Episode 3140.1 | Predators, Behind the Scenes | Tennessee Crossroads

Episode 3140.1 | Predators, Behind the Scenes | Tennessee Crossroads

Can you imagine a
professional sporting event without a jumbotron showing
you all the action and replays? Can you imagine an
event without a mascot, music or an announcer? Well, as the Nashville Predators
charge into the playoffs, we want you to meet some
of the other members of their team who
make each home game an entertainment spectacle. – Your Nashville
Predators are on! (intense music) – [Joe] There’s nothing
like the thrill of watching the Nashville Predators
live at Bridgestone Arena. – First, welcome back, Mark. – Thank you. – [Joe] But before the players
battle it out on the rink, there’s another team getting
ready to give the fans an extra entertainment
experience. – Mark, let’s go ahead
and take camera two, go ahead with the band. Maverick, you’re on. – [Joe] The man in charge is
Director of Event Presentation, Brian Campbell. – It’s a fun job, first
of all, that’s how I would describe the job, but it is a– Anything you see or hear inside
the bowl besides the hockey, so lights, bells, whistles,
music, mascot stuff, anything that you see
or hear during the game is kind of what
we’re controlling. It’s like a big puzzle
with a lot of pieces. It’s a live three-hour TV show
that we’re trying to put on that we have little
control over. So, we have a lot
of sponsor things that we have to take care of, and obviously that’s important,
but then we try to look at game flow and things that
happen that we just kind of play along with. We are in our
upstairs control room. This is one of three
control rooms that we have, and then we have two
downstairs that we control, kind of more the button
pushers downstairs. This is where I actually
run the game from. We have preview monitors
of just about everything that we see or hear, and then
on the next one over there is where our graphics are. – [Joe] What is the
most important piece of equipment up here? – Oh, well, I think the
most important thing is the goal horn,
which is right here. That’s every, it
is not automatic, so I have to pay attention
when there’s a goal scored and that’s kinda– I think it’s the most important. (goal horn blasts) – [Joe] While Brian
runs the show upstairs, here in this downstairs
control room is where all the real video, audio and
digital magic happens. As the director calls the
shots, the talented staff works together like
a well-oiled machine, not only to inform
and entertain, but
also to motivate fans and players alike. – Quite frankly,
being the PA announcer is just a dream come true. – [Joe] That’s Paul McCann,
now in his 11th season as the Preds’
rinkside PA announcer. – Bridgestone Arena’s
a smoke-free facility. The voicing part of it is
a very small part of it. One of the largest parts
of it is the logistics. When you’re getting information
in your ear while you’re making an announcement, we’re
getting the starting lineups, the scratches, all that
kind of thing so it requires a little bit of (laughs),
a little bit of focus and a little bit of being
able to juggle a few things at the same time. (organ playing) – [Joe] Of course,
there’s nothing like traditional organ music
to move the show along. And there’s no guy
better for that job than Krazy Kyle Hankins. So, why is Kyle called crazy? – I guess because I’m just a
little bit outside of the norm. Which for this job is perfect. My degree’s in theory and
composition, of all things, so you’re basically just
trying to underscoring what is happening in
front of your face, and hopefully you’re
reacting in a positive way. Basically, you’re just
trying to get the crowd to start screaming. Sometimes it’ll be a
director’ll call, “Hey, Kyle, “you’re next,” and then
immediately, the puck stops and I’ve gotta do something. So I gotta be able to
think on my feet quickly or make it up as I go. – [Joe] Gonna keep
doin’ this for awhile? – I’m gonna keep doin’
it until they tell me I need to stay home. That I’ve gotten too crazy. (twangy guitar music) – [Joe] Neither the show
nor the game could go on without help from Scooter Fruik. Scooter’s one of two
Zamboni operators you see working before and during
each and every game. – It reconditions the ice. It actually pulls ice
off and replaces ice. That’s why they call
it a ice resurfacer. Anybody can drive it, but
it takes talent to drive it and operate it at the same time. – [Joe] Scooter gave
me a crash course on how he operates this
complex piece of equipment. – First I make sure it’s
clear, that nobody’s in the way when we drive out, and everybody
is aware when we come out on the ice that they have
to keep their eyes on us, because we have a job to do
and take care of the ice. And the first thing we do is
we lower the conditioner down. We turn the augurs on. We start goin’, we turn the
brush on for the boards. We turn the wash water
on, and then this is the ice-making water. Then we turn the wash
water pump once we get about 10-20 seconds into it. And do your game pattern
with the other machine, and then we make a nice,
new, brand-new sheet of ice for the guys to come
out and play on. (dramatic music) – [Joe] With the Predator
players and fans, it’s all about the
game, and about winning. Just remember, there’s
another team behind the scenes striving to make the
experience even more fun and entertaining. – We kind set it up that
way from the beginning, knowin’ that if people were
gonna come to the game, we wanted them to have fun
and kinda learn along the way. This is an entertainment
city, and we wanted to kinda bring some of the outside
to the inside, and I think we’ve done a pretty
good job of that. (crowd cheering)

Antonio Breitenberg

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