Be welcome,
one more video for the channel, today I decided to bring you,
the Dream League Soccer Legends, but this MOD you will never
will find on youtube, for you who are
refueling this MOD, I ask you not to do
the file forwarding, but rather that they put the download
which is in my video, This was the combination that
I did with the creator of the MOD, I’ll show you how
is my Dream League Soccer, see that it does not yet have
no legendary player, can you see that my game is
the Dream League Soccer MOD, so let’s download the
legendary players, the link will be on
description for you, I’ll show you how
will download the file, as soon as they click
in the description link, will appear on this page, Let’s start the
download, this 32ICONS.zip is the
file that we will download, let’s go down
and we go in free, will go to the other page,
You go down the page, I’m going to block here Let’s continue descending … here we will wait the 14 seconds, now let’s go on I’m not a robot, you are prompted to select all
the pictures with a shop facade, Let’s select all of them … Let’s check … let’s go down here in
create download link, now we will go down
the page again, click here to download,
so the download will start, here it appeared that my
download was completed, I’ll close my google chrome, I’ll open my Es File Explorer, I’ll drag it to the side and
I’ll look for the download folder, I’ll click on it … Let’s go down here and
find the folder downloaded, Let’s click on it and
we go in this first option, let’s get inside this folder, Let’s hold on.
and then we’ll copy, Now let’s go back 3 times … let’s look for the android folder, Let’s go in Data, I’m going to look for our
Dream League Soccer folder, remembering that if you downloaded
your game through Google Play, the folder will be called
‘com.firsttouchgames.dls3’ but in my case I will
put in my MOD that I created, ‘com.firsttouchgames.mod’ I’ll go inside the folder,
I’ll paste … I will apply to everyone,
then subscribe, I’ll close my Es File Explorer, I’ll open the Dream League Soccer Mod, I’m going to work our Dream League Soccer
will come in a different language, so I’ll update
for which I play, I’m going in Options,
then in game settings, in select language you
leave in their original, save energy
leave off, type of TV camera,
distance 80, I’ll turn off all auto replay, I go in advanced,
then in graphical options, I leave on average,
so the game will not crash, the game will restart, the game was restarted,
I’ll show my team here, has Pelé, Ronaldo, Maradona,
Lampard, Roberto Carlos, Maldini, Puyol, Cafu, Yashin, Van Der Sar,
Abidal, Cannavaro, Beckenbauer, Zanetti, Gattuso, Makélélé,
Gerrard, Xavi, Giggs, Figo, Zidane, Beckham, Ronaldinho,
Drogba, Henry and Raul and has much more in the game, You had asked for this a lot.
time then I decided to bring it to you, if the video hits 3 thousand likes,
I’ll bring another legendary team, and also several other novelties
I’m thinking of bringing to the channel, I’ll clean up my training,
I’ll try to play an offline match, I’m going to play offline because online.
is holding back the game, is locking more than
the Dream League Soccer 2018, training I will put the 4-1-2-1-2, I’m going to put Ronaldinho
and Zidane to play, it worked hard
to set up this team, so this video
deserves many likes, no one brought
this team for you, I am the first to bring, I’ll start here the offline match, the ball begins with us,
I’ll start playing the ball, from Maradona to Roberto Carlos,
from Roberto Carlos to Lampard, from Lampard to Pelé,
who ended up losing the ball, let’s try to recover
this ball again, from Pelé to Zidade,
from Zidane to Ronaldo, from Ronaldo to Maradona,
but the ball ends up going out, goal shot, ball head to Pelé,
already left in shot for the goal, it’s the first …
It’s gol … first goal was Pelé,
check with me on replay, was a very beautiful goal,
It was in the corner, reminding me that I am not
accustomed to this camera, said they would increase
the difficulty of the game, but my opponent team
is not even the middle of the field, from Zidane to Ronaldo,
looks at the dribble, another dribble, Wow, what’s this? hit the goal and
defended the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper is playing very well,
is picking it all up, from Zidane to Pele, hit the goal, made a goal …
second goal by Pelé, 2×0 already … How much will it end?
this game, already write in the comment
before finishing the video, Our team is
playing the ball very well, I’m getting the hang of playing.
with this style of camera, this camera is very difficult to play,
but as you ask so much, I’m trying to learn to
play this style of camera, I’ll try to at least play with her, Pelé hit one more and the goalkeeper caught, ball into the area, took over the line, my opponent is already
a kick forward, Let’s try to take the
ball of those players, it seems that opponents players
has a force field around them, is very difficult to take the ball out of them, Zidane again dribbling …
just dribble behind dribble … I’m trying to get used to the
dribbling in this style of camera, is very difficult, but it is not impossible, long ball from Maradona to Pelé,
I’ll do one more … I’m going to stop my player.
and tapping coverage, goalkeeper on the ground and
ball inside the goal, Pelé did not celebrate his goal,
is his third, remembering that players
are not so identical, but for those who
like legendary players, compensates to lower this team, if you like i will
bring more to you, ball with Neymar who does not
is doing nothing in the game, I would have to play
against some colleague of mine, so the game would not be so easy, but since I do not have
no friend who can record, Let’s play Offline, Pele is playing a lot, wow that’s great Speak the truth, this
is or is not a goal, It’s far away from the camera, I put far to stay
better to see the countryside, I’m disheartened of
so many goals that came out, 4×0 already … Zidane, ball over to Ronaldo, hits the goal Ronaldo … hit … was out,
but brought enough danger, the opposing team will
make a substitution, let’s try to make at least 6×0,
let’s try to make goals harder, from Ronaldinho to Maradona,
from Maradona to Pelé, that sends to Ronaldo …
hit the goal I thought the kick
would come out stronger, the kick came out very weak, Daniel Alves lost
the ball to Lampard, plays for him, Wow, I thought he was going to give
a volley or a bicycle, can see that my chart is decreasing and
now has no flags in the crowd, if increased to high,
the banners begin to be displayed, but I can not change my chart
because my game catches enough, even from Pele, no one catches, another goal from him,
I think I’m looking good, Dream League Soccer 2019, it seems easier
to make goal out of the area, the game is very close to
reality in kicks from outside the area, Ronaldo again, knocks from outside the area … look, it’s pretty easy to
make goals from outside the area, before it was much more difficult
and now it has improved, can you see that I’m
playing against a good team, it is not third division team, it’s already 7×0 and more
a replacement, hits the corner,
ours hit the beam, The good thing about this team is that
players are not in the 100, Are you okay?
close to reality, the goalkeeper is playing very well,
is defending everything, it’s almost finishing,
the game was too good staff, I hope you have enjoyed it, did not give to bring playing online
because the game is crashing too much, is catching more than 2018,
is too bad to play online, is ending here
7×0 for us, I could even do more though.
I wanted to make beautiful goals, I wanted to talk to you,
leave your like in the video, and follow me on instagram,
so you’ll help the channel, it’s @WillianSilvaONE God bless
the life of all of you, until the next video
and be still with God.

Antonio Breitenberg

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