Eric Jackson’s “Alignment” – Full Movie

Eric Jackson’s “Alignment” – Full Movie

Yes And Alignment How do you find it, how do you get to that point where everything seems to work together and you’re at your best Easier said than done, right? Snowboarding and fishing for steelhead are hands down my two favorite things to do They bring me so much joy Yet each gives me something completely different the ones full of adrenaline The other is where I rest But I’ve never spent an entire season pursuing both This isn’t just a story about fishing and snowboarding well it kinda is But really it’s a story about searching for alignment in my favorite place on earth. I Was introduced to northern BC thirteen years ago while shooting with standard films Being the kid on the crew riding with people like John Lando and mods that was crazy those guys were my heroes Riding with him really opened my eyes on what was possible and how to look at terrain. I Feel like those three years women and terrorists really shaped the type of rider I am today That was a very influential time for me Then I started coming up to fish and realized this place has the best of both worlds epic mountains and wild rivers So now the plan is to post up for the entire winter in northern BC This journey starts at home But it’s mid-january and it hasn’t snowed up north for the last three weeks I’d be lying. If I said I wasn’t getting a little anxious But we’re gonna start the drive. Anyway do some board and on our way out What are we doing where we headed Our Open up with steel pony Yeah, look at Mike time is right Whistler meet up boys man, boys big that Zero You know what that means what does the main sound of party Yes Lay down Man that was so much fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better warm up with a better troop But now it’s time for the real journey to begin It’s time to head north Up to tears We got word that it’s snowing in terrace The fine folks at skein is Bay welcomed us with open arms This is an ideal location to set up home base for the winter It’s been 10 years since I’ve read in these mountains There’s so much unknown. We got some serious figuring out to you. It’s crazy Abbi conditions are through the roof. So we’re gonna start slow get our bearings Wait for things to settle out Beyond the clouds an ancient grass Many made of dead chicken made it big nor Fed up with the my comparison I’m gonna share knowledge with us. What are we doing? We’re just using all our toys we’re using our sleds By bringing snow shoes For our tour We found it it looks and say to me an attack dog Decided that we’re gonna go Possibly three No In the big rock candy mountain Land the a/v reports looking way better and the best way to learn these mountains is to sleep This is exactly In the big rock candy mountains of all The cops have wooden legs and all the Bulldogs all and rubber teeth and the Hinsley sabor legs and the farmers There’s a lake up there when a whisk or two you can paddle all around the bed a big canoe when the big box In the big rock candy mountains You’ve never change your socks and the littlest dreams about the how come we’ll check Curtis Curt, dog Cesar Longtime friend man. We’ve been talking about this project for a while now He’s a perfect addition to the crew dude. This is sick. I’m so stoked. You’re here, too Baby They blow Hey, brother what’s happening? Dude Kurt and I are just tying some flies. What are you doing? Man it’s been pretty insane. We’ll beat down though I think we’re gonna take a break from boarding and yeah do some fishing recharge Right brother sounds good much. Love dude. Be safe out there. We love you later For the trip, yeah Welcome I’m a leader back swine. I’ve been one so long I Can tell by my songs brothers You don’t usually see it in the videos but snowboarding gets hectic for me this is where I reach our We got the whole crew firstly we had John Aaron Vertices here man. It’s so fun We’re all doing this megafloat today, I’m Skeena a lot of Fish as much water as possible. You got to think it’s gonna happen any day now Just to save them from We They party And straight sitting open Now Stay Thank you awesome Wow Dude Kurt and I were just talking about Now like what are we doing here is snowing in the mountains there’s probably snowboarding I catch any fish Save them Your name Oh and I can’t be Hey, Brittany, yeah, buddy don’t lead to It I pray see me Get youth Here we say we laughs to play It’s just Every single thing Now just get up Yes, yeah like flame Obey You Industry It’s not about catching the fish it’s not about the act of catching a fish That comes secondary that’s a bonus it’s about standing in this river and Letting everything go and just being at peace Simple as I’m black I Could see my damn And the only me motherfuckers are me Tessa water through seven I was kicking up leaves I could frustrated schoolboy Tell never notice that house upon that Okay Truth Okay good Got a big one this house is huge it Yeah, what do you think the odds are for landing you got On the bottom push it fairness is going first what Yes, fuck let’s just call it first god Sick Not turn black I can feel it in my breath Once again This Store This winter I was able to combine my love for rivers and mountains and I found this beautiful alliance between the two Alignment can mean something totally different for everyone It doesn’t have to be about fishing or snow But for me, that’s how I find it Easy Mommy her spunky Easy You know Mantasy Such an epic trip So stoked when we first showed up here Connor asked me what the lake is that? Hike, oh hey, but that’s the Pacific Ocean. See? Oh, yeah Valley dad Lines your arms and all the blind she about eat up Say you try This is not hittable right now, I mean if the boys in the Olympics with it We could do it It could be Howie it could be out Oh But stick her in over my board on purpose. Oh fuck me Then we ran into these crazy boarders eight of these Red Bull helmets Americans beautiful beards, I must say To do scar Fah boys what happened Buddy behind the camera right here Tried to follow John’s line into the filming spot over throttled down himself in this tree turns out this tree well is actually Bottomless and now this let’s kind of just hovering on air like weird

