FC St. Pauli – Germany’s Progressive, Punk Soccer Club

FC St. Pauli – Germany’s Progressive, Punk Soccer Club

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “FC St. Pauli – Germany’s Progressive, Punk Soccer Club

  1. Dexter 23 says:

    Fucking leftist

  2. kieran streifling says:

    Can someone who speaks German tell me if the subtitles are accurate?

  3. Nicolas Muñoz says:


  4. DATALOOP .Mobil AnaloG says:

    Its a brand now….

  5. Heinfriedel2.0 says:

    Nur der Holstein Kiel!!!!

    Ich hasse St. Pauli weil die Fasns die Holsteiner angegriffen haben und die Fahnen geklaut haben!!!

  6. Tommy Gordon says:

    Celtic fc & FC st Pauli Forever 💚🍀

  7. Tomas says:

    why these idiots worship communism? do you know how many people it killed? Thanks germans!

  8. Salvador Benger says:

    Fabian boll footballGod

  9. Brigade Mittelhessen says:


  10. Nicole Fugu says:

    Haffenkleim (don't know this place) or Hafenklang?!

  11. 93 CARDS says:

    Hopp Winterthur

  12. Eric Bro says:

    Reiner Kommerzverein…

  13. JC OC says:

    Panteon Rococo

  14. nego co says:

    This is the real sport attic. Salute

  15. Robert Juarez says:

    Next time I'm in beautiful Hamburg I'm checking a game out!

  16. Rouga says:

    It's football

  17. Wilhelm Tell says:

    Jeder hasst die Antifa!

  18. Wilhelm Tell says:

    Linksmaden und Fußball passt nicht.

  19. joni. 15 says:


  20. DudelPaul says:


  21. Aunnop Patpinij says:

    ไอ้สัด Azis มึงจะยึงหาพ่อมึงทำควยอะไรวะ…ไอ้เหี้ยสัดนรก..เสือกมายึงตอนนาที 90 ควาย….

  22. Aunnop Patpinij says:


  23. Hill_Gary Twitch says:

    cheers from Beşiktaş

  24. DennisTheZZZ says:

    On April 21, my favourite team, the SSV Jahn Regensburg will welcome St. Pauli with an already sold out crowd (it's the second time that all tickets are sold out in this season) and I already know that this is going to be an outrageous and emotional game.
    And I'll witness it live! 😀

  25. ツItsOnlyHere says:

    Pauli AEK ATHENS ⚽ 💛

  26. Dan Mcgrath says:


  27. Der berliner 361 says:

    Eindeutig unsere lieblings Gegner #Eisern #Pauli

  28. Solzenitshyn says:

    Only degenerates and weaklings like this club.

  29. Xsterio says:

    Nur Der HSV FCK STP

  30. Conrad Füllgraff says:

    FCSP sells the Ulster-Conflict together with Celtic FC. Politics and Football is War. The area has become totally narrow, only Money Counts around and the Story about Punkrock in Hamburg is a big lie. Hamburg is an poor Brokers place and hating Workers and Farmers in the same. The really wild time is 30 years ago.

  31. Conrad Füllgraff says:

    FCSP sells the Ulster-Conflict together with Celtic FC. Politics and Football is War. The area has become totally narrow, only Money Counts around and the Story about Punkrock in Hamburg is a big lie. Hamburg is an poor Brokers place and hating Workers and Farmers in the same. The really wild time is 30 years ago.

  32. Conrad Füllgraff says:

    Eine Traumsaison war 1988/89. Es gibt keinerlei Aufzeichnungen aus der Zeit, in der die gesamte Nordkurve noch stand und bei jedem Eckball die Fans übereinander fielen. Vor 30 Jahren war der Verein ein friedlicher Traum nur heute reiner Kommerz mitthilfe politischer Parolen. Das Stadion hat der Verein niemals selbst bezahlt.

  33. Leberecht Friedeberg says:

    Sehr geschicktes Marketing …

  34. Tim Suliman says:

    It's an honor to have them in Detroit this weekend! Kindred spirits.

  35. Jonas Krause says:

    Ekelhafter Verein

  36. takeovermdp says:

    Go on mates, respect from Argentina !

  37. Jock Tamsin’s Loddy says:

    Song at the very start please??

  38. mrzg85 says:

    Good night left side !

  39. HSV 1887 says:

    Die HSV szene ist heutzutage auch gegen Diskriminierung und ist generell ziemlich links. Wollte ich nur sagen damit Leute nicht denken das es immer noch so ist.

  40. ipnorospo38 says:

    It's not progressive, it's far leftist. And I love it.

  41. Mike Jones says:

    Punk rock sucked once it went left wing.

  42. Antonios Balamos says:

    I am PAOK fan but my favourable team in Germany is St.Pauli.Tony from. Toronto Canada.

  43. Podavus says:

    I'm a new fan of yours. <3
    Hugs from Colombia!

  44. Jeff Vader says:

    why are the most interesting things about soccer always found off the field? They certainly aren't found on it that's for sure

  45. alby ultras says:

    fuck antifa fuck communism fuck st pauli and fuck germany red

  46. Harry Hirsch says:

    Punk? what a load of cr*p..honestly…burning cars of unknown poor citizens aint ''Punk''

  47. Lustig says:

    Scheiß Zecken

  48. Chekov Mz says:

    Soy fan desde 2002 st pauli fc

  49. Jaime says:

    Pauli – Bremen – Babelsberg 🖤💚💙

  50. Nein Zu Red Bull! ! says:

    Pauli scum

  51. Lord Ludwig says:

    Drecks Zecken Verein

  52. Oscar Villalobos says:

    leftist scums

  53. Mandoza Alvarez says:

    St.Pauli Töten communist bastards

  54. Spirit Keeper says:

    Es gibt auch rechts-eingestellte Pauli Fans die u.a. gegen Flüchtlinge sind. Die sollen mal nicht immer so heilig tun als wären sie die einzig wahren Fans auf der Welt. Da geht's ja auch vielen in erster Linie um Politik, nicht um Fußball.

