Figure Skating React 2 – Yuzuru Hanyu 羽生結弦 Tumblr React Evgenia Javi Alina (Inspiro)

Subscribe Below 🙂 So I’m back with a new video and What also don’t know either on you he’s here self is a big fan of his Okay, this is me the technologies is God Is your highest above the door they see how many blueberries The first one is immature Japanese stop it I will say it. Skip it it seems like it’s always like this so if yours Now Miss Jones adjustments you’ve ever youngish After watching his videos I really picked out it is I sitting other I think my turn The home Please write your take it I Think it ever wished it is functional I Will say I Ramos Is like a coach We know that it’s a process It’s a she knows that she teaches she knows that whatever standard was big extension is a Mathematical treatment or to disturb you Santa Cruz is current coach Ryan awesome Job Because they had one set ready If it just Stopped the past studies crying for me, but if they have interesting offense That’s when the inches Mr. Gentleman stops it Was appointed okay, here’s the more masculine kind of the other thing is the more chawla fortunately, this is why it Is one Okay, okay In yourself I just called you She moves audio coach. It is bright. Awesome. She has a new head stop which is like bangs Episode 40 Yeah, she’s a new headstone the only reason Maybe she’s not choices system softness She switches a new coach She switches a new style of skating we hope the definition she can improve It’s like her expression is good, but it’s when I from what Erica citation The first feature misery They don’t really show much on top about business Okay, yeah, there are a few poo That’s kind of your buddies at a vet. So everyone’s a lot for the food as it go down Okay Yes, he enjoys collecting them Like after a performance people would just be flooding a whole my string with progress In say that he donate is most of his prevents the Children’s Society of death even Yeah irrelevant just collect the food man and nothing else just forget those days it is a nice idea You are Collette Person it was about the way C star gauge Smith Prepare Great for those who want to know about The people around ezel I mean, but basically this is Russia anger. This may be ever simple So that’s I do dream what if I’m also home but I think the other days that all of us have different things that we are good at different laws of play in the society so auntie Just do what you can don’t have to be this facade that person. Oh we can do is to learn Yeah, that’s for bad, okay you just hang in the desert This is a new idea the newest eliminate this champion Okay, so overall this thought is yeah it can it doesn’t just consist of Israel I knew it was OS his other skaters Fitness oneself All the American so say if you want to know more about Israel on you and his friends. I mean it’s competitive anywhere serious, then you can look at this plot is all pictures jeepers is many pictures and gifs and They are not much interviewed. I don’t see any interviews here. So for those who just want pictures Juice this way I can go So he said have you ever General Banks, maybe she doesn’t know that nicely Thanks. I stupid fellow interface, but she’s look what God what golly doggy? No. Yes, eleven all right, or you know What do you think? What do you guys think? Does she look better this look or that she’s not better. Last time. I wish is referring Russian crush I Think a Russian coaches are stepping up again So am I so that’s all for today. So this is the God for The Nephews red is really difficult pronounce But anyway is a figure-skating job, and I assure you that a thousand that doesn’t see you So have any already thought things myself Ok, so that’s all today. So I’ll be posting another video hopefully I can find one which is a lot about the Jewish food and I’ll tell you our Commander my the relationship with a user a spoon. I’ll see ya You

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