Antonio Breitenberg

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100 thoughts on “Eric Jackson’s “Alignment” – Full Movie

  1. Markéta Ziková says:

    Beautiful document, which started to be one of my best snowboarding movies from this moment. Absolutely different thought from other snowboarding movies. Beautiful nature, beautiful people, beautiful movie processing! Love it 🙂

  2. Randy Rennie says:

    This just reassured me that I bought the right board

  3. Tomek Cool says:

    Lol Never tried Flyfishing.
    Merry Christmas from Germany 🎅❤🏂🎣

  4. Anthony Arruda says:

    Freakin epic video man im from utah and ive never been to bc to board need to someday though, thanks for sharing amazing footage

  5. Mike Luck says:

    Makes me wanna snowboard so much 🙂

  6. John Maybe says:

    Glad to see another fish crazy, snowboarder!

  7. Zach B says:

    Casual fishing and snowboarding coupled with competitive facial hair growing. In other words what most snowboarding bros would do if they could retire in their early 30s.

  8. Jeremy Beaupre says:

    Three word insane beautiful magique!

  9. Back To Back SWE says:

    I was going to do work then clicked on this. I said, "I'll just watch 1 minute"…then it turned to "I'll just watch 3 more minutes"…and then at 35 minutes…yeah.

  10. derek niemi says:

    it amazes me how some people could give this movie a thumbs down. definitely the younger generation who only thinks about park, street riding and milti corks and has no clue what true happiness in the world is yet, or what being free of societies ticky tacky box is really like..

  11. Janzen says:

    Sickest movie yet!

  12. Ian Cho says:

    So depressing man, I work Mon-Fri every fuck'n week and watching youtube night lessons how to live the right way.

  13. Erich Lovekamp says:

    Man Oh man ! Warren miller eat your heart out , absolutely the best yet and you didn’t even use a heli. This film made my day , the two most favorite things I love to do , all in one . Thanks so much for filming and sharing this little piece of your life with us ! Majestic simply majestic , that’s all I can say ! Thank you !

  14. Andrew Ramsby says:

    This video is truly a work of art… nothing but the pure beauty of the mountains, snowboarding, and fishing. Incredible!

  15. Алексей Борисов says:

    What a wonderful movie, нравится!

  16. Brian Elward says:

    Say hello to Jeroen Wohe from me….does he miss the dutch seabass? loved the movie

  17. A String says:

    Monster lines, monster rainbows!

  18. icer 71 says:

    One of the best snowboarding.. soul searching at one with peace of mind video's I've ever seen .. thank you

  19. DS Productions says:

    I've seen this so many times now… the riding, the music, the snow… oh my, this is a LEGEND!

  20. AMH Media says:

    this is by far my favorite movie ive seen in a while, and i watch a lot of snowboard movies, like a lot!

  21. Jamie says:

    wish i could do what i love like you do what you love haha

  22. Bicboib says:

    WOW! That's all i can say….God damn wow

  23. funkhybrid says:

    It's a lot of the same footage as the 10 Barrels video… I personally find that kind of weird. You don't put a good song on multiple albums, or is that a thing now?

  24. Tito Cardona says:

    I'd give up a kidney to shred with you guys

  25. Christoph Lembcke says:

    Lately I´m thinking about life… I like snowboarding and fishing so I found this film and… I don´t know… this short video opened my eyes… especially the simle words from 24:10… You are right buddy…. And not just in case of fishing… its deeper! 🙂

  26. Cory McCallum says:

    This video is so epic! Eric, let me come help you on your next adventure.