  55. Finn Müller says:


  56. Dd Cc says:

    What do all you wonderful progressive "anti racist" St. Pauli fans think of the events in Cologne during new years eve 2015/2016?
    You know when over a thousand of your country women got sexually assaulted by mostly newly arrived migrants from the middle east and the third world?

  57. Alles auf Rot 1893 says:

    "Soccer Club"… you will never learn it

  58. RicTic66 says:

    St Pauli typical 'socialist' hypocrites €30 for an official t-shirt is a fucking disgrace. St Pauli is not a football team it's a fashion statement 'cult club?' what the fuck is that?

  59. h_grunt says:

    *Terrorist Soccer Club

    There you go, that should fix it.

  60. melolapolska says:

    Politik raus aus den Stadien. Drecks Zecken Club!
    Jeden Montag ihr faulen Schweine geht zum Sozialamt und holt euch eure Scheine oh Scheiss Sankt Pauli ihr hurenkinder wir sind Hamburg und hassen euch für immer!!!
    #HAMBURGBleibtFürImmerBlauWeißSchwarz 🔵⚪⚫

  61. wellington says:

    Stop calling football clubs Brands …you are just being brainwashed and soon it will be like the English premier league …sanitised rubbish with no atmosphere at all .

  62. Stupid goy says:

    Scheiss sankt pauli

  63. Storno Kasse Drei says:

    Genius example of marketing and advertising. 75% of the St. Pauli Fans are people that moved to Hamburg in the last 5-10 years. Richkids, people that work in ad agencies and wannabes.

  64. Luis Castillo says:

    FOOTBALL, not soccer.

  65. James Taylor says:

    I was on holiday in hamburg got a sv hamburg hat souvenir , sorry st pauli 😨i didnt see your club shop until later in reeperbahn and we were in a hurry.didnt want to miss minituare wonderland haha

  66. Welington Cavalheiro says:

    Viva! FC St. Pauli! Um grande abraço aqui do Brasil!
    Congratulations St. Pauli! Go! Go! St. Pauli!
    No Fascism!

  67. Ovuvuevuevue Enyetuenwuevue Ugbemugbem Osas says:


  68. giannis k says:

    antifa st pauli -PAOK antifa hools

  69. Val Meyer says:

    2:30 Walter Frosch playing guitars

  70. karel says:

    sub Indonesia

  71. Chef Cotoletta says:

    best football club ever

  72. Wahrheits Sucher says:

    Linke Zecken!

  73. Wahrheits Sucher says:

    Kniet nieder ihr Bauern, HSV kommt zu Gast!!!

  74. The Carthaginian says:

    Love St. Pauli!

  75. Joris Lamkhantar says:

    Its football not soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Blokki 92 says:

    Hahaha Drecks pauli

  77. Mr Barney says:

    fuck Antifa you fucked your country letting all them 3rd worlders in your country raping your woman long live hamburg

  78. kapitaen89 says:

    auf gehts HANSA ROSTOCK!!! auf gehts DEUTSCHLAND!!!

  79. kalleknaller says:

    Heil Hansa! 🔵⚪🔴

  80. John Shooter says:

    Hamburg ist ne krasse Stadt..

  81. 47 47 says:

    They’re the Liverpool of being gay

  82. us against the world says:

    I thought the foot fans were about their pride in their history as a region. Never knew it had to do prostitutes and stuff.

  83. E D says:

    Fuck st pauli

  84. Leandro Fonseca says:

    WhatsApp-Gruppe für St.Pauli-Fans auf der ganzen Welt.


  85. Στέφανος Λ. says:

    AEK Athens fan here. Huge respect fot ST. PAULI.

  86. Mr Name says:

    Sankt Pauli ist und bleibt der beste Ferein 💪😉

  87. Holger Nierle says:

    Die linken Faschisten werden in der linken Diktatur BRD hochgelobt. Bleibt zu hoffen, dass bald die Polkappen abschmelzen und das linksfaschistische Norddeutschland von der Lnadkarte verschwindet.

  88. Anke 123 says:

    Scheiß Verein!!!

  89. 47 47 says:

    2:30 that dude ducking sucks lmao

  90. Finn Müller says:

    Drecks Zecken

  91. TJLion37 FCSP says:

    Forza Sankt Pauli🏴‍☠️

  92. NiZzy says:

    AntiFa… = NAZI ! Fuck U Extrême

  93. Dia Dhuit says:

    Went to see St. Pauli in 2011 when they lost 1-8 to Bayern Munich. The hospitality from the people was second to none. I have great memories and hold them dearly. God bless St. Pauli ✌🌴

  94. educator to the left carl bussey says:

    Traitor cunts

  95. helBob haramburg says:

    Alerta!!! Alerta!!! Antifascista!!!

  96. Kent Grady says:

    Solidarity, from a Celtic FC ally.

  97. GeoPunk R.21 says:

    Respect From AEK Athens Original21®️💛

  98. Zekkke Von Hinten says:

    11:31 is not translated correctly. "Der Dom" (the dome) is a place in hamburg near the millerntor stadium where most of the time a fair is, but there is no church.

  99. Danny Wygal says:

    celtic X st pauli forever in friendship!!!!!!

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