Ep 18 – Season Finale – How To Tip Your Sled Back Up On It’s Skis

Ep 18 – Season Finale – How To Tip Your Sled Back Up On It’s Skis

Antonio Breitenberg

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7 thoughts on “Ep 18 – Season Finale – How To Tip Your Sled Back Up On It’s Skis

  1. ? Something says:

    Good video, Thanks for all the great videos to learn from.

  2. Mike Mostad says:

    very nice video, Thanks for having Ashlee do the video. Having a lady do it shows how anyone can do this.All of you videos are great Brent. I rode with you three different times back in your Arctic Cat days. Being older all of your tips for your riding style always helps. !!!

  3. SnowRider TV says:


  4. Neal Hillesheim says:

    Thanks Brett, I'm looking forward to the video of all you sled upgrades!!!

  5. Akatarawa Japan says:

    Thanks for all your helpful vids this season. I recently bought the whole set of back catalogue DVDs you did years ago with Burandt—still great viewing today, and amazing what you did in steep terrain on those old Cats. One personal preference for next year’s vids: bit less of the side profile talking. I guess your director sets the shots up, but to me it comes across a little contrived. Anyway, thanks again and enjoy your summer.

  6. DEMOP says:

    great work as usual Professor

  7. Dave Spargo says:

    Brett, just want to say thanks for all the info in your videos. Between you, Chris, Dan, and several other folks thru U Tube, there was a lot of knowledge to be had. Starting with "How to get UN–Stuck". I had not been on a sled since the mid 70's till this past winter of 18-19. Technology has come a long ways. Last fall I picked up a 2011 Ski-Doo Expedition, 154, with the ACE 600. Great trail sled, but hence the Un-Stuck videos because I just had to play off trail. An upgrade was in order. Now, please, don't hold it against me, but a month ago, my upgrade was a 2019 Polaris, 850, 163 x3" paddle. I found out quickly that off trail meadows and some of that deep & steep stuff was kinda fun, and that 60 h.p. (on a good day) wasn't gonna cut it. I'm living in Grand Lake, Colorado now and have a massive trail system up here. 150 miles of groomed trail, plus deep and steep from 10-12,000 feet all day. Lots of really good technical advice from you guys that I was able to work with thru this past winter. I'm looking forward to being able to put it to use on a more "appropriate for the job" sled. Again, thank you. Keep the videos coming……

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