  27. Rajesh Wadhwani says:

    muje snow mountain ki movie Hindi chahiye only Hollywood ki movie

  28. Forest White says:

    Absolutely love the extra bass hit on each landing. Details!!!!

  29. Alexander Bertallo says:

    Soundtrack is wonderfull too…

  30. Tyler Skott says:

    6:30 looked like the pillows in Japan for a second

  31. Untouchable artist Bentley says:

    Real real nice

  32. John Mahood says:

    I thought they threw a deer off that kicker at 15:32.

  33. sigmachi1196 says:

    Kind of wanna know who could possibly dislike this film. 68 👎🏻 is not chill

  34. Daniel Mauleon says:

    What a beautiful movie

  35. Daniel Mauleon says:

    really what a way to present a beautiful sport like this

  36. Maxime Coutu says:

    Awesome movie, good vibes & riding + perfect soundtrack : )

  37. phil t says:

    "it's about …being at peace" what a great film, thank you.

  38. Roger Diotte says:

    Thanks for turning me onto "Like a Mighty River" by St Paul & The Broken Bones! At 54 I'm so grateful my oldman introduced me to skiing at Whistler back in the 70's…
    OK…I really need to buy you a case of BEER…Canadian, Blue, Old Vienna whatever cause I just went and listened to a few hours of The Broken Bones Band and HOLY S*it….

  39. justin laird says:

    Yea you can tell me how much I want to snowboard!$700

  40. Wayne King says:

    Going to become depressed af this summer and watching these will make it worse

  41. Костя Лексин says:

    Мне на один такой сноуборд копить 3 месяца и не чё не есть .

  42. Valeria Cepio says:

    Nature is God,s greatest gift,and we do not know how to enjoy it

  43. Matthew Morrison says:

    This video is awesome. The soundtrack is amazing and rivals that of Into the Wild! It would have been nice to see some explosive takes and jumps from the steelhead, but this is still a very sweet combo of great music, fly fishing, and snowboarding.

  44. RideRightWaxing says:

    Epic film 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

  45. fernando g. aguirre says:

    Amazing photography, great music……lovely Canada!

  46. John Kluk says:

    This is probably the best Boarding / Fishing video I ever watched! Love boarding, Love catching steelhead! I wish I could board like you guys, and catch the size of fish you are getting. That would be such a great trip! I'm watching this in June in Pennsylvania, wishing for winter already… lol…. You earned a subscriber.. Great vid. One of the best I've seen…

  47. Constantine Key says:

    I like this stylish old school snowboarding

  48. Marino Qualizza says:

    Great film!

  49. Zero Defects - Ceramic Coatings & Clear Bra says:

    I feel at peace just watching this!!

  50. X X says:

    Too much bs

  51. Sammy G says:

    Just you and nature ❤️

  52. aznalll says:

    UNREAL 🙂 Thank You guys!

  53. Coenie De Groot says:


  54. Max Ed says:

    Wow very cool!!

  55. BurkeyLynn Adventures says:

    Epic! Saw this at the Fly Fishing Film Tour in Silverthorne and it’s stuck w me … and I keep watching it every now and again. And I don’t snowboard or ski! Great, great work!

  56. Angel Dumitru says:

    The amount of happines that this video gives me almost makes me cry !

  57. Dr. Andrew, Sp.P. says:

    Well. Well. Well.

  58. Dr. Andrew, Sp.P. says:

    Salmon are huge Bruv. Damn. Why Don y'all keep?

  59. Jarod Crowe says:

    Does he drive with his snowboard boots on?

  60. Ski Bum420 says:

    What's the worst thing about snowboarding? Having to tell your parents you are gay. Hahaha. Kind of a boring video. Fun lifestyle but not worth filming

  61. MPL Chris says:

    This is honestly, very beautiful.

  62. Andrew Coates says:

    I really enjoyed this ! Straight up from the heart ! This film connects with adventure !

  63. Burpathalon says:

    Epic video, but please get some helmets!

  64. Raven Glide says:

    I love this movie so much, I cant even count how many times I came back here to feel this magic… It's a masterpiece with all the scenes and music and everything, I've watched this thousand times and tonight will have it on repeat… Well done ppl well done, ope I'll have chance somewhere in my future to be as free and badass as people in this movie, this is what my ultimate dream looks like

  65. BIG TIMBER FILMS says:

    Great film. 🤙🤙🤙🤙

  66. porororo borororo says:

    Just amazing – simply amazing

  67. Brett Peters says:

    This video just made me fall in love with what has been missing for a few years in my life! Can’t wait to shred again!!!

