Dream League Soccer 2020 será o melhor jogo de FUTEBOL?!

Dream League Soccer 2020 será o melhor jogo de FUTEBOL?!

Another video for the channel, today I decided to bring it to you
or because Dream League Soccer 2020 may be the best football game, or it will be a little better
than previous versions of the game, before continuing with the video, I want to talk to you, if you like the channel,
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with me call me there continuing with the video, I’ll talk because the game always
has always remained the same, if the game changes quality every year, they will have to change their
application on google play, it always changing your application,
it will lose the old downloads, the game will lose many players who
maybe they will not come back to the game, This happened in exchange for
version from 2015 to 2016, the game had a change
graphic very good, the 2015 version was
withdrawal from google play, was added in the
place the 2016 version, so the downloads
started all over again, I believe they have seen
lost many players, then you give them then they just
update the game deis of 2016, they saw that this was very good, because it increased the quantity
of game downloads, So they just kept going.
upgrading to the 2019 version, You can see that the game
has 100 million downloads, this is because the game does not change
your application deis of 2016, the game only kept the
simple updates, so the game is always the same,
they do not update the application, in the 2020 version I believe
that the game will change a lot, you may notice that the version of
2019 does not get as much update, it’s kind of if they’d let the game go,
and meanwhile they create a new version, in the 2017 and 2018 versions the
game updated every week, every day had a different update,
had several updates the game, now in the 2019 version
had only 9 updates, I think they left this
2019 version aside, and are creating a game
totally different, and perhaps he will come up with new things, because the game is already
its outdated version, this version of the game was
of quality in 2016, now that we are in 2019 the
game ended up getting behind, Fifa and Pes are always
updating your applications, can see that every year the
games of these companies start from 0, and every year hits 100 million downloads, in a year they launch an application, in the other years they create
another and take the old one out of the air, and every year they lose their downloads
for updating their applications, Dream League Soccer update
only the photos and some players, but it’s always the same thing
and the game does not change at all, just had the events again,
but this was no difference at all, so I believe that the game in the version
of 2020 will come with great news, I do not believe that they will only update the game,
the game will lose many players if this happens, I believe that the modified versions have changed
about the game, I believe they will take this out of the game, but there is always a way to do this in the game,
but I believe it will be more difficult, will be good for everyone,
they have to make money, if they do not make money
the game will never change, I believe that in the end
It will be good for everyone, this is my point of view of the game,
I quite believe that something new will come, the 2019 version is very abandoned, It’s like they left the game.
sideways and focused on something new, some new design, I hope you liked the video and that
God bless the life of each one of you, until the next video
and stay with God, I went.

Antonio Breitenberg

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