’Equal pay, equal pay!:’ Highlights from U.S. women’s soccer victory parade in New York

’Equal pay, equal pay!:’ Highlights from U.S. women’s soccer victory parade in New York

-Equal pay! Equal pay!
Equal pay! -The winner of the Golden Ball
Best Player, the Golden Boot,
Top Scorer, Number 15 Megan Rapinoe!
– ♪ Up, down,
up, down, up, down ♪ ♪ ‘Cause all I do is win,
win, win ♪ ♪ And if you’re goin’ in
put your hands in the air ♪ ♪ Make ’em stay there ♪ -Thank you all so much. I think that we have been known as America’s favorite
soccer team. But, from here on out, we’ll just be known
as America’s team. -I’m super, super proud
of this team. You know, we were obviously here
four years ago. It never gets old. These parades are amazing,
you fans are amazing, and I’m just super proud of every single player
on this team. It took all 23 players
to get to this point. Everybody played a role
and it was just incredible to see so many different players
step up. We can’t thank you enough
and here’s to the next chapter. maybe we’ll see you
in another four years. -This is my charge to everyone,
we have to be better. We have to love more, hate less. We gotta listen more
and talk less. We gotta know that this is
everybody’s responsibility, every single person here. Every single person
who’s not here. Every single person
who doesn’t want to be here. Every single person who agrees
and doesn’t agree, it’s our responsibility to make
this world a better place. I think this team does
an incredible job of taking that
on our shoulders. And understanding the position
that we have and the platform
that we have within this world. Yes, we play sports. Yes, we play soccer. Yes, we’re female athletes. But we’re so much more
than that. You’re so much more than that. -Thank you all for coming
and congratulations once again to the US Woman’s National
Soccer Team.

Antonio Breitenberg

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62 thoughts on “’Equal pay, equal pay!:’ Highlights from U.S. women’s soccer victory parade in New York

  1. John Pope R says:

    how much did it cost

  2. John Pope R says:

    trump 2020

  3. Chad the Chud says:

    All these gals wanting equal pay so they can have a double wide trailer like me.

  4. Randy Simmons says:

    Soccer should be free!

  5. Antonio Perez says:

    Bullshit. Everyone knows the economics of this. You get paid according to the amount of revenue generated. They get paid a larger percentage of the revenue they generate than men.
    Mens soccer makes way more money than womens soccer.
    They get 9% of the cut.
    Women get 13% percent.
    Its not sexist, its basic economics.

  6. hogensan says:

    Toilet paper media

  7. American Paisa says:

    The USWNT gets a base salary of $100,000 while the Men’s get paid per game and is dependent on wether they win, tie or lose. The women have no one to blame but themselves for agreeing to the current contract they are on.

  8. Angelo 23 says:

    Basic math. The men brought in $4 billion in revenue, the women $130 million.
    Math may hurt your feelings but it doesnt lie.

  9. Dave Wilson says:

    I was feeling guilty for not supporting this team. I really wanted to get in the spirit of celebrating them. However, after watching this political train wreck of a celebration I am glad I didn't watch. What they have done is unforgivable and they should all be ashamed of themselves. Their divisive, selfish and hateful behavior is a disgrace.

  10. Joe Smith says:

    Beat the men's team then come back and ask for equal pay and I'll take you more seriously

  11. Surf Dogg says:

    You live in the best country in the world!! For once be proud of what you have!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. Dalton Bryan says:

    Alex Morgan dame una oportunidad cuando Garchamos?

  13. Jon Guinta says:

    Bunch of no-good anti-American carpet munchers. 🖕

  14. RedemptionSoS says:

    let's call it what it really is

  15. Jim & Corinne Forever says:

    Um how come there are no trans women on your team you bigots? Get woke or go broke boycott women’s soccer until they get some trans athletes

  16. Jerry Nigro says:

    No one cares go get a job stfu

  17. rogue warr says:

    Equal pay for kicking a ball around a soccer field every 4 years ,then stepping on the American flag.Nope.

  18. SAVAGE SOTO says:

    The USMNT makes less revenue than the USWNT did, but it’s not the US Soccer association that’s giving all the men this money. It’s the World Cup

    In the last Woman’s World Cup, it generated nearly 73 million dollars. While the men’s made 4 BILLION DOLLARS. You got a piece just for being in the event. The women are squeezing money from something that doesn’t exist. They can’t give you a piece of money that they don’t make.

    If a business could get away with paying less for its employees for profit, don’t you think that all businesses would hire women instead?
    The wage gap is a myth.

  19. mtman1 p says:

    If you can even call it news 🤮

  20. Beard Bro says:

    Equal pay is made up by the far left feminists that hate men. Disgusting!!!

  21. One crying in the wilderness says:

    Is this a soccer team or a lesbian occult.

  22. Gustav Crock says:

    Now I just want to see the owner say that there is not enough Revenue produced in women's soccer to maintain the team and it's being moved

  23. Jose Puente says:

    Are this white privileged women trying to become victims their being celebrated for playing a game they make more money than the average American playing that game should we move them in front of illegal immigrants in the line of victims

  24. Gaye Keen says:

    Hey World. This team of spoiled brats does not represent the USA.
    Gosh. They are breaking the hearts of so many little girls who just want them to be decent. And they aren't even that. Sad day for the USA.

  25. Battlecam0 says:


  26. NorfookianJesus says:

    What a bunch of greedy shitheads. Not content with $100,000 a year, they demand more from an organisation that can't afford to pay it's teams the same as the mens teams. Greedy, hateful imbeciles.

