Egypt Soccer Riot; 74 Dead, 248 Wounded

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unfortunate story to have to report on today uh… in the
city of ports i_e_ there was a al mas three an egyptian football club al ali almas re one the reader one however that
is the most in significant numbers of this story the numbers you need to worry
about seventy-four thirty thousand and twelve
hundred seventy-four the number of people that were killed yesterday in this stampede that took place in port so i thirteen thousand the amount of all mas
three fans that attack the amounts of at most twelve hundred al ali fans the zali
fans were uh… they they were attacked in the
stands been literally had to run for their
lives to the exits of this stadium there were fans as we show the video
right here their affairs were rushing onto the
field they are attacking one another you see
the uh… outlaws routine running literally for their lives in the
locker room uh… it’s one of the worst case is a
soccer violence we’ve seen since last november when forty people were killed i mean some of the some of the puzzling
and troubling things of this story or that they were hundreds upon hundreds security officials and police officers
in that this stadium that step by in their lines ended nothing they watched they watch these people get hurt they watch these people get killed and
they did absolutely nothing they did nothing in this case they were sharp
objects sticks and rocks thrown the manager of the aisle ali team was beaten
fans had to take off other fans from the league beating him to death one player said it was like a war people
are here dying and no one is doing a thing is like this cheap cops walks again as many fans ran over other fans many worked beaten
in this case here’s some of the pictures that were
uh… taken at this match one man said to states the uh… not condition have undoubtedly your gunshots in the stadium another said police didn’t prevent fans
carrying knives surrendering the stadium this is sports people there’s so many other big issues and yet were combining a a war-like
situation between one team and another and making out to be a war this is sports beilin said never turn into this the cop should have done stuff police
security it’s a shame if it at salute shame what happened in egypt um… again seventy four dead two hundred and
forty-eight would and i had to stay in one year ago with president mubarak when he was uh… dethroned and all the
people of egypt uh… basically dethroned him i
completely understand and white cops uh… that were on the soccer field may not wanted to take action on these people that decided to riot
soccer stadium and run onto the page however those people that were on the
pitch those cops they should just throw throw their
badges and they should be prosecuted honestly it is a is a horrible thing
that happened they had some obligation you would think to try and stop what happen i understand
that they’re going to be outnumbered i’d totally understand that but you don’t sit there you know it’s it
there and watch and just stand there and do nothing when you’re a police officer now here’s bell true a freelance
journalist who tells us more about this story
stereotypical seemed to represent him or her friends and advice essentially an security forces he’s reacts the barrier
between uh… the two sides i stepped aside nasioc negates the case we sit
around sixty five tops to and come up the pitch and basically fight each other
of medicine uh… eyewitness is saying that he exits the parts of the actually
fans through to instruct his attitude in the state and local and then seeing as
stampede many lost an eye it’s sources said some exits were blocked surprisingly the may be the most
surprising thing of this story these officers opened up the gates they open up the gates of the soccer
hooligans can just attack one another from the opposing teams what the hell is going on here amin world click on the beach park that something
that will happen to him and people are attacking people cops are
allowing it to happen there standing there watching it happen what the hell
is going on pent-up and are legal keeper is a myth sorry a crummy happily is less a
mispronounce he said the dead and wounded were carried into the locker
room a health ministry official said deaths
were caused by concussions deep head wounds and suffocation from the stampede
and both sides of course to no surprise are blaming one another with conspiracy theories saying the opposing side is trying to
destabilize the country

Antonio Breitenberg

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