EP08 | Tá no Sangue: Enzo e a Paixão pelo Futebol | DOZE

EP08 | Tá no Sangue: Enzo e a Paixão pelo Futebol | DOZE

I can be really tired but I will do
what I feel like doing with my son. we also do the ball trap, which I won against my dad DOZE
ENZO’S PASSION FOR SOCCER We are going to my training. We are going to play some games to see who would be selected
to play and who wouldn’t and we are going to train
some kicks and some other moves. I used to play in the back.It’s true, you used to be a defender.But then Santana’s coach told me
to try playing forward, because I never really
stayed in the back, I was always going forward. So I asked my coach
if I could play forward and he told me that he would
watch me play in the training. I played well and he asked me
to play forward in a match, to see how it would go. It went well and he told me
that from then on, I would play forward and back. One time when I was playing forward
for Santa Ana, I scored four times:
one for my uncle, one for my dad and the other two
for two other uncles. Sometimes we train at home.
We used to have the goals but we kicked so hard
the goal net broke. We throw the ball up
and when it kicks in the floor we start playing. -No. We do the ball trap.
-Yes, we also do the ball trap, which I won against my dad. I can be really tired but I will do
what I feel like doing with my son. I rather… for example,
we went to Bernabéu. We were with Liam
and Enzo had to go home to get his bag
and go to his training. We managed to go there
and now Enzo is already training. We got his bag
and did everything fast, so we could stay together
for a while longer, the four of us. When we see Enzo and Liam
laughing and hugging us, it pays off for the suffering
we have to go through. I mean, not suffering,
sleepy. Regarding the children,
my life and Marcelo’s life revolves around his career,
around the soccer world. People usually see
only the beautiful part of it, what can be seen
from the outside. Which is… the success. Hi sweetheart. Say hi to them, say hi “Hi everyone, I’m Liam” In the most important moments
of his career, It was to stay at home
with the children, I was to give the assistance and to be responsible
for a foundation that was necessary so he could grow,
having the stability and support to be confident to achieve
what he is capable of achieving. So… Clarisse knows very well
that this is the way it is. So when I’m training or playing
I don’t need to worry about anything. I don’t need to worry, I don’t need
to call to check on them. Only if it’s something
really serious. I know she takes good care
of everything and when I’m there
I don’t worry about anything. I don’t have to worry,
she says it herself. “You only need to worry
about playing soccer.” Go, kick it! Oh, fuck! For fuck’s sake! He listens to me,
when I tell him to kick, he kicks. Pain in the ass dad! A friendly match
is divided into three parts. Three parts of 20 minutes. It’s usually like that. Oh, my friend! Trap the ball, trap it! Trap it! It’s “Keko’s” goal, I’m feeling it.
Beautiful! Pass it! He went back to score. He side-tackled, you know?
Just like you do. To take the ball. You know? -Yes.
-So… Oh, not again! Hey! If “Keko” scores,
let’s go inside the pitch? Let’s jump inside the pitch and play? Yes or no? I can’t hear you. Never again she will do it
at first, Leo. For God’s sake. I’m going to complete it. I gave a nutmeg
on my wife. The nutmeg will be on the video She was like.. There will be revenge You are
laughing now It is really awesome to see Enzo playing like that to see Enzo playing like that Passing the ball When he was playing in the other team, everyone was crazy But it was good for him to learn the
soccer language Trap it! Trap it and kick it back to me Played well! I liked that horseback riding! I remember the first time
we trained, which was the first time we met I played at Hebraica and he played at Helenico I think I we knew who the other was Since we were teenagers it was clear he had an unusual skills He did not have a internacional driver’s license, so it was always me and him everywhere

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