Family Guy – GoPro Sledding

Family Guy – GoPro Sledding

There you are. Where have you been? I just ran home to get the big sled out of our dining room. What are you talking about? We don’t have a sled in our dining room. Everybody on! Peter, the dining room
table is an antique. It’s been in my family
for six generations. It’s fine. Okay, now, since we’re white guys doing something stupid,
everybody grab a GoPro. Yeah, this is awesome! Oh, we’re drifting. W-We’re turning. We’re turning! Dad, I’m scared. We’re backwards! Am I the only one
who thinks that now we’re at an alarming speed? Peter, are you insane?! You could have killed the entire family! Sorry, Lois. I honestly thought
this was gonna be fun. Like when I won that sex contest. First again! Wasn’t even close, was it? No, Peter, it wasn’t even close. Yeah, you are terrible at this. Now, why don’t you clean up and go get the champ a Gatorade,

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Family Guy – GoPro Sledding

  1. Michael Suarez says:

    God damn Seth McFarland did an AMAZING job at making that go pro scene… idk how he made everything show on the go pro like that… wow

  2. YT YT says:

    There are six cameras and i have to replay this video six times to look at each of them.

  3. YT YT says:

    There are six cameras and i have to replay this video six times.

  4. Zam says:

    Meg always had the worst.So satisfying.

  5. mikakami93 says:

    poor meg
    i would say meg's character were a mistake lol

  6. Darth Vader says:

    Meg goes flying through a windshield face first 😂

  7. daleva187goligo says:

    haha stupid white people

  8. BenG HD says:

    I rarely laugh at family guy anymore, but this was fricken hilarious

  9. Beerus The Destroyer says:

    Get the champ a Gatorade.

  10. PCruler says:

    So much detail in this one scene.

  11. Ben Hislop says:

    So Chris went into the side of a tree.
    Meg went through the windscreen of a car.
    Brian face-planted into the edge of a roof.
    Peter went through a parking buffer.
    And Stewie just plopped into the snow.
    That's fair.

  12. Bob Boy says:

    Jesus poor Meg
    She went through a fucking window

  13. jinkang lin says:

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  14. Laing Dog73 says:

    can I get likes for no reason

  15. JMoney689 says:

    I'm impressed by how well that table slid

  16. Nate Escobales says:

    why would white guys doing something stupid need a go pro?

  17. Nate Escobales says:


  18. Elijah Perry says:

    poor meg didn't even bounce went straight towards the windshield

  19. Elijah Perry says:

    poor meg didn't even bounce went straight towards the windshield

  20. Elijah Perry says:

    poor meg didn't even bounce went straight towards the windshield ooooo

  21. SomeoneCommenting says:

    Meg's camera HAHAHA

  22. EUGENE PSYCHO says:

    meg is dead

  23. Andrew Smart says:

    That was so difficult to watch, but it's fun watching each one through on repeat

  24. Blue Wolf Films says:

    Well I think meg was killed cause she dint move XD

  25. Daishawn Greene says:

    lol I can't stop laughing when Stewie died

  26. The Dylmyster Productions says:

    I think I figured out the order of the cameras from top left to bottom right: Lois, Peter, Chris, Meg, Stewie, and the Brian. Is that about right??

  27. Nicholas Busby says:

    meg got it worse what episode is this

  28. Nicholas Busby says:

    Lois point of view on the collision they look like ants

  29. Nicholas Busby says:

    brain slid of the roof

  30. NICTATOR says:

    "Peter are you insane, you could have killed the entire family." Says the one who just stands there and not helping them up.

  31. Turles 9100 says:

    Oh my god that was so fucking funny

  32. Nicholas Busby says:

    when she said u could have killed the whole family I think meg is dead the glass and impact on the car should have done it

  33. The Thunderfan 21 says:

    Lol Stewie making faces

  34. Seanawesum says:

    Haha 😂 meg got the worst of it, she fell into a car

  35. Michael Hartzell says:

    Than was so good. Watched it over and over to see each view. Smart show (?).

  36. Tino ! says:

    This is a Very Cool and Impressive Gag

  37. Bogdan Popovic says:

    0:34 lmao

  38. Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys says:

    meg gopro

  39. Vaddix 99 says:

    I would absolutely do this.

  40. TooMuchGaming ! says:

    megs dead

  41. Chikiriwak says:

    I only saw one mistake in this whole animation, when Meg says: "Dad, I'm scared" in her point of view she quickly turns her head at the moment she starts to say : "Dad", meanwhile in the other views she turns her head when she says "I'm scared". Everything else was great.

  42. TheFanMan says:

    Now this made me laugh!

  43. Dan Viner says:

    megs pov killed me

  44. BlueWater Wings says:

    Did anyone else watch this Six Times just for all of theirs perspections

  45. vloggingNoob Official says:

    They Would've Died From That first of all.And Second Of All is That Only Peter,Stewie,and Chris would've Survived cause they landed on the ground.Meg and Brian would've died to the Car Hit.Brian would've died to the car hit Because Brian isn't that strong and Meg Would've Died Because She was in a Car Window.

  46. Mason RobertsTV says:

    Anyone notice that megs camera turned around before she did?

  47. Blake L says:

    0:33 omg stewies face wtf!

  48. Irene-of-meteora says:

    this was actually pretty creative and funny

  49. Reece Fujii says:

    Meg: dad I'm scared!!!
    Peter was probably thinking shut up meg.

