Hello Riders and welcome from Your MadHorse! We’re back with a good review on this channel Ducati Desert Sled borns from Ducati Scrambler project A kind of bike which in a very short time gained the attention of the crowd This bike follows the trend of Cafe Racer / Retro bikes Infact Ducati called this bike scrambler a kind of bike really popular on 70’s Becoming one of the most loved at that times Scrambler bikes kept original engine and chassis And a tuned cyclistic to put offroad tyres on this bikes Those bikes weren’t made to go on extreme offroad But the original streetbike structure made possible to use this bikes everyday and when occured go to sand/offroad routes without any trouble And this last particular Ducati wanted to remark with this bike which is called “Desert Sled” on purpose Despite the original Ducati Scrambler, the cyclistic on Desert Sled version it’s extremely evolved and focus to the offroad infact the 1st evolution is a reinforced frame, that makes possible to absorb the offroad bumps On sides We find 2 plates to reinforce the engine supports and rear swingarm The suspensions set up is focused to have a good comfort while riding on the streets and to keep a good control in offroad sections 200 mm suspensions travel on front and rear going lower let’s talk about wheels Here We’ve spoked wheels, with a 19″ on front and a 17″ on rear Focused on a good soft offroad use and equipped with Pirelli Scorpion STR tyres Which do a great job in offroad but a good one on asphalt too The engine it’s the same of Ducati Scrambler 800 Infact on this Desert Sled version We find a 2 cylinders desmotwo with a 803cc size Air/Oil cooled and Euro 4 Max power of this engine is of 75 HP at 8.500 rpms and a Torque of 68 Nm at 5750 Rpms This bike works pretty well On front Kayaba USD fork of 46 mm Does a good job on absorbing bumps in offroad and at the same time does a good job on asphalt too without being too much soft for a more aggresive riding style Without wobbling too much The braking system is quite good On front We’ve a single disk of 330 mm, with a Brembo Brake 4 pistons and on rear it has a single disk of 245 mm and 1 piston The brake power is good enough to stop the bike in many kind of situations and easy to handle on stand up riding this bike is quite good but I was really surprised about the street riding skills of this bikes because this bike has soft suspension with a good travel and knobby tyres so not the best for a streetbike but this for the Desert Sled didn’t count with a dry weight of 191 Kg which didn’t seemed like that, this bike was light as a feather to ride, more similar to a single cyclinder one, pretty easy to lean into the corner So it gave me a good felling, making me change my mind about the Scrambler which I didn’t appreciate on past I had a small contact with the Scrambler 800 When I’ve got the A3 License Probably the Scrambler used for the exams had some bad management by inexperienced riders The Cyclistic is quite good for Desert Sled and the engine too it has a good power but still easy to handle without any TC The ABS can be turned off, really useful to ride in offroad This bike has some bad cons too, specially for the price which is offered So 11.440 euros This cons are really hard to consider 1st of all the display, really hard to read the icons are small, with sun and specially dust it’s impossible to understand “Recyclate” the Scrambler display on this Desert Sled without improving it a bit… I didn’t appreciate this approach from Ducati Last but not least: Clutch/Gear Not so accurate and hard to use on pedal but my Dorsoduro too it’s hard but almost it’s accurate For the price tag of this bike a more accurate gear would’ve been proper Personally I can say which this bike is a good a bike but it would’ve been better with a lower price, almost within 10.000 euros with this price I’m starting to seek around other Ducati bikes With a not so bigger effort I can buy an Hypermotard 939 (950 on 2019) The price is another con for Desert Sled I’ve to say which this bike is pretty fun to ride this was a good test ride event I want to congratulate with Ducati Roma for the awesome organization a good location a good route to test this bike congrats to Ducati Roma to promoting the Ducati brand in an excellent way So that’s all guys, I hope You liked this video Leave a comment down below, let me know what do You think If You’ve some question to do don’t worry about it or if You’re an owner of this bike share your Feedback about it Don’t forget to subscribe to keep updated about my latest uploads Please share this video with Your friends to help me grow up See You soon in the next video, lamps from Your MadHorse!!!

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. MadHorse says:

    Heylà Riders!

    Ecco un nuovo bel Test Ride, questa volta spendiamo un po' di parole sulla Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled 2018! Che ne pensate di questa moto?

    Hello Riders!

    Here We've another Test Ride, let's talk about Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled 2018! What do You think about this bike?

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    Gran bella recensione Mad ! 👍🏻🔝

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    Bel video come sempre mad

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    La sincerità è la base delle recensioni, bravo

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