First Episode Ever  – Blue Water High Full Episode #1 – Totes Amaze ❤️ – Teen TV Shows

First Episode Ever – Blue Water High Full Episode #1 – Totes Amaze ❤️ – Teen TV Shows

Day one solar blues surf Academy finals day 20 nervous finalists have come from all over the country for the last hate’s Today is Judgment Day and seven winners get to spend the next year of their lives eating Breathing sleeping and surfing away from parents the first time And someone else pays for it every grommets fantasy come to life and which little grommet on the first heat of the day me Pete Carroll winner Better get out there and say he’s gonna join me in the golf fishbowl Look at that smile Well Dave Edgeley edge to us ordinary mortals Silver bread so his face might be frozen into that angry young rabbit look boss. Maybe he inherited it from his dad what I wanna Hairy law the Gold Coast fairy princess well She’s clearly got everything a girl could possibly need Mac sakie garland Told me he serpents, you know I’m bright heaviest wave in Oz so not planning to mess with him Beks ensign One half of the Sanderson family courage like the kids ain’t good Her brother Joe is still to rot, but everyone reckons the final boy’s place is as good as his Okay, oh we need out is to find out get some bottle girls nice Okay, Fiona, and Stacey your head starts in five minutes. Good luck. Good luck. Hope we get some good ways This place is mine so stay out of my face. I’m sorry I Know what if Finn’s gone right through so use one of your other BOTS, I don’t have another board Well if you’re gonna forfeit, but I don’t see Problem New things are going too well I’m from Western, Australia It was a big deal for my family to even get me me so extra boards are a bit of a luxury come on He’s one of my show for it to be a bit heavier than yours But uh better than nothing you did walk into it there, dude No way got an inbuilt write-up of lying filthy roads, it’s going mental the whole time just talking Take it easy on the turns might be as loose as yours Don’t all the clerks are taken. Thank you I’m blind by the way Hey Matt right yeah, it’s such a long way from the action that you reckon What’s the flaw so the girls finals This is fun She’s pretty good you decide that I get my friend, and she’s coming in as a hot fiver It’s all a blue have been watching at the years Now she is pretty good beside that again my friend You gonna bck and I get this weird feeling sometimes But everything’s off-balance usually happens when something not good is going down you share so it’s a sequence You understand what’s gonna happen if I don’t win this slide When you’re doing go around her. She’s not taking the ways if you let her book here. You’ll run out of time She got crushed by a board, what do we do? When are we gonna go? Quickly it’s a kite fly. We’ve got you Gently gently So what happens now does she fall fit Stacy? I really don’t know okay? Really amazed what you’re too young to have a heart, bypass already Yeah, it’s okay, I’m her brother oh Don’t make me smile Okay, please chase. They want me to have an x-ray. Yeah, is it hurting not really, it’s just Knew things were going too well Maybe they’ll a surf the heat again. It’s not her fault. I picked a bad wave I’m sorry about your board. I’ll get a part-time job when I get back it might take a while, but I’ll replace it No, I hated The aina spoken to your mom she told me that you’re staying at your Handy’s place She’ll ring your auntie and let her know that you’re in hospital Yeah, I’m onto it and Rick just pulled up I’ll call you as soon as that sausage was only on my board cuz Stacy trash doesn’t she’s only on the way because I house What her into it come on there’s got to be another way hey listen. What is going on damn. What are you doing here? We have to talk okay. I don’t know what’s gonna happen, Deb I’ve got to get the last one boys in the water, or we’ll be here till next week We’ll talk right up right. You know the drill Simo not now Deb no no Sorry guys give me a minute What’s the problem? You serve tea every day of your life? You’ve got it in the bag? I can’t believe her so nervous you’re already in. You are in since the day you were born What’s going on dunno? It doesn’t look too friendly though a Bit of a problem I’m afraid we’re gonna have to delay the hate for the seventh spot I’m sorry look. There’s nothing I can do about it will resume tomorrow Back can you take the other kids up to the house introducing the chili? I’ll be out there soon. Okay. Great. Don’t freak. You’re right. It’s only one more day You know that’s easy for you to say you’re already in Um I’d better show them up Yeah, well get some gone home Just me or as anyone else thinking about the fact we actually got it we made it I don’t think it’s just you this is it nice little show home sweet home for the next 12 months. Yep Everyone this is Jilly Jilly everyone okay? Well, you can’t stand out here like garden gnomes all day you better go on in and leave your boards by the back door Hey Dad kitties