English Surfing’s Future Talent Stanley Norman Joins SmoothStar

English Surfing’s Future Talent Stanley Norman Joins SmoothStar

Ho iniziato a surfare quando avevo 6 anni. Mi chiamo Stanley Norman e sono inglese. Lo Smoothstar mi aiuta nell apprendimento delle manovre del Surf, come ad esempio nei carvings e nei cutbacks. E’ bellissimo perchè si può generare velocità ed usare i rails della tavola come nel surf permettendoti di spingere forte sui bordi e soprattutto è superdivertente. E’ veramente pazzesco, ti aiuta a migliorare e ti e ti permette di surfare sempre quando vuoi e dove vuoi !!

Antonio Breitenberg

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1 thought on “English Surfing’s Future Talent Stanley Norman Joins SmoothStar

  1. Sacrificed Duo says:

    I have an idea for all the owners of SmoothStar. I think you guys should open up some sort of project involving groms and there ability to surf, you guys should ship your boards to a range of surfers around Australia that all share similar skills, skills consiting of easily turning down the face, pumping through the line and possibly weak and low turns. Us groms will train everysingle day for half an hour using a smooth star and by each and every week release footage of training and water improvements. The only reason why I think this is such an ideal project (Im not saying this because I want one for free aha) is because you guys only release footage of pro's using smoothstars, pros have had the ability to perform advanced menvouers prior to the arival of there smoothstar boards making people like myself query the effectiveness of your product. Anyway, love what your doing and in the long shot that it happens this project would be sick!! yewwww ([email protected] if you guys would truly consider it)

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