First Experience Of Snowboarding In Mt Hutt Weather | Simonthego

First Experience Of Snowboarding In Mt Hutt Weather | Simonthego

Hey from Mt Hutt here in New Zealand Its pretty windy up here Most of the hill is closed, we are still going to go up and explore. Lets see what we can find okay so this has not gone to plan. Just
got the board and everything ready about to get on this chair which is the only chair
that was open they’ve just shut it. I know its spinning
behind me but the last few people who are on it they’re just getting off to be
on hold for about 15 minutes they’re going to check whether they’re actually
gonna close it for the whole day watch this space okay so when the chairlift is not running, use the magic carpet. Apparently they have put a hike park in somewhere so I am going to try and find that. So they finally opened the lift after probably about two hours wait there’s two runs open, it’s meant to be
pretty icy so we’re just going to see how it goes
take it nice and easy if you’re wondering about how to ride in these
early season kind of icy conditions I’ll link to a video that I made on the
screen check that out but let’s go make the most out today good to be honest it’s a little bit
crappy it’s just nice to be outside hope to get back down there before we shut
the chair we managed to get in three runs been up
here for about four and a half five hours I was super happy to just get
those three runs here waiting in the canteen wave stuff to open is really
quite tough especially like yesterday’s Drive all the way up from from
Queenstown I was itching to get on snow hopefully by Thursday the conditions
here are going to be a lot better Snow’s meant to be coming in the
forecast and we’ll see how we go got a couple of things to sort with our vans
are just going to ride back down to town get that sorted and that’s a wrap for
today hopefully we’ve got something there where we can give you a little bit
more information on mount hutt another day you

Antonio Breitenberg

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