Welcome kids from our bosses at solar bird It’s like Christmas morning Santa’s come over all for wine at all look I think you’d look better in pink I Don’t want to puncture your joy, but this all comes with responsibilities cooking cleaning washing Gardening oh good switch room. Why did you come and look then you’ll know what you’re fighting over this way Thinking about who’s gonna get the last two bags praying actually They I cannot believe this decision was made without it wasn’t made without you we had a meeting we sent you two emails and a fax But I’m beginning to wonder whether you go into the office at all My job is to train the kids now the last time. I looked they didn’t have any office equipment attached to their board Oh wake up see my this misunderstanding is exactly the sort of thing that Salih. We’ve been worried about funny I thought that they were worried about producing great surfers. Yes, they are The last two years the kids coming out of here haven’t been up to scratch That’s why they’ve sent me here to try to help you out You’re here for good by sharing the rains for the next year whether we like it or not The cab should be here soon you want to go in and break the news first do I have a choice? What are you doing I? never hang out my wet towel and Put the strain part look dodgy. Oh you better get inside. I’ve got some news for you So because there’s been some changes in direction at solar glue this year the Changes have sort of filtered down to us. What kind of changes the Heat for the last boys spot that we postponed today Won’t be happening at all why not solar blue have picked their own candidate this year a girl from Germany Germany, there’s not even any surf in Germany there’s a bit This is so not bit. It’s not even meant to be a girl this year. It’s been an extra girl one You’re an extra guy the next ever since the school started Vic. I know that It’s solar blue have changed their minds this year. This is so wrong. I can’t believe you let this happen Look that’ll be them now Andrew Mitchell the head of solar blue has flown out with us, so you’ll all have the chance to meet him – Andrew Come in Now you all met Deb at the trials This is the man responsible for you all being here Andrew Mitchell hi welcome, and this is Ana Well okay guys I can’t stay long, so I just wanted to say well done Work hard and listen to what these guys have to tell you I know they look a little prehistoric But they usually know what they’re talking about And also take care of Anna I know a lot of you are away from home too, but she’s from a lot further away So do what you can to help us settled in all right? and guys Try to have some fun, okay You got some checks for me to sign yeah Well let’s get Anna settled how would you feel about helping? edge for our first dinner tonight right this Decision about Anna has ruffled a few feathers They’ll get over. It. Well. Okay. What about Deb look don’t sweat, Deb You’ll really like her in time look if she’s a bean-counter can she just do it from head office She’s more than just a bean counter. She’s a personal trainer, and she’s got a degree in sports psychology Look I know you’re insanely busy, and it’s probably not the thing that you maybe thright. Yeah, what’s your point Heath? I? Was just wondering if you had time to think about whether there was gonna be a rerun for the last girls heat There was an injury. They happen wasn’t as simple as that okay? You got a song to sing you better start singing because I really care about the front and the meet is now running That is quite a feat I mean to burn it to the point of being Snapple without actually causing a fire Amazing really okay, so it’s a little well done Tony. Do all right. Don’t force me anger. Sorry It’s not very good. My coaches are like me near the kitchen for years How sad for you you had a personal surfing coach for years? I’m a coder what you’re not actually a surfer I’ve been surfing for fun, but the competitions have been in kite boarding, so did you win any of the comms cute? So I’ll change so who suggested it. They’re sponsored me on the kite circuit They wanted to see if I could cross over to surfing so when did you find out you were coming here about six months ago? They had trials in Germany six months ago there weren’t no trials So lebu, just called and off to me the extra place Haitham Parian dishes tonight Oh, I wanted to see if I could tried. I want to rice over the hospital until fly about the Rach Oh, okay, what retrial I spoke to Andrew and he agreed to let himself again since flight in really get a fair deal Try What’s up You really snowing here ready if that was the only problem, then there wouldn’t be a problem So what is the problem? They gave the last place to some chick from Germany Some stuff up between Simo and the company He thought he’d sorted it out, but he hadn’t I’m gonna do something about it. Though. What what are you gonna do about it? I’ll do something That always said awaken good mechanic stop it You’ve got a visitor Excellent I’ve already