I think they are very well done especially Brooke,
who I feel is beautiful. Now voice acting. I’m going to say something really mean right
now that’s going to hurt your feelings, I’ll be real direct, but please take it
as constructive criticism and just another opinion to keep in mind. Most of the voice acting sucks. Woah man that’s evil. And I hate most of the characters, their voices
sound annoying. I know they’re not final but even these
voices as a preview sound really bad. I hate these characters already and I haven’t
even seen them yet, one of my friends agrees and he loved the original game. And you know what’s especially bad? rebornnora, credits to her, made a video on
each of the voice actors and their previous voice acting roles and it seems like in almost
every role each of the voice actresses played they were so much better than they were in
this game. It’s not a question of their hard earned
talent and skill, they have it that’s for sure, but they can do so much better, but
in this voice sample, the voice acting sounds flat and unappealing. No offence intended, these people are amazing
and I acknowledge their hard work, but it just isn’t shining through her. Also, unrelated but the voice actor for Lola
is 2B! She’s 2B!!!! What the hell? She’s 2B.. Kira Buckland is 2B aaaaaggghhh In fact, if I do a little research, she’s
done like every single anime dub ever. EVAAAAAAA Just take a look at her resume. But that’s not the point, let me just compare
this for reference. Kira Buckland as Lola. “I want to hear more about how attractive
I am.” And Kira Buckland as 2B. “Glory to mankind. I’ll handle it.” Just take a listen, her voice just sounds
so much better in Nier;Automata, it has a lustre behind it, a fragility, but also a
strength, she expresses her emotions so much more clearly, her anger, her sadness. But in Huniepop, we see only a small range
of her voice acting abilities, not that I dislike her voice acting it’s good, she’s
an amazing voice actress wherever she goes, but this game just doesn’t demonstrate it. Although they say it’s a preview, the fact
they’re showing us shows that it’s very likely the final version will be something
like this or even worse. And it’s not just the voice acting, I think
it’s the personalities, I mean let’s just listen to this voice clip by Lillian. “um like okay…Can somebody please kill me
right now?” Ugh that’s just bad, I’m sorry, but this
sounds like the quintessential annoying person, arrogant and lazy and not in a good way, this
voice is just grating on my nerves. And you know what? The sad part on the Huniepop wiki, it says
that Arden Jones, the voice actor who voiced Momo is voicing her. And I really, really loved Momo, she was probably
my favourite character from Huniepop, because she was so cute. I’ll take a detour, because I want to explain
why I love Momo, because Droneable said that she was mentally an infant. Even the wiki says “Momo has been the subject
of controversy…since her reveal in Huniepop mainly correlating to her age and cat like
interactions”. However, I disagree I think she’s anything
like an infant, I think when she says she is a kitty, she is referring to her submissive
side from a BDSM perspective, also, she demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of human society, knows
about sex and looks much older and more mature than 18 years old. Also, she’s a fictional character who has
no correlation whatsoever to real life, so it doesn’t matter either way. But Momo is so cute and endearing and she
genuinely loves you, there’s nothing contrived about her, I’m assuming because the game
didn’t show me otherwise and she’s a cat girl which is doubly attractive. And I’m just sad that she would become Lillian. It’s the way she speaks intentionally, which
seems annoying. However, I have to say the voice actress for
Zoey does a really good job, a really consistent voice, I can feel a real character and it
sounds very nice to listen to. It doesn’t sound forced and very natural,
which I think is really good. Suki, yeah I think she’s really annoying
as well I think her voice also sounds like she’s trying to be annoying. And I know the point of her character is that
she doesn’t understand anime but tries to look like she does, so she’s supposed to be
annoying, but even then. I feel like her voice is so high pitched and
annoying, cocky and not in a good way, especially when rebornnora shows that the same voice
actor from final fantasy x or Karen from shomin sample did this voice and these english dubs
are actually really good. Just take a listen to it. “Why don’t we take a break here? I’m really
tired.” “Tell me how well do you measure up to other
commoner boys?” They’re refreshing to listen to they sound
cute, they sound like they’re in character and demonstrate the voice actresses’ full
vocal repertoire. Her voice acting as Rinoa in final fantasy
and Shomin Sample is so much better. I feel like there is so much lost potential
here, if you just put in a duplicate of rinoa’s voice acting into Huniepop 2 and tweaked it
a little I would be more than happy. Appearance wise, the blackface ganguro makeup
and tan is just way too heavy and not a thing anymore. As an anime fan I can also say, her preying
on desperate anime nerds as a backstory also feels kind of like an insult directed at me
and plus most of your audience, because they probably also like to play *sexy waifu games
