Extraordinarily Hard Games [#01] – Silver Surfer

Extraordinarily Hard Games [#01] – Silver Surfer

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Extraordinarily Hard Games [#01] – Silver Surfer

  1. MkLeftAScar says:

    double dragon would be neat

  2. Captain Swag says:

    What were they thinking?!

  3. Oh Vincent says:

    So far this stage isn't….

  4. Oh Vincent says:

    Shadowgate NES would be something to play

  5. Jacoco B says:

    So we really just gonna act that boss in the top left didnt look like bret hart with white hair

  6. sunburstbasser says:

    You should try Recca on NES. Great shooter. You should also try some shooters on MAME, like Battle Garegga and DoDonPachi.

  7. Joseph Zuniga says:

    Ryuuuu… play The Lost Vikings from SNES

  8. Derrick Ho says:

    yo ryu can u try out takeshi's challenge

  9. Trevor Gayheart says:

    i'd love to watch you beat this game!

  10. anonsora41 says:

    Damn that was entertaining! My wife and I love watching your videos, if either of us think of an extremely difficult game i'll reply here or tweet you.

  11. Sig Fede says:

    What the fk were they thinking !!

  12. Lewen The Fox says:

    I knew it ! You were a AVGN fan

  13. Raging Demon says:

    Lol cnt beat avgn

  14. HeckenSpanner says:

    Like if you've seen ryu's biceps
    You didnt expect that right?

  15. Yuki Tanaka says:

    you can play Contra and Super C, it's not a hard game but really fun to play

  16. nuclearping says:


  17. eggplanted says:

    Ryukahr play winnie the pooh homerun derby. This game's learning curve is a 90 degree angle

  18. Kuroth says:

    I wanna be the guy!

  19. All-in-one Mighty says:

    If you're also tempted by non retro games, you could try… Mushihimesama: http://store.steampowered.com/app/377860/Mushihimesama/ Utra mode is completely insane. It's a bullet hell game. 😛

  20. Doenerti says:

    please more!!

  21. chimpakawanzelu says:

    when the first video game you play is COD, one has no appreciation for '80s games and how today's games are standing on the shoulders of giants. with that said, i never played this one, but reminds me of Contra.

  22. Kayuzo says:

    Love the idea, how about super ghouls n ghosts

  23. John Notmylastname says:

    Yes!!! AVGN rules always and forever!!!!!

  24. John Notmylastname says:

    “So far this stage….”

  25. Caleb Spencer says:

    One of my favorite childhood games. Somehow don't remember it being difficult though.

  26. mamonsin says:

    Ghosts 'n Goblins for NES

  27. Arek Krolak says:

    you are one the best players out there that's pretty sure!

  28. Yking says:

    super mario bros the lost levels or undertale genocide path

  29. Christine Hafwsörn says:

    Silver surfer.. more like silver shit. 😂😂

  30. HALO DUNCAN says:


  31. Heth Rham says:

    "What the shit were they thinking?"
    The nerd speakth through you.

  32. Heth Rham says:

    Dude you know you have to play. Dr. Jekle and mr. Hyde.

  33. Kawaii S. says:

    Silver surfer has the power cosmic those guys should be dead in an instant

  34. ChronosAnJill says:

    That "game over" screen after you lose a life sums up what playing this game feels like.

  35. Tommy Sleczka says:

    great series!

  36. Tommy Sleczka says:

    https://www.speedrun.com/Silver_Surfer/run/mek4rr0m for some tips!

  37. truth only says:

    Play zanac

  38. RunWithTurtles says:

    Level 1, Section 2: Surf With Turtles!

  39. DrkrZen says:

    Ghosts n' Goblins, on NES or SNES.

  40. CapnPicard says:

    Nice vid. You should try Astyanax on the NES.

  41. lsedanolg says:

    f= faster shot
    s= slower shot, aka you don't won't these

  42. darthboxOriginal says:

    Nice video! I fondly remember this game, but I now realise it was way too hard.

