Evan Lysacek – Take Me To Church – Today Show

Evan Lysacek – Take Me To Church – Today Show

Antonio Breitenberg

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9 thoughts on “Evan Lysacek – Take Me To Church – Today Show

  1. Kim Stella says:

    He continues to become an even more beautiful skater

  2. Jenni 42 says:

    This was Amazing! It must have been horrible skating in the snow but it does make it very atmospheric haha

  3. Raquel Sarni says:

    this performance haunted me, I watched it live and I instantly was moved to tears, so so beautiful with his talents skating to this song while snowing, WOW  how I searched for it to see again and now 2 months later I found it, its like seen an old friend again that's how much it moved me,

  4. Twelfth Lady says:

    Two stunning male artists in one amazing performance!

  5. shanny says:

    wow absolutely stunning and it's snowing too! 🙂 I would have slipped and broke my face .

  6. Gilberto Souza says:


  7. Kelly Herson says:

    This is so sexy i can't explain it lol

  8. Marian Law says:

    Breathtaking and so talented to skate to it in a snow capped Rockerfeller Center. Was reminiscing of past skaters and I had to of course search for some Evan Lysacek videos. He was so talented, his injury cut his career short. Nonetheless, he'll go down in history books as a beautiful skater and human being in the world of figure skating

  9. TitaniumLiquids says:

    Beautiful…the falling snow and Evan! ❤️

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