  27. Luis J says:

    "How much you get paid should have something to do with how much money you bring in. I’m the highest paid fighter, not because Dana and Lorenzo wanted to do something nice for the ladies.
    They do it because I bring in the highest numbers because I make them the most money. So I think the money that they make should be proportionate to the money they bring in.” – Ronda Rousey

  28. Kid Mohair says:

    c'mon muricans
    get it right

  29. Emt ResQ says:

    Yeah and I will pay to watch men play but I won't pay to watch women play it is not interesting…. Keep on making up fake unequal statics…… The public won't be fooled. By this logic the Dallas boys 15 and under team beat the women's league championship team…. Should the boys team get paid same?

  30. Lejon Leonard says:

    When the rest of the world's women play against femimen.

  31. chaircoverschicago says:

    There was a womens world cup in soccer?

  32. Suzanne Burkhart says:

    Thanks for standing up . Not only for women but for diversity. You girls represent a diversity of people. You work so hard as individuals. What you as individuals should be done as a nation, don't stop being what you are and who you are. May it be a guide to make people better than what they are. Don't let them tell you who you are. You inspire so many people. Go girl. You're not what they tell you you are,,

  33. First Last says:

    They want equal pay, but they can't beat a team of under 15 yr old boys. They got smoked 5-2, then said they lost on purpose to make the boys feel good. These women are crazy!

  34. RTX_Benchwarmer says:

    How are you gonna receive equal pay when the raptors championship parade got more views than the Women’s World Cup finals.

  35. AgnosticProle says:

    Feminists ruin everything.

  36. Alistair Razi says:

    Women's soccer is not a big deal. It's not important at all.

  37. Gungnir says:

    Rapino needs to shut up

  38. BLT4LIFE says:

    Here come the conservative "alpha" males to cry about how victimized they are by this. Oh, wait. They're already here. 🍿

  39. X allthatremains says:

    Actually the woman get a higher percentage of total league revenue than the men. Still not good enough I guess……

  40. Prophet YouTube says:

    And the stupid c*nt wrecked it for spectators with her political propaganda. @sswipe!

  41. Sanghoon Lee says:

    Female soccer players earn less than male players for the same reason male models are paid less than female models: they generate less revenue in the market.

  42. William Sharron says:

    Let them try out for the men's team. If they make the team give them the money!

  43. Tom Briggs says:

    I work for a small town home improvement store where the owner can’t afford to provide high pay or benefits. I’m doing equal work as the employees of Home Depot. I demand equal pay and the same benefits as the Home Depot employees. It doesn’t matter the store I work for has a fraction of the revenue of Home Depot.

  44. Miles North says:

    Equal pay for male models, now!

  45. Mance Venture says:

    Beat the worst men's team, no, beat a class of under 15-year-old boys (who they lost to in Dallas 5-2), then come back and whine about equal pay. Oh no, wait! Not yet! Draw in the same amount of money as the men's teams to be divvied among you, and then screech about equal pay. As it stands now, the women earn a much higher percentage of the overall league's take than the men!

  46. President Trump says:

    The gender pay gap is a myth

  47. Oh yeah That’s right says:

    Are they sharing their winnings equally?

  48. Chris Smith says:

    They don't want true equality, they just want equality of outcome; i.e. same pay for less work and less revenue

  49. Alfred Neuman says:

    EQUAL PAY IS RIDICULOUS! It's only about mathematics and money………and logic. Men's sports make a ton more money than women's sports. Players get paid accordingly. Just simple math – no evil agenda!

  50. The Tick says:

    Equal pay!!! Look at all the news sources having their clones thumbs down the post. Hahaha top ten trusted news source in the world.

    Keep trying boys.

  51. He Is Yahweh says:

    Okay, if you want equal pay, start by supporting NWSL (the women's club league). Not only that, the women's league needs to be supported all over the world (but in most countries, they doubt have one). Did any of you watch the group stage of the world cup? Did you see how empty the seats were at a MAJOR event? For the mens, virtually all seats are filled thereby bringing in more revenue. How are you going to be asking for more when you can't draw in more fans?

  52. Fred Pearson says:

    Keep chanting, but you're paid less because you produce less revenue. Economics and reality aren't fun, huh? Face it, except for the World Cup, if women's soccer (and most other women's sports) went away, no one would notice or even care that much. You can't legislate viewer interest.

  53. Ezequiel Z says:

    You guys call us dogs and pigs now you wanna be equal to us dogs and pigs???

  54. 3rd bomb says:

    I like how the girls in the back shouting for equal pay while the guys are like "ok bro" and some are shaking their heads because they know equal pay is impossible when your team doesn't generate as much funds

  55. jbass66 says:

    I support this team in their victory though I do not support the politics associated with it. Women's soccer worldwide does not put butts in seats, eyes on TVs, or sell merch/endorsements like the men do. Not even close. Tournament performance is irrelevant to this discussion. From what I read, the women already get a larger percentage of their respective World Cup revenue than the men do. To demand equal pay seems nonsensical. It's economics, not patriarchy. That's the reality of it. Do the math.

  56. TH3 KiiD says:

    Women’s football in Europe suck so no wonder you won the World Cup!

  57. Frank Williams says:

    I wish all of them cervical cancer 🙏

  58. Ricky Gallardo says:

    They don’t deserve equal pay they suck they think there Messi or Ronaldo and wanna get paid like them they lost to a U-15 boys team come on now they really tryna talk about equal pay gtfo

  59. john karford says:

    The cringe level is disgusting.

  60. moses 1997 says:

    Nobody watches soccer in the United States
    They only support because of equal pay

  61. Rico S says:

    When they played the all I do is win song I was just waiting for the U 15 Dallas team to show up

  62. N J says:

    push for equal revenue then too Men's soccer brings in at least 5
    times more revenue than women soccer so by right they should get paid 5
    times more, isn't that fair enough for
    women ? would they be happy with a guy getting the same pay if she is
    worth 5 times more for her company? hypocrites.

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