eFootball PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) 2020 (PS4/Xbox One) Unboxing!!

eFootball PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) 2020 (PS4/Xbox One) Unboxing!!

hey guys welcome back for another
unboxing with popngames, in this video we’re going to be unboxing PES 2020 eFootball for the ps4 and the Xbox one and we can see the front covers right
here with the players and down below we see that the game is rated E for
Everyone and it’s developed and/or published by Konami and moving on to the
spine we see a black spine on the ps4 and a gray spine on the Xbox one and now
from the tops we can tell that both of these are Y-fold copies and now on to
the backs we have two shots of gameplay that says playing is believing
revolutionary ball control, the biggest teams and licenses, new matchday mode
Master League remastered new presentation, 400 plus teams, 1000+
real players, my club- build your own team build your team create your legacy
content inside and then it gives you the list right there and let’s see down to
the captions, actually underneath it says a Global Partner of FC Barcelona an
official Platinum Partner of FC Bayern official partner of Juventus
and official partner of Manchester United and now down to the play modes we
see on the Xbox one that it is Xbox 1x enhanced 4k Ultra HD HDR 10 video single
player multiplayer 2 to 8 online multiplayer 2 to 22 online co-op 2 to 11
and requires up to 41 gigabytes and on the ps4 1 to 4 players 2 to 22 network
41.3 gigabytes online play optional Dualshock 4 compatible and ps4 Pro
enhanced and it’s rated e due to in-game purchases and users interacting all
right and let’s go ahead and open these up alright starting with the Xbox one, okay
so we have the game disk on the left and then here’s the game add-on which we’re
gonna have a code so let me just look at that I have the names of the content on
it on the back there’s the codes with the instructions and looking for an
expiration date, I am not seeing one this time unless it’s on the other side which
it does not appear to be and there again you can see all the things that it
includes and then there’s just a warning sheet also behind the front cover it
appears we have some controls right here so when in and when out of possesion, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before
actually, controls behind the cover, well on a switch game but not on other
consoles and now the ps4, okay game disc is going to be on the right-hand side and
here’s the add-on and this one we do have an expiration code of December 30th
2020 okay and now again the controls this time for the PlayStation controller alright guys and that is going to do it
for these unboxings of PES 2020 football for the Xbox one and the ps4, as always
thank you guys for staying tuned to popngames for these unboxings and if
you enjoyed this one you can let us know by liking commenting and subscribing
thanks for watching bye bye

Antonio Breitenberg

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    lovely game i like channel

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    Said bayern wrong mate try again

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    Pes sucks not even close to fifa

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    Where is it in stores?

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    Mando de ps4 a buen precio / ps4 controller at a good price

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    How i can redeem the Code on PS4 bro??

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    Is this standard edition ?? Please reply

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