¡Errores típicos de patinaje! // Typical mistakes while roller skating!

Hello my dear rollers! Hoping you’re very good my name is Carito, welcome all to the channel hope also you’re having a wonderful Thursday today we’re going to have a video of the typical things we do wrong while we are starting to roller skate, this video was suggested by Edy Sanchez so thanks a lot Edy for your suggestion and now let’s start with the video ok guys, let’s start with the mistakes that we do when we’re begining to roller skate and the mistake number one starts since we bought our roller skates, I know that sometimes we can have thoughts like: “maybe I just like it a lot” or something like that but is important that to be clear with us if we like or not to roller skate we need to enjoy at least the frists sessions that we do so for that is important for you to buy a good pair of roller skates or at least to check that they give you a good suppor on your ankles to be able to develop this sport specially I say this because my first roller skates were a fitness model that were made basically of fabric, and they didn’t gave me a real support and the hurt my ankles so I decided to buy another ones and I also say this because sometimes you can think that you’re spending few money but maybe for that amount you can get something better, a better brand be clear with what you want and search the best option for you remember that at the end we are investing in our health it is not an expense (I don’t see it like that) for me is an ivestment for our health point number 2 that actually is followed or caused mostly of the point number one and it is put in our feet and this can cause injuries in our knees because if our roller skates don’t have a good support your feet can do this or sometimes to the outside which with the time it can hurt your ankles and knees so is important that 1 your roller skates have good support and 2, if you have fabric skates focus always in the strength to keep your feet completely straight and your knees too looking always forward point number 3 is is to bend ALWAYS our knees is truly important that you remember to have your knees bended ALL the time this is because it gives you 1 better balance and 2 you can start doing better the exercises of roller skating, it means the steps of roller skating when you have your knees bended normally when we’re starting to roller skate is very common that if you have your knees completely straight and rigid your legs, a small stone can make you fall that’s why is better have in mind to bend knees so when a small stone or something like that you can stumble and retake balance easily without a problem so remember bend your knees point number 4 is as I told before your feet have to be straight but your knees also have to be looking to the front never to the center nor outside because as you now know, it can cause you an injury, of course at some time I probably did it that is why I recommend you to to be conscious that your knees and feet have to be straight and bending our knees point number 5 is that our body will never should be infront or back because it is too much weight even if we’re only moving our head the head has to much weight so is improtant to not move it to the front or back because is extra weight that you are sending to your body so keep a straight and relaxed position to be able to roller skate and point number 6, even if it is the last one it is one of the most important is to lose fear to fall or to the ground that is why it is important that even from day 0 that you’re starting to roller skate you can know some exercises to reduce your speed or to stop at all this is very important actually I let you some exercises here in this suggestion video so you can practice correctly and go up from the ground so you can practice these exercises without speed and then you can lose fear easily to fall down this is a very typical mistake I know that most of the times we can be scared of injure ourselves but the more relaxed we are the less chance we will have to fall down so relax yourselve enjoy roller skating and don’t be scare of falls the more we practice how to fall down it will be less common to fall guys and before I forget it is very important to warm up before roller skating and and stretch at the end of our session and well my dear rollers this is all for today’s video hope you liked it a lot something that I wanted to tell you is that sometimes your teacher can show you exercises from other disciplines so that you can roller skate I think all roller skating sports feed back one from the other in my opinion so don’t be surprise if sometimes you do slalom exercises, hockey exercises or even aggressive becasue sometimes these exercises can help you to facilitate motor skills so that you can be able to enjoy and practice well roller skating, and well let me know in the comments your opinions of this video and also if you have suggestions for next videos let them down here because I love to read your suggestions I let you here my social networks to follow us in our day by day don’t forget to subscribe to the channel give a thumb up to the video and share it with all your friends send you a kiss, and see you next Thursday with a next video!

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