    Have you tried street fighter 2010? That would be my suggestion for another of these!

  43. soloM81 says:

    yes do more old school games

  44. Dox Fill says:

    Bro! You merced that shit.

  45. partyvegetarian says:

    I love how much of YouTube can be traced back to James/AVGN… and he's still going!

  46. KiA00me says:

    Fester's Quest NES!!!

  47. Russell Silva says:

    The music reminded me of Solstice. Turns out music for both was composed by Tim Follin!

  48. BlizzardandBlaze says:


  49. 5.9 Million says:

    He got speared 7:42🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. Galiaverse says:


  51. Tim Bitten says:

    Really diggin this series idea. Some suggestions:

    Comix Zone (Genesis)
    Adventure Island (NES)
    Chakan: The Forever Man (Genesis)
    Shinobi (PS2)
    Jewel Master (Genesis)
    Strider (NES)
    Hagane (SNES)
    Earthworm Jim (any of them)

    I think it would rule to see you play any of the above. They’re fun games to watch.

  52. Ghost says:

    this game makes silver surfer seem so weak

  53. mæstro mÜgre says:

    This needs a finish.

  54. James Gillam says:

    I'd love to see a Silver Surfer 2, with a bit of practice I reckon you'd be able to beat it!

  55. Paul Rizzo says:

    Do not reccomend watching this and being distracted on your phone. Just listen without looking at the tv.

  56. Colin K says:


  57. Colin K says:

    You should play mega man 2 on difficult. That was not fun for me. But I did it

  58. Mumei Hozumi-chan says:

    666 (memes) comments as of 👉 Now

  59. Golden Brine says:

    How does Silver Surfer be instakilled by a fish?

  60. Forrest Neakok says:

    You can unload on my face. 😉

  61. Greg LaCoste says:

    I always loved the music in this game 😍😍😍

  62. Eluminary Xarrais says:

    Silver Surfer the near omnipotent cosmically powered power house… but dies to a single hit from a baby turtle

  63. ICOFRITE says:

    Just unload on his face?….ahemm

  64. Matt Sedlak says:

    seems like the game uses the same engine as contra

  65. Ale X says:

    The hardest game ever is Borderlands 2 with the hardest difficulty (OP8) with regular guns

  66. joshua Diaz says:

    Shitty game, god music

  67. Hiushisan says:

    Since Seeing this Video, I've gotten myself a copy of the Game. As Grueling as it is, I Have Grown to Love the game save for the Hands in the 2nd Mephisto Level, It is one of those games that forces you to learn as you go along and you get better at a decent speed as long as you can remember patterns and where items are. I am currently able to get to the final area, the Magik Domain, but I have yet to complete it.
    Definitely not worth calling a bad game. Frustrating, But not Bad.

  68. Creedigi / RoyMyBoy says:

    I really want the next one to be megaman 3 since that game is really hard

  69. Damon Jordan says:

    That pumpkin that starts jumping at 11:38 becomes so sad at 11:43 when the Silver Surfer passes by without getting hit…

  70. Pika Hat says:

    I know it's not an older game, kinda new still actually, but you should try Celeste by MattMakesGames, It debuted on the Nintendo Switch but you can still get it on Steam… it's pretty difficult, especially if you want to complete it 100%… but even without that 100% it's still pretty difficult. It's a dang good game for its story either way though… so check it out if you can. (20 dollars even though it's visible on its purchase page thingy…) It IS a platformer, so… that's fun

  71. RedDawn430 says:

    Uber troll Mario game. please do a video, I died 100 times on the first two levels.

  72. Cris Thomas Z says:

    I would love to see you play Hydlide or Dragon's Lair xD That would be funny

  73. Lance Uppercut says:

    RIP controller :l

  74. zeokenX says:

    Lmfao Should play Snow Brothers..omfg FUCK that games diffculty spike.XD

  75. fenzelian says:

    Solomon's Key!!