  50. G_Boy says:

    i wish there was an entire episode in go pro i had fun watching everyone vision

  51. Eric Ernst says:

    Meg died lol

  52. Mike Patton says:

    Meg goes through the windshield……of course…

  53. Dave Hallsen says:

    If that table really is priceless, they should've sold it years ago and then they'd be rich

  54. Christopher Malone says:

    Here's how I think they pulled this off:

    1. They created the entire sequence in real time in CGI

    2. They rendered and exported six different angles for each of the six GoPros

    3. They gave these clips to the animators for reference

  55. Woop says:

    0:38 The shed magically turns into a tree 😀

  56. NO-1-U-NO says:

    Holy shit! Must have been real tough animating this!

  57. metasprite says:

    Heyy this was fun to watch, at least replayed like 14 times to see each POV. something you can't do on tv. meg and chris had the worst though.

  58. SapphireDragon95 / JSD says:

    modern family guy does have it's good moments and so does modern spongebob

    however, when they do bad they do really bad….and when they do good they do okay

  59. SapphireDragon95 / JSD says:

    tbh, family guy is seth's best show and his way of communicating with the world so stop bashing him and let him express

  60. Deer Jesus says:

    How did Lois catch up to them so fast from just standing there watching lol

  61. Tristan Aljamaa says:

    Peter: Am I the only one who thinks that now were at an alarming speed? lol

  62. The Possesed Monkey says:

    WATCH megs camera XD

  63. The Cringey Boi says:

    OK I figured out all of the POV:

    the top left corner is Lois

    the top middle is Peter

    the top right corner is Chris

    the bottom left corner is Meg

    the bottom middle is Stewie

    and the bottom right corner is

    this was for the people who wondered which one is which

  64. Kilo anime says:

    who loves filling pain I do I'm black and white

  65. Legendary Gamer Colby says:

    I watched this six times

  66. Lachlan Shalala says:

    Am I the only one who thinks stewie looks cute in this part

  67. MrWildcard531 says:

    Only Meg would wind up in a windshield.

  68. Billy Hennigan says:

    The lesson here is to never use your dining room table as a sled.

  69. IamChaoz says:

    0:26 you’re welcome

  70. Billy Hennigan says:

    Top left: Everyone. Top middle: Peter. Top right: Chris. Bottom left: Meg. Bottom middle: Stewie. Bottom right: Brian.

  71. Brian plays Nintendo says:

    this was hillarious!!?

  72. MrWildcard531 says:

    I don't know who got the worst of it Brian or Meg…
    Meg: Flew through the car windshield.
    Brian: Bounced off the roof of a house and tumbled a lot.

  73. Flywheels are gay says:

    How did Brian or meg not die? Brian hit a freakin house and meg faceplanted a car

  74. Hunter Nesvold says:

    GoPro sledding gone wrong
    Wife got mad

  75. standup83 says:

    Meg and brian had it rough

  76. standup83 says:

    Peter went through a parking lot
    Chris hit his head on the tree
    Meg went through a car
    Stewie fell into the snow, and brian hit a roof and then the car

  77. Dayshon Campbell says:

    Ok lemme show you who’s who Incase you haven’t figured it out

    TOP in order : Lois,Peter,Chris
    Bottom in order : Meg,Stewie,Brian

  78. Fredrick the Catfish says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that Chris had it just as bad as Meg, if not worse. He crashed into something really hard, she crashed into something really sharp. He could've literally broken his whole skull and died, where as glass can never break bone and Meg would probably just need to have a a lot treatment so the cuts wouldn't get infected. I guess she could've lost an eye but that's not as lethal as brain damage.

  79. Krishnan unni says:

    Hats off to the animators.

  80. aiden fletcher says:

    I can’t be the only one who want back like 16 times to see everyone’s perspective

  81. Krishna Widardjo says:

    best. scene. ever

  82. I like Lizards says:

    I like that lois run to the peter amd saying that he could kilk entire family while meg lying on the car with head in front window

  83. youtubeshowrandom says:

    Look at megs footage (bottom left) she landed into a car

  84. Asura Lord says:

    I rewound 6 times to see all their views

  85. Trurl says:

    Cameras top row:
    Lois, Peter, Chris
    Bottom row:
    Meg, Stewie, Brian

  86. Technogist says:

    Top Left Louis
    Top Middle Peter
    Top Right Chris
    Bottom Left Meg
    Bottom Middle Stewie
    Bottom Right Brian

  87. Rosa Jessica says:

    At least the table wasn’t damaged, but the family…that’s gotta hurt

  88. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    This clip is so fucking funny! 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆👍👍👍👍👍👍👍!

  89. TheJester618 says:

    why feel sad for med, brian got the worst hit out of all them.

  90. Eddielyn Dela Cruz says:


  91. T. G. Wolven says:

    One of Family Guy's finest moments, IMO

  92. Conn Toons says:

    That go pro scene tho

  93. Conn Toons says:

    that shot of meg flying into a car XD

  94. Kid Vohnz says:

    Here's the Damage list from most to least.


  95. Dragon Ritterstein says:


  96. Ray Kniga-Bartlett says:

    Left to right
    Top: Lois, Peter, Chris
    Bottom: Meg, Stewie, Brian
    (I just wanted to put this here.)

  97. Patrick Pastor says:

    Clockwise from top left: Lois, Peter, Chris, Brian, Stewie, Meg.

  98. DJ Programer says:

    Incredible but Bryan and Cris's are technically wrong

  99. The Confederacy says:

    I think Stewie had the least injuries from the rest of them

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