  68. Finn Challen says:

    I love you guys

  69. Daniel Gennaro says:

    Wow. These dudes know how to live. Trading worldly peace and comfort for comfort and peace that’s out of this world. Lol when they jumped that sled! That was nuts! Quick question y’all- I’m somewhat a beginner and deciding on a arbor foundation rocker, does everyone pretty much prefer camber? Looks like it’s what these guys ride. Cheers 🍻

  70. Анастасия Липовка says:

    What is the name of the song on 13:15? Eric sings

  71. Big Lebowski says:

    Thank you so much for this awsome movie! the perfect fit of the two things I love to do most in the world, fly fishing and snowboarding!

  72. Finn B says:

    This is so sick. Getting my hyped for ski szn

  73. Turby town says:

    This is the best movie I have ever seen it’d different from most snowboarding movies, it’s funny, full of huge skill, best of both worlds (fishing and snowboarding), and all around beautiful. It’s like there is no stress in everyone’s body, just shredding and fishing, basically just seeing how it goes and I love it.

  74. One Rider says:

    We often over-use the words epic and awesome, but this film is truly that, in the true meaning of the words. Thanks; wonderfully filmed, ridden, fished, and told!

  75. majestytd says:

    hope you guys pick up that bottle you guys drank….

  76. Jake Crouch says:

    wicked movie, some strong meaning here!

  77. Tom Baksy says:

    This movie made me feel calm, relaxed and inspirational. Such a nice way of living. I hope to ride with you one day, Eric.

  78. Roope Rautava says:

    How the fuck did he not get hurt at 15:26?

  79. Dale Fawcett says:

    Wow…. I'm from beautiful Scotland and love to go snowboarding in winter/spring and love fishing all year round for atlantic salmon or northern pike. But I totally envy you guys. Where you live looks like where I live except everything is 100x bigger and better. Maybe one day I will make it over there. 🤞

  80. Eric Lind says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Everything about this film, Eric’s ethos, his buddies, the way they ride, he ties his own flies, is just beautiful and poetic. My next board will be an EJack Knife 163, because I love Lib Tech & I want to support this dude and all he’s about!!

  81. Андрей Садохин says:


  82. jason laws says:

    i love when they walk into the cabin.. jeez. so awesome. this film was great, everything great about snowboard trips rolled into one. AND THAT BANJO!

  83. HibaSSful says:

    This is the life !!! Great vid guys , thank you very much .

  84. Mike R says:

    Anyone know the soundtrack to this movie?

  85. Swerve PNW says:

    Such a great film. Watched it many times and will continue too. All the best.

  86. Larry says:

    sweet soundtrack

  87. Logan Pont says:

    Just found this…I love the soul of snowboarding!

  88. Chris Lapas says:

    Is there a reason why your not eating the fish??

  89. Ryan Fogarty says:

    This movie is easily one of my favorite snowboarding films ever. These guys and the film crew are forever legends. From the riding to the storyline to the music, well done and thank you

  90. Like Water for Brisket says:

    So inspiring. <3

  91. Jon Erickson says:

    This is my new film to watch to get ready for the season. I love this film, epic riding and prime soundtrack. I wish I could have experienced this trip.

  92. Lets Go Blues!!! says:

    Feel like Eric would find a meatball in his beard that's been there or a week and just be like eh and eat it. John I feel would drop some crazy mind altering chemical and have some crazy sexual adventure with a couple really hot chicks out in the wilderness

  93. f0rumrr says:

    Trial and error, the essence of a human. Helmet much.

  94. Windsteps says:

    While I really enjoyed the movie, there is one part that keeps bothering me: It is a dangerous sport and by uploading those kind of movies you become role models; how about a helmet?

  95. Art Benoit says:

    thanks for that: )

  96. SoCalSpear says:

    Snowboarding & fly fishing: winter, spring
    Surfing & spearfishing: spring, summer, fall

  97. Tommy Price says:

    I swear these movies are designed to make you feel woefully inadequate. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this, what a mental treat!

    Also fuck yeah Trail Beer!!

  98. jason burton says:

    I want to nabors with Ejack

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