on steam*. Lailaini is okay, her voice is cute plus I
like her character design. I feel like she does a better job in zombieland
saga though or from kobayashi dragon maid. She’s cuter there. Just a quick comparison. “Welcome to the Seabreeze Hotel.” “I do not like this.” Idea wise, I think Lailanni is really cute,
I lreally ove the idea that she’s working for a resort hotel and is super sweet and
sensitive. Nice concept and execution. Same as Brooke in Kyoukai no Kanata and the
world god only knows, her voice acting from the anime is better. She’s really cute in Kyoukai no Kanata and
her voice acting is excellent in that, have a listen. “So what kind of car you drive?” “I’ve seen you hanging around during band
practice. I want to talk some more don’t be in a rush.” I don’t know but I just really like Krystal
la Porte, her voice sounds good, her concept is good, her art is good, I like that she’s
arrogant and self-confident, I like her concept, as being materialistic and a trophy wife whose
husband doesn’t care about her too much, the weirdness feels exactly like something
Huniedev would do, but also pull off well. I like her name too, because she’s taken
my name. I like to use the name Brooke Alice in games,
because I think it’s a cute name. Are you gay? That sounds you’re a girl. And yeah, I know, it’s not possible for
a guy to be cute at least not in the feminine kind of way. And it’s not like I want to become a girl,
well if it the process was completely reversible, maybe, but who isn’t curious what being
the other gender feels like? But it’s this wish that someone might care
about me more. Maybe people would care about me more if I
was a girl or if I was cute. I don’t know. That’s a discussion for another time, but
it’s also because it’s part of my real name, so it kind of just works I guess. Candace kind of seems like Jessie again, especially
because she works as a stripper, but I have to admit that her design is so sexy. I don’t have too much to say about the other
characters, I think they’re all done pretty well. Story wise it seems like too much of a coincidence
that both women who made the trip over to Huniepop 2 from Huniepop 1 don’t really
mind you being in relationships with 10 other girls, so you do have a chance at capturing
their hearts once again, unlike Tiffany who is not okay with you cheating on her and asks
if you “[you have] ever cheated on anybody? Be honest!” and the correct answer is “Nope!
Not yet anyway.” Which brings up a question, how are they going
to solve the continuity issue of the game being a sequel? The story continuity, as in how they solved
it in Huniecam Studio was by making all the girls hate your guts, except maybe Jessie,
who is probably my least favourite girl. And it’s not good that Huniepop 2 is a direct
sequel, because I bet you it’s going to lead to a ton of sadness, as in you find out
you disappointed every single one of your lovers in the previous game. And I think that would be the worst way to
do it. Prince Thunderflare sums it up pretty nicely
what would happen after the events of Huniepop. Prince Thunderflare 4 months ago (edited)
Imagine the protagonist approaching Tiffany and saying, “Hey, Tiff…I slept with your
mom! And your psychical instructor. And your teacher. And two of your friends. And remember that time you had to watch that
kid overnight? That’s because I was sleeping with his mom. And I don’t know your relation to Lola, but
I slept with her too. And a cat. And an alien. And a fairy. And a goddess. It’s been an odd month.
” The following week the news is constantly talking about how Tiffany Maye went on a massive
killing spree while constantly saying: “What’s shakin’, bacon?” I like the new setting of Inna de Poona, Island
setting, the art for all the scenery looks clean. I like the idea of going on vacation, just
the continuity worries me. But I think they might deal with that by making
all the girls forget you or you just completely ignore them and you just transition to the
new island without having any information about them. Or they just think you’re going on vacation
for a short bit. I don’t know. Overall, I think that Huniepop 2 is going
to be a really good game, despite my reservations about the art, voice acting and continuity,
which will cause everyone to hate you. To finish off, let’s talk about that trailer
which was released about four or five days ago. I’m sorry but I dislike this teaser, because
it doesn’t fit with the playful colourful theme they had going on, I feel like their
normal trailers would have been a better fit, but they’re trying something different and
I have to applaud them for that. My guess is that these two gods which need
to be appeased in the teaser are never going to appear in game and this is all a joke. Droneable made on video on this shouting lore,
but I simply do not think this is lore, this is a parody. I don’t think they’re trying to be serious
here. If it is actually real, well that’s good,
but from the video, it seems like they’re not being serious, that this is a plot point
in the story. And that’s about it. To be honest I thought that this video was
going to be really short, but the words just kept pouring out so I went with the flow. Why I haven’t finished this sooner is because
I’m lazy and not productive, but I’m really trying to work on that. Thank you for being here, you are my lifeblood. Victorious Lion out.