rung the Train ani Pat. There’s one at 10:00 You’re such an organized young lady Organized but are too quick by half. What are you doing? I was in the neighborhood How’s your mouth Colin show me there’s nothing to say I dragged your bleeding vines out of the water I want to look seriously. There’s nothing to see cuz There’s nothing there what she lost it the whole tooth oh Cool gone. Please show us oh, I love sporting injuries come on show me your Land and solar blue gonna pay for the replacement. That’s what they said yeah, or can you get a fat gold on? So anyway, are you gonna? Ask me? Why I called you too quick Sure well you know Kay anyway yet, they’re gonna rerun the heat in the morning We’re gonna be I care too smart or not depending on how embarrassed you are about that dude Sorry I don’t usually Hope ever had strangers Yeah me neither, but I’m prepared to I have a look at just this once and until we get to know each other better Sorry I didn’t mean to frighten yo, I’m not getting anything right my fault I can’t believe I voluntarily added another one of those sausages I Feel like I’m in the wrong place like it was a mistake to come here, but I don’t know why well I Think what’s occurred here? Hey, I got a better idea. I’ll show you This is the video he took of Beck and Joe before they canceled the hate I Don’t get it what’s this got to do with me that got Joe Beck’s brother. He didn’t get in why? They canceled the hate Because the spot had been given to someone else They didn’t tell me I won’t be taking someone else’s place Joe didn’t get in because of me and Becks right, I didn’t even have to serve for it I had like 30 seconds of sleep, and I feel brilliant. Yeah, me too. Y’all to pay for today’s I think it might be just good settled in pinching ourselves to make sure it’s real these your dream Come true, kind of stuff you really didn’t think you get in most of the time I did but at 3 o’clock in the morning. I’d wake up sure I was gonna stuff it up on the day you Thought I had no chance I didn’t even get my dad to come up with me because I wasn’t expecting to have to say goodbye I had the whole weeping Chiefs code for weeks before I left yeah, I saw your boyfriend Ex-boyfriend now I guess ex. You know what they say about long-distance relationships Doesn’t anybody care that I’m going without breakfast on my first day away from home. You can have my toast oh Hi Beck Beck Pabst wikitalk mornings aren’t good for me. Maybe later I’ll have a shower It’s not a fault Beck. It’s not about Anna at all. It’s the system that sucks You know the system doesn’t have to share a house with you Trouble in paradise Oh say You’re coming down to watch flying the Ray hey, I’m sure she could use the support look guys. We all work together We can make sure fly gets his spot looks good. You can hardly tell. It’s just temporary till I get back to my own dentist Time to go nail this if you arranging your board or you plan to overwater. I brought it on from the Academy It’s just around the back of the tent. Oh, I’ll get it just get you compression, otherwise that went under the winner is Hey Stacy Same for his boy bag um Yeah, this must be hers. I thought it was mine, but when I opened it. I realized it wasn’t this is mine Good luck again. Eh Laughter the gods now Till monitors back something’s gonna happen Think I’m a cuckoo cook don’t you I tell what this thing’s never wrong If I tell y’all, but that talks about you you stay in bed all day You are a cuckoo clock. I think this time you’re right Think wise accidentally on purpose to fear How’d you know I think I busted Stacy laziness You let all these students go. Why don’t you just tell simmer get her to swallow Franco tampering? I want to win these cufflinks Export her bottle been too good nah, but she’s got FCS bins has Santa Finn should fit You just Beck we need your help, or do you only care about fairness when it’s family I didn’t see any of you busting your backsides to help Joe look There’s nothing we could do about a bet so you think we shouldn’t help why when there’s something we can do Look what happened to Joe isn’t fair But if Y loses this then we’ve got two people who deserve to be here who won’t get in But that’ll have to do she’s got 12 minutes left as it is like your cowboy Dec will come around just give it time how do you know you only met her yesterday got a point there Matt? You don’t know back from a bar of soap really On the other hand have an excellent head for these scenes in whatever’s being off-kilter lately. He’s getting sorted out there actually come around Got a very strange memories. Bye. Thank you I Might be jumping the gun, but if there’s any fairness in this world There’s someone who deserves to win this and someone who deserves to lose making the Barna winner the solar blue finals Fiona Watson I Bet It’s Mike Diana toady get over at soon or later Why do I get the feeling this is gonna be a very long year long? I’m beautiful back long and beautiful

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