Okay, goodbye Yes, i almost killed myself. BUT IM ALIVE OLá Tube my name is Ricardo Lino and I’m a wheel addict. I’m on the top of Cederberg Mountain I think that’s the name of it And it’s like a really known place for rock climbing and if you can see in the fact that like these really weird Rock and my back It’s been playing around with me really source so what I thought is. It’s like I might need like a little adrenaline kick So we’re going to do this darling right now, and we’re going to get the adrenaline kick all of these downhill I got my father’s case on like I’m myself and these things into the facts Yes, yes I think I did like all of it You think I’d like it back for you What we’re asking you to be because of the with an idea Done here. I hope you enjoyed this video If it is and you know you got to do the plot that will be more skiing adventures dude Meanwhile I want to keep going on it dance I Ended up not finishing with Daniel for today.we Me and Greg which is in the packaging for spot. We got the suv schedulers. This is Gonna fill something with the suv, but after the downhill that I just did And while looking for spots for the suv. I still I did so now I Found this little car here not like a little down here like a dirt downhill I think I’m going to try it with the five wheels case I hope seriously, I hope I Don’t fall cause it’s a little bit, too Rocky I Don’t know we’ll see Genesis we are not going I stink This thing is not carrying it off And that’s it for today now super scared because I know that in this region It’s not because there’s like lots of snakes and weird animals I don’t think they’re going to come and attack me, but I’m still scared, so That’s it. I hope you enjoyed this video if you’re not subscribing to the channel now. It’s the time to do it you’re going to see a lot more of these word stuff and if you did like the video if you did like this video Give me some thumbs up if you didn’t give me some thumbs down and let me know why I didn’t like it or why you? Liked it cheers guys hope you try this one. See you soon, okay? So now I got this one Yeah, I like a little Gum how we drag the I get shy girl for it for the first time? I just It’s kind of weird where I am Let me show you you see that place. That’s where I want to go. So I’m gonna go down this thing here turn down there Islander I don’t know if I can’t do the Chakra Maybe not you’ll see say that if I can do it okay the straightaway oh My God, that’s like yes, I Almost kill myself. I’m aligned oh Yeah, you don’t know what happened. He’s just oh my God I’m sucking something in there nothing As a plate for snakes to be this big take place Greg if there’s a place where there could be snakes it will be here Everywhere exactly what I wanna hear that’s exactly what I want to hear everywhere What’s in the water? Well people? If I fall in the water that will be equal in the water

Antonio Breitenberg

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  1. Кирюш says:

    На моем втором канале проходят розыгрыши всяких приколюшек! Переходи на канал и участвуй в розыгрышах.

  2. Karla Marlene Arciniega Ponce says:

    awsome channel dude! love it!

  3. Hans Wurst says:

    I loved your Vids allready. But this Skating where i never expect you can skate is just crazy.
    Hope you do more and more of this inspiring rides!

  4. Fernando H J. says:

    Soo scary down hill but soo much fun in there keeping real thanks dude

  5. Gabriel dos Santos says:

    I was looking for a channel like yours and I'm really glad I've found it! Nice videos man, keep it up.

  6. Oregon Quad Skater says:

    Awesome videos, your full of life with such an amazing attitude! I'm the head coach for a roller derby team out of Oregon. I have been posting links to all of your videos on our team's private (team only) FB page. I wanted them to see your genuine love for skating, with your "No Excuses" style…..perfect combination! It's inspiring, thank you very much for that! You have 30 new and inspired fans here on the Oregon coast. We would love to have you over for a coastal street skate sometime….epic hill's!!

  7. Inline Downhill Vancouver says:

    Sweet adventure, man! How did five wheel frames feel? You held it together well on the dirt and rocks. haha

  8. Dylan Haley says:

    That looked like an absolute blast! I live on dirt roads but its pretty flat, would the offroad wheels work well or do they take a lot of energy to move without inclines?

  9. Bartłomiej Habiciak says:

    I was waiting for this video, thank you ! 😀 It's amazing ! :3 this frame (5 wheels)looks insanely. <3

  10. Daniel Naron says:

    I saw you stumble there on that hill and all I could say to myself was "Holy F! Lino almost ate dirt road." But I'm glad you're back and I hope you annoyed the vacation. I hope to see more from your adventures, tutorials, and documentary on inline skating. No particular order for me Lino, as much as I am using your tutorials to better myself I enjoy it all.

  11. Jesse Bombshell says:

    crazy Guy… Cool Video😎👍

  12. kreinn says:

    I love ur SUV videos, grats !

  13. Nik Zvi Inline says:

    That's cool once again. Hope i will have a chance to try SUV one day. Is it cold out there? You are wearing such a sweater:)

    P.S. I've got a small offroad downhill video on my channel, as a part of my RED july , hope you can watch it and say few words about it, cause it was really a great new experience for me.

  14. Brian Halire says:

    You are a monster! You are great!!! 🔝🔝🔝🤙

  15. Cuan K says:

    Must def do the Ramps in Constantia, it will be so epic!

  16. MrKA1961 says:

    You got some cracky roads there on Cederberg mountains… and I see they fill those cracks with sticky tar just like here in Hungary. I've fallen because of those sticky tar things for several times, especially in summertime when it's hot, the wheels get stuck in the tar-filled cracks easily… Have you ever fallen because of those sticky tar fill-ins?

  17. issam benali says:

    Hi Ricardo, i hope it will help you, but i think you need to film from your back, cause when you film with the gopro in front of you and you film the skates, the shoots are very very boring and we dont see how realy are beautiful some skates, but when you film from the back, is very very very much interesting and beautiful, cause we see the same thig like you and we have a better view about the road you are skeating and the lanscape and off course a much better view of the skates.

    thanks if you read-it and dont stop what you are doing, you are amazing!!!!!

  18. Jacob Marstrand Loyanae says:

    Nice speed nice music <3

  19. Nowhere Dottir says:

    Got my heart racing jesus 😂 brill work! Love these videos!

  20. beauchato says:

    I have a few questions to ask if you don't mind.
    1. What is the 5 wheel skates for?
    2. Any trick for a beginner like me to go downhill?
    Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

  21. InnerThought says:

    Maybe some gloves? I would hate to see you eat shit at a fast speed and tear up those hands in the process.

  22. Luis Gaio says:

    Damn, this breaks my heart, I wish I had the confidence to do some downhill, but no matter how many times I try, I cannot seem to be able to do a T-stop properly, I wanted to learn it so much, but whenever I try I end up either spinning or loosing my balance.

  23. Soy Fish says:

    Man vs. Wild on skates?

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