Antonio Breitenberg

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7 thoughts on “First Impressions of Huniepop 2

  1. Lucky Daniel777 says:

    I’m stuck Living Under a rock this shit looks deadass like candy crush just with anime girls

  2. GlitterAddict says:

    Hey, nice video and you also have a good voice for doing youtube. Anyways, here are some of my thoughts:

    Your intro in general is kind of all over the place, and very unfocused. You discuss you pirating the game and then show us you buying it as proof of your love for the game and "show you that it is possible to support these developers" which, imo, is kind of unnecessary and doesn't have to do with the main point of your video.

    Then, still as part of your intro, you sidetrack onto discussing feminism which, to me, also seems a little unnecessary. You also counter the claim of huniepop being just a sex game with implying that you connect with the characters and that huniepop is about being there for them, which is not really true? And I don't think huniepop needs to be about deep emotional connection for it to be okay to like it so you didn't really have to bring it up in the first place, not to mention that it doesn't have anything to do with your video title at least. While your view on monogamy is "tots woke" and I appreciate it, again it's not really necessary to the discussion on huniepop at large or to "What you want from huniepop 2". Also the music is WAY too loud in this part and many others imo.

    You talking about what you would have liked more in the first huniepop was really entertaining to hear! Also I found this video from the discord so I guess you found the official huniepop discord 😛

    This is again the same complaint but talking about huniecam kind of seemed off topic, I feel like you could've squeezed out multiple different and shorter videos for this. Also, when talking about Abia, you really didn't have to try to give what seems like, in my opinion, a BS explanation as to why Ryan made Abia airport security. It really is just a joke. Whether thats okay or not is debatable but pretending that it's anything other than a joke on muslims being stereotyped as terrorists is, to me, not very helpful in the discussion. Also I feel like I have to mention again that the music is very loud compared to your voice.

    Your thoughts on both the art style and voice acting (and other stuff) are to do with Huniepop 2 which is nice and I enjoyed it and my "criticism" is definitely nit picky but you don't really phrase it in a way that has to do with "what you want" from the game, more like general thoughts or first impressions. Also you mention liking Momo, which is acceptable but you also mention that she knows what sex is, which she does not. She is confused at her becoming wet when she is aroused, and implies that she learnt about sex from reading the protagonists dirty mags. Also it's very possible for guys to be cute! In fact I consider myself a cute boy connoisseur. Anyways that's all I want to say, have a nice rest of your day/evening! <3

    Wow this was a long comment

  3. Kiwi Birdie says:

    I really like your voice.

  4. ss dedd says:

    Its okay man, i pirated it too

  5. Nizzaz says:

    you deserve so many more subs, i dont know why you have so little. you make quality content. keep doing what your doing

  6. Ai-Say says:

    Heyyyyy, voice of Ashley here!
    I'm dropping in to tell you there IS a huniepop server where fans and staff can talk to each other. The official VAs of Huniepop 2, Droneable, and Ryan Koons are in the server as well. Hope to see you there!

    P.S: It is totally possible for a guy to be cute! Embrace it!

    Link to Discord:

  7. Ai-Say says:

    As for the voice acting, Ryan used our audition lines so no direction was involved. The projects you compare the samples to have direction, audio engineering, and retakes involved thus the disparity in quality! 2B and Lola are also completely different archetypes so the output will definitely be different. I hope it clears that. The final lines will improve for sure.

    P.S: Lillian and Suki are meant to be annoying lmao

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