ENGLISH VOCABULARY LESSONS: Ski & Snowboarding Equipment #1

ENGLISH VOCABULARY LESSONS: Ski & Snowboarding Equipment #1

hello and welcome to English like native my name is Anna and today we’re just going to go through some very basic vocabulary for when you are skiing or snowboarding so let’s go through the equipment of course you have a pair of skis one ski two skis a pair of skis or you might have a board a snowboard on both boards and skis the places where you put your feet and lock yourself in are called bindings and of course you have to have special boots for the bindings so you have ski boots or snowboarding boots then you’re going to have to wear the right clothing so on your bottom half you wear salopettes i’ve got some nice bright green salopettes and then you’re also going to need a ski jacket usually waterproof lots of pockets and tight around the wrists and around the middle to stop snow going inside and you’re going to need a pair of gloves you’re also going to need a neck scarf you might need a face mask to keep your face warm you’re also going to need a pair of goggles goggles and a helmet to protect your head a helmet some people don’t wear a helmet they just were a woolly hat to keep thier head warm but a helmet is safer and then when you get up onto the mountain hopefully you’ll have snow and hopefully the snow won’t be so hard that is turned to ice and the places that are set out for you to ski the roads for skiing are called piste so you ski on pieced if you decide to go off the road for skiing then you’re skiing off-piste so you’re going off-piste it can be dangerous going off-piste if you don’t know what you’re doing you have a mountain peak to get to the top of the mountain you’ll take a chair lift which is a lift that you sit in you pull the bar down in front of you sometimes you’ll get what’s called a bubble lift which is a lift that you get inside of that protects you from the elements and if you’re unlucky you may have to take the drag lift which is just a rope that you hold onto you put between your legs and it drags you up it’s quite hard work so that’s our short vocabulary lesson for today i hope you found it helpful don’t forget to press the big red subscribe button and give this video a thumbs up if you liked it now i’m going to board down the mountain and get the chair lift back up and hope that I don’t fall over. Bye! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

Antonio Breitenberg

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20 thoughts on “ENGLISH VOCABULARY LESSONS: Ski & Snowboarding Equipment #1

  1. Estela Vera E.T says:

    You are brave!!!! It seems dangerous to me. But I learned new vocabulary. Thanks

  2. Youssef Azzouz says:

    great as always have fun anna 🙂

  3. Miss. Phoebe_Huang says:

    You are a good teacher~~~

  4. Khizar Aslam says:

    haha looking awesome

  5. FRANÇAIS TV says:

    Thank you anna that was great for us

  6. جابر.i hope your live full with happiness الواسطي says:

    Anna I feel freezing

  7. Brit 'n' Chips English says:

    Hi Anna, which microphone were you using? An external one? Beautiful location

  8. pile333 says:

    I've never used the word "piste", even though it's identical to italian "piste" (pista singular).
    What a piece of news.
    Not so much snow here on the Alps, so sad. I can guess it even watchin outside my windows. Much more snow on Apennines and south Italy. What a paradox, guys! It's been ages since i last went to ski anyway.
    So you're really a sporty girl! Very good for you. A snowboarder also!
    What mountain range is that, if i may ask?

  9. pile333 says:

    But is the plural of piste "pistes"? How should we pronounce it?

  10. pile333 says:

    Oh, how much i hated drag lifts when i was learning how to ski as a child. I kept falling from them. I kept crossing my skis' tops. A nightmare.

  11. Aliksey Filatov says:

    you are amazing girl

  12. sebastian alegria says:

    hello Anna, l hope you've had a big adverture snowboarding, about u, which do u prefer winter or summer?

  13. Tercus Rafael says:

    I am cold after I have watched this video, blurrrr!

  14. pile333 says:

    The funny thing is that in italian we call skilift the drag-lift.
    Since you're a skier you might already know that.
    I like how the european languages are blended with each other.

  15. Kim Thomas says:

    I learned a new word, piste. Thank you.

  16. Flake says:

    Salowhats? As a full time ski bum and native english speaker I've never heard ski pants called that?.

  17. Алексей Никитин says:

    Hi Anna from Russia, I love your chanell very much.

  18. Whiterun Guard says:

    Forgot so many like zeach, zeached, steez, cork, yard sale, taco, butter, crunchy, fakie, switch, gaper and pow

  19. Dina Maksimova says:

    I love it. Thank you.


    Anna, May you always be rewarded and blessed by ALLAH Almighty…..Ameen. You are one of the best teachers…

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