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Hello guys, i am Gonzalo from Football Tricks Online ! and today i will teach you the following trick ! Okey, as you can see its an attractive trick… its really used in freestyle and it is not a hard trick It only requires constancy, practice and time the technique to spin the ball is the following Just place the ball in front of your face and simply… point the outside of your hand to your face Once you got that then just spin it when you start to perform this trick… it could be hard for the ball to stay spinning in your finger So for beginner you should do the following when you throw the ball up don’t make it bounce thats more advanced So try to make the ball roll on the fingerprint it will be a bit unstable at first and it will fall so it can be a bit difficult but the thing is… to place the fingerprint under the ball, centred and balance it once you learnt how to spin it correctly and spin it right on your fingerprint then try this… when the ball is spinning we do this… and pass from FingerPrint to FingerTIP when is spinning so it ends up looking like this… as you can see we pass from fingerprint to fingertip Once we learn to do it with the finger tip the ball will be as twice as stable Ok guys, in conclusion Its just the ball spin, control it with FingerPrint then pass to FingerTip that about it… its all about practice and constancy spend time into it and practice a LOT ! i hope you enjoyed 🙂 Ok guys i hope you enjoyed the video, if you did … Subscribe, hit the Like button… and see you in the next tricks ! it was video, not tricks -.- lol

Antonio Breitenberg

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