  76. burmesebeef says:

    please play Spider-Man And Venom: Separation Anxiety for SNES. Most people have never beat the game, it is very difficult.

  77. Justin C says:

    Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril & Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment are extremely hard NES 8-bit "homebrew" games similar to the Mega Man NES games, and they're awesome. They were rated 4.53 and 4.6 out of 5 on difficulty on GameFAQs (NES Ghosts N Goblins was rated a little bit harder at 4.73, NES Ninja Gaiden 3 easier at 4.41). One hit and you're dead and have to start back at the checkpoint. There are five difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Unfair! Normal mode has unlimited continues and passwords. Unfair mode is no continues, no passwords…one hit and you start over at beginning of the game!

  78. YepX says:

    The color palette in this game is disorienting

  79. Justin C says:

    Mike Matei said on Twitter that Silver Surfer NES is easy compared to Nexzr (PC Engine CD), R-Type (MAME arcade Japan version) or Gradius 3 (MAME arcade Japan version, not the Asian or Worldwide versions and definitely not the SNES Gradius 3 "arcade" mode which is easier than the real arcade game since you get continues). Particularly Gradius 3 arcade is far harder than Silver Surfer some people agreed.

  80. Justin C says:

    I'm watching Mike Matei's playthrough of Gradius 3 Japan arcade version (on PS2 or MAME) (here's the link: https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=CIVXANP68Zg) and he's very good at shoot 'em ups and says "Gradius 3 makes Silver Surfer NES look like a fucking joke. This is one of the hardest games ever made for any system. Silver Surfer is like a 7 out of 10 on difficulty, I beat that after practicing a few times, if you want a hard game play Gradius 3 or Nexzr or R-Type arcade version or Touhou." He's talking about the Japan arcade version on PS2 or MAME, not the SNES Gradius 3 which is easier (even "arcade" mode on SNES version is easier since some of the hardest levels were removed like Stage 9 Cube Rush).

  81. peter lee says:

    i don't know why,but always if you say anything good about a game,you just die 😀

  82. Lucas Lennan says:

    This game isn't bad avgn is a baby when it comes to difficulty. The game is good if you can put up with the difficulty or accept you won't beat it.

  83. Hifumi Takimoto says:

    Just unload on his face :Gasm:

  84. Awesomeo41 says:

    I got this on emulator. I set the emulator on my 360 controller and I have turbo buttons with it. I try manually tapping the button, but it's hell on my thumbs. so I just hold the turbo button on my controller.

  85. bruno gava says:

    Do Contra please

  86. Opportunity In China says:

    Why is the surfer so weak?

  87. Opportunity In China says:

    Have you played Gradius 2? Gave me the same feels, but I loved it

  88. dowingba says:

    Bootsy beat this without a turbo controller. That's the only evidence I have that it's possible.

  89. I'Ma Retard says:

    "Come on, just unload on his face" – Ryu, 2018.

  90. Bobby Emmett says:

    6:55 when someone walks in the room and can't see your screen

  91. Evetchen Brown says:

    Silver surfer doesn't actually look like that bad a game, the button-mashing sounds terrible though, lol.

  92. Evetchen Brown says:

    Neat music, for the time.

  93. Alex J says:

    Is good. I Like these.

  94. Loveless Catzee says:

    Yo help me get to 0 subs guys, just click the Report User button real quick!

  95. Keith says:

    Play the Avgn games

  96. TheBrazilRules says:

    I don't think this game is that bad. It just suffers from Shmup Power Up Syndrome

  97. Rikard Nilsson says:

    kinda funny how one of the most powerful marvel characters takes a ton of shots to kill things but gets one-shotted by a diver with a harpoon gun… I mean shit the guy can absorb universal energies has superstrength endurance and senses but one fricking piranah or scuba diver takes him out…just…what were they thinking…

  98. Eric Corder says:

    Didn't even know this playlist existed….Binge Time!



  100. DJ Yung Hoxha says:

    14:31 "stay high"

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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