Evgenia Medvedeva and Eteri Tutberidze

Evgenia Medvedeva and Eteri Tutberidze

Drama in Russian figure skating Evgenia Medvedeva leaves from Eteri Tutberidze Almost Family Drama Because professional figure skaters spend much more time with the coach, with the family She goes to the Canadian coach, who won gold and bronze at the Olympics with his athletes But Tutberidze is also a super coach. She won gold and silver with the help of Zagitova and Medvedeva Natalia Lublinskaya’s reportage Evgenia Medvedeva is getting ready to go on ice This bustle acts on her soothingly, because all the noise is now in the media Evgenia left her coach. It would seem nothing, many athletes change coaches But the public is seething in Russia and Canada The fact that Russia in the figure skating at the Olympics will be gold and silver no one doubted The main question: who of ours will receive gold, and who is silver Evgenia Medvedeva and Alina Zagitova performed perfectly But the technical part of Alina’s program was more expensive The ice rang, tears broke out. Silver Zhenya was the last point in the relationship with the coach Yes it’s true. My new coach Brian Orser There were talks … She did not agree with the results of this Olympics We tried to understand why this happened, why did not have one point She has a leadership character It’s good. I brought up this leader in her Therefore, for her there is no second place Can I not talk about Zhenya? I can not comment on this because it’s not my situation Nobody spoke about this, but Eugenia acted with an injury. But not a fracture of the foot, but a back, a backbone. Doctors advised for 2 months to stop training after the Olympics On May 7, Medvedeva said that the rehabilitation time had passed. Everything is being decided this week Tomorrow I will be in Germany. There will be a medical examination And I’ll be told whether I can train or not I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and a positive result And then she returned from Germany. She was allowed to train, she can jump She went to Orser. He trains Yudzuru Hanyu, who won gold. And Javier Fernandez, who won bronze He’s a terrific person. He is the best coach now. He trains fantastic people who are ahead of time If Zhenya does not have health problems, she will be happy there Normal training, ice rink, warm-up … This is California Coach Rafael Arutunian says that the style of work in the West is quite different We give recommendations and advice on how to train. If the athlete does not, then we do not have the right to force him, shout at him. Here it is not accepted I did not see how Eteri works. If it is necessary that it was chased on ice, then it will be difficult 2 strongest figure skating schools, 2 best trainers. Will fight each other Orser wants to learn the method of training Eteri All the coaches of the world want to know how Eteri Tutberidze trains. As she brings up strong athletes I have a feeling that Orser challenged me He is hurt by our good results. So you need to work harder to hurt him even more. Evgenia bears the best traditions of Russian figure skating And the personal traditions of Eteri Tutberidze Orser It is also not simple If he succeeds in combining the traditions of the Canadian, American school with the methodology on which Zhenya was raised It will be a test for him Alexei Mishin had a situation when Evgeni Plushenko and Alexei Yagudin practiced on the same skating rink Fans remember their confrontation As a result, Yagudin changed his coach Now he co-hosted Zhenya in the TV project. And no one else understands its situation It is difficult to find skaters with a similar fate The turning point in the life of Yagudin occurred in 18 years. Eugenia is now also 18 He was the champion of the world and Europe and left after the Olympic Games Similarly, Eevgenia Medvedeva He moved to North America, she too By the way, his next Olympiad in Salt Lake City Yagudin won 4 years he fought with Evgeny Plushenko Someone wins, some do not. Yes, I won Now we are talking about Eugene and Alina … and there are still other juniors who have won everything at the junior level Alexandra Trusova already at the age of 13 years makes jumps in 4 turns I’ve never had so much motivation as now.

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