Dutch Surfing around Amsterdam – Netherlands Travel Vlog

Dutch Surfing around Amsterdam – Netherlands Travel Vlog

You know man, you know what I like? What’s that? You know why I like how we show the view of the car or the view of the boat? Yeah? It’s because, like… Then when people watch our videos, it’s really like we’re taking them on a journey, you know? Yeah Like, it speeds up and you’re really like f**king hyperspace speed, going into this other dimension… Paradise People don’t got patience anymore That’s what’s wrong with today’s youth! Instant gratification! You want your cupcake, and you want to eat it as well How about… Or you film and I jump on the bridge, run over and jump back on the boat? Don’t do it, bro! Ah, man, don’t! Oh, shit! Nah! Nice one, man F**k! Yo, f**king come back! See ya, homie! This is a cool-looking house Yeah Looks like it’s made out of chocolate F**king cute little house, man Yeah, it’s cute, eh? You know I wouldn’t wanna f**king live there Yeah, that looks so old, man It would be horrible to live here, man Right by the walking path, right by this f**king path behind, all the boats coming past Everyone looking at you… We don’t want anybody looking at us I hate it when people look at me Don’t look at me! What are we doing? I think it’s gonna rain, man That cloud doesn’t look too friendly, man It looks like a mean cloud I hope it clears up Me too, bro If you hope it clears up, why don’t you put a comment in the comment section below! We’re trying to make a cool video here bro, but the weather’s not on us… on our side Give us a little bit of help, big man You so f**king big! I ain’t never heard of ya! Prove to us that you’s real, mayne Prove to us you’s real, turn this boat into a transformer Then I’ll believe… Yo, just kidding if there’s anyone up there, I seriously don’t mean any disrespect We love ya, we love ya, mayne Yo, you’re gonna jump in today, bro? I think no matter what, we’re gonna get wet, bro Fuck it man, we just gotta do it, we just gotta jump in… If there’s one thing you think people misunderstand you about, what is it? What’s that one thing people misunderstand you about, bro? People don’t understand… Just how… sensitive I really am In what way, broski? When people say mean things, they really hurt And i don’t like that! He doesn’t like mean things! Let’s all say something nice, so he doesn’t feel mean! I’d really appreciate that! Our 1000th subscriber gets to hold Kell’s hand! You know what I think is really un-mean? A hug? 1 million up-votes on this video In California they have surfing. In the Netherlands, we do things a little bit differently Nice surf, bro! Cheers, bro! I just kept thinking I’m gonna slip and go under the engine… Sick of this shit

Antonio Breitenberg

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32 thoughts on “Dutch Surfing around Amsterdam – Netherlands Travel Vlog

  1. Jake Casey says:

    Great video guys!!!! I love the architecture in Amsterdam. One of the most diverse and intriguing European cities

  2. Two Broskis says:

    Hope you guys enjoy our last shenanigans around Amsterdam!
    Next episode we'll be in Slovenia! Hope ya'll tune in! 😁

  3. Jethro Alias says:

    Hahaha, the discomfort when you asked Kell what people misunderstand about him 😁

  4. Woody [REC] says:

    That bridge jumping dude 😂 I thought you had it!

    Your trip looks so much fun, would love to do that

  5. Pedal Power Touring says:

    Thumbs up on the shenanigans!! Funny stuff guys and amazing how you were able to come out of the water feet first and land back on the boat.👍🍻 Where in Slovenia are you heading to? It's a very beautiful country for sure.

  6. Phrankleen says:

    😂😂 jumping over the bridge is hilarious

  7. Brandon Desroches says:

    You guys are always so awesome!!

  8. Lori Beth 428 says:

    I am smiling during all the videos I cannot stop – I also think it's very cool how comfortable you are steering that boat – so does every other word have to be fucking and used as a adjective??? Is that the new thing? Just curious 🙂

  9. Colbey Tseng says:

    Fun to watch.I gotta work on my editing lol….

  10. costitravel says:

    Very nice video,i sub to y ch

  11. Julien Le devedec says:

    This place is so relaxing.

  12. DIANO MAYA says:

    Great channel. Nice to drop on your video.
    Keep uploading.

  13. Amy says:

    Such a cool collection of videos, love watching them and escaping from my uni life

  14. YogiLogic says:

    Awesome vid Broskis ! 👍

  15. KimmyDTV says:

    "Turn this boat into a transformer" lol good one

  16. Sania Mateen says:

    Amsterdam is soo beautiful😍 Thumbs up for your amazing video!!!

  17. Innis Snelling says:


  18. Ibironke Otusile says:

    LOL! You two are hilarious. The view is so beautiful.

  19. Jeff Kidding says:

    holy moly that place looks doooope


    Awesomeee adventure!! Would love to that someday!! Nice cinematography!! Keep it up!

  21. The Modern Hippies says:

    you guys are great to watch and deserve way more views! im a new subscriber 😀 we just started vlogging as well, hope to keep in touch! keep it up guys!

  22. Jeanette Walayat says:

    Fantastic!! Enjoying life, hehe! Tell me, what's your favorite thing about Amsterdam? Happy weekend guys!

  23. AVENTURA ES AVENTURA. Con Albi Luc says:


  24. The Soan Age says:

    You’re channel is hilarious!

  25. Uriah Keating says:

    your vids are really entertaining but you BETTER STOP CUSSING ALL THE TIME!!!!!!1

  26. Darlies Vlogs says:

    Then u fucking take it back what u ssaid abt the big man 😂😂😂😂

  27. Rara Zap says:

    Jazzzzzzzz 😍😍😍

  28. don palomero says:

    jazz is funny… but this is happy-go-lucky-have-fun-thingy….so entertaining to watch. love the houses beside the river. it's so beautiful. hope could have one of those house 😁😁 luv your back dives hahaha 👍👍

  29. Anna Lakwatsera says:


  30. Ilja Lo says:

    Rewatched this 3:53 hahaha so funny 🤣

  31. Cody J says:

    Broskiss, I haven't seem any new uploads lately, so I'm just checking out your old vids. You guys still in Ph? El nido, Coron, boracay, banaue rice terraces, batanes are still on the list and many more. Anyway, if you guys need to just take a break or rest from vlogging, that's perfectly okay, we / I support you guys. I just can't get enough of broskis.. one of my favorite vloggers.. Netherlands is really beautiful btw, saw your tuktok and Thai temple vlogs too and as ways the humor is there, great going broskis. Take care always.

  32. Greg Webster says:


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