Dope Snow x Kevin Bäckström 2020

Dope Snow x Kevin Bäckström 2020

My name is Kevin Bäckström I’m a snowboarder from Gothenburg, Sweden To snowboard for a living is… Dude, it’s insane! It was something that I grew up you know, dreaming about Now I get to travel the world with my best homies and snowboards so… Yeah! I was growing up in my hometown as a kid in Ulricehamm And they had this small hill there My brother was snowboarding and I was so jealous of him So I was like, begging my parents for a snowboard you know I’m involved in the process of creating my own outerwear from from the beginning My inspiration behind this jacket was I’m super down to ride in like a full kit, you know With matching pants and jacket so I started off there Then I kind of take inspiration from a lot of things I’m really into streetwear and stuff So I look there and then I can look at you know, different outerwear I just try to mix it up And if there’s something I like, I try to change it up a little bit And yeah.. Put it on the jacket or pants This would be the third year we’re making outerwear together And dude it feels unreal! I’m so thankful that they give me the opportunity to express my style in outerwear And kind of what I want to ride with, you know And they’re always backing it! So I’m hyped! So we got these four flags We started it off on the white Beyond Medals jacket that we made 3 years ago We just made a movie from US, Switzerland, Japan and Sweden. that was our favorite destinations to snowboard And still are my favourite destinations to snowboard to this day And just wanted to keep it going like that But now we made them black-and-white To change it up a little bit, but I’m pretty hyped on how it turned out It’s a bit different to the previous years So we got this jacket in the sand color with matching pants And then I got a green jacket as well It’s pretty much the same model as this one But it doesn’t have the hoodie on it We got the bib pants as well Matching the green with the green jacket without the hoodie It’s two different outfits pretty much Does the Jacket look all right?

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    Sooo dope❤️🙌🙌🙌🙌🔥

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