Exercises for Skiing and Snowboarding – Leg Press

Hi, guys. This is Michael from St Leonards Physio So, this month, me and Chris are just running
through some exercise videos in preparation for this upcoming snow season. Commonly, we see people come into the practice
that have injuries from being down the snow. A lot of these times, its come from just
deconditioning or lack of strength, lack of endurance in our muscles. So, we’ve just come up with a series of five
exercises with some really simple progressions that you can do at home, in the gym, that
you can apply into your training to get you best prepared for the snow, so you don’t have
to come and see us with a big injury. The exercises we’re giving are fairly generic,
so if you do have any sort of symptoms, any pain, any niggles, tightness, come and see
one of us physios and we’ll try and design a specific exercise program. Hi, guys. It’s Michael from St Leonards physio. This month, we’re just focusing on some videos,
trying to get our legs stronger for skiing and snowboarding. We commonly see people that get injuries around
their hips, their knees, and their ankles after being in the snow, and a lot of times,
it’s because they’re purely deconditioned. So, we’re just going to look at a simple exercise
here today called the leg press, and give you a couple of alternatives and progressions
that you can do. We might decide, if we can sit nicely, simple
rounds of about 3 lots of 15. So first one, just come on down. Bring your feet on there about shoulder-width
apart. Push the bar up. Make sure you’ve got your hips, your knees
and your ankles are in alignment. Roll the safety bar down to the side, and
you’re gonna try and slowly bring it down, just until your knees are about 90 degrees,
and then pushing off. Try to make sure you keep your hips, your
knees, your ankles in alignment, and maintaining that nice sort of steady, smooth movement,
making sure we don’t lock our knees into this position here. Just a couple more. Pushing off. Nice and smooth and controlled. We can look at varying up your speed and your
timing as you need to. The next progression we’re gonna look at is
just using one leg. So, much more challenging for our hip, knee,
ankle mechanics, and great for balance. Just rolling the bars out to the side again. Similar principles, just kind of coming down,
pushing up, in control. Nice and smooth. Push up. In control. Make sure you do the same amount on your right
leg as your left. Next one we’re going to look at is actually
a leg press and catch, and this is great if you’re trying to replicate some jumping or
some landing, when you’re skiing or snowboarding. So basically, just pushing off here, coming
down, controlling the weight down. Big push off and nice, soft catch. And just pushing up there. So guys, yeah, we got some progressions there. So, we’re basically going from two foot, onto
one foot, onto the leg press catch. If you’ve had any sort of arthritic problems,
instability problems with your knees, then I’d probably just stick with the two legs
to start off with. If you’re unsure though, come see one
of us physios and we’ll run you through what’s appropriate for you. Okay, guys, thanks. We’ll see you down in the snow.

Antonio Breitenberg

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