Donek Snowboard Review

Donek Snowboard Review

Donek Snowboard Review Part 1.
Alright, MY Donek Snowboard Review. Before going into the specs, I HAVE to start
with this. This is my Dream board. I LOVE this board, and it IS my favorite board ever
so far. But, YOU probably really don’t want the exact same board I ride. To be completely
honest, most people would STRUGGLE riding a board with the specs the I asked for. I’ve
worked my way up with customized boards going wider, and wider, and if you instantly jumped
up to the width I use, I doubt you would instantly like it.
That said, that is exactly why I’m riding on Donek snowboards now, and completely endorsing
what they do, and how their boards ride. So what do they do? They build snowboards
that are truly customized to fit you, and how you want to ride.
Shape, Length, Width, Sidecut Radius, Flex, core materials, topsheep materials, even topsheet
and base graphics including die-cuts. Anything you want, this is what they do. They specialize
in building premium boards that are to the exact specs that you want.
So what did I want? Here it is. A twin snowboard, with a centered stance.
160cm in length 30.5 cm waist
8.7 meter sidecut radius Carbonium topsheet.
A flex that is Stiff enough to feel stable at high speeds, but playful enough for my
buttering type tricks. And I wanted the Next Level logo I use for
these videos, right in a die-cut base, and on the topsheet.
After riding this board the past couple weeks, I truly give it a 10/10. They built exactly
what I wanted. But again, YOU don’t want my specs. But
that’s why Donek snowboards is rad. Just how they built this board to fit me, and they
way I ride, and want to ride, they will custom build you a board to fit properly with the
way you ride, and want to ride. So yeah, when you’re looking at boards next,
definitely check out and learn more about how they can build a custom board for
you. For my own sanity, I have to break this review
up into a couple parts, because I want to go into a lot more depth with why I chose
some of the specs that I chose. If I try to make all of that now, and fit em in this video,
It’ll be a headache, rather than a pleasure for me to make, and for you to watch.
But before we go, lets address the elephant in the room.
I am using a 30.5 cm waist board. This is substantially different than anything you’ll
Over the years, As my turns got better and better, I’d boot out, digging my toes and
heels into the snow, AND fall, more and more. That’s pretty crappy, you get better, but
fall more as a result of it!? So I went to riding wide boards, and right
now, what is considered a “wide board”, isn’t close to wide enough to really get
carving deep on both your toeside and heelside if you are using traditional freestyle stance
angles such as +15,-15 for myself. Thus I started having custom boards made that
were wider yet, and it completely made it better and better with how I was wanting to
ride. Basically, I went from an ‘off –the-shelf’ wide of 25.8, to a custom built 27.7, then
to a 29.0, and now a 30.5 cm waist. This is with wearing size 8.5 boots and using medium
bindings. As my snowboarding has progressed and changed,
there literally isn’t a single board on the market that even closely resembles what
I want. So yeah, that’s why I’m completely loving Donek Snowboards, and their specialized
capabilities to make the exact board that YOU want.
Check them out at Please subscribe to see more of my upcoming
videos, Thanks, for watching, and happy shredding!

Antonio Breitenberg

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69 thoughts on “Donek Snowboard Review

  1. SeriouslyMikey says:

    Hurray, I've been looking forward to your review of this board. Definitely going to check them out.

  2. Francisco Ramos says:

    I really enjoy watching these videos. Such a clean ride. So much control… Keep it up.

  3. Darren Stentiford says:

    I have that problem too! My snowboards have never been wide enough. I've tried higher toe ramps and boots with smaller footprints. Currently I'm riding the Burtons process off axis, and as wide as it could get it. The guy selling it to me thought I was crazy that i wanted a wide board for carving! I guess he didn't understand that I was going to be carving in switch and I didn't want to turn my bindings any more then they already are! My stance is regular 16, -14

  4. OTCMike USMC says:

    Love your videos Ryan!! I've really progressed my riding this year (even though I live in the east and our winter has sucked) Thanks for all the great tips!

  5. Timothy C says:

    I always dig in as well. Always wondered how you do it. Next time gonna try a wider board! Thanks for all the awesome vids Ryan!!

  6. igor rusalev says:

    Whats the differens between Donek and Unity Origin ?

  7. BigB says:

    what style of camber did you put on this board?

  8. Fabian Mitti says:

    Could we see a close up picture of the binding on the board? maybe even with a a boot in it?
    I'd like to see were you tows and heels are relative to the edge.

  9. Jonathan Schwadron says:

    are the contact points detuned?

  10. Jacob Pry says:

    does my board need to be wider than my feet in order to do a euro carve

  11. Daniel says:

    Only 8.5 boots and your boards so wide? Damn I thought you had 12 like me. No wonder I struggle with a standard waist board.
    Just the price you pay for for buying in the sales, those rare sizes get sold out.

  12. Jesse Luikinga says:

    Thank you Ryan, was very curious about your board. Allthough I wonder with what board width I'll end up with with a US 12 bootsize and want to carve as deep as you…… Maybe I'll start sharpening a surfboard!

  13. Jesse Luikinga says:

    By the way, if your waist width 30,5. I'm reaaaaaly curious what your tail/nose width ends up width…. width…. get it?… harharhar

  14. Johnny-Anthony Khawand says:

    I noticed at the end of the video that your rear leg is extended from the ankle up, you have this stance most of the time while riding? I have a similar position because i try to position my body as if my both angles are positive to go at higher speed but i am ending up with my ankle hurting for couple of days after a day of snowboarding.

  15. Tunyacsap Hofi says:

    +Ryan Knapton, cool and useful vid as usual, thanks for sharing! i've been riding 10+ years but still could not find the proper board for myself, this might be the solution, a custom board, but a 'bit' expensive to find the fine one on the try and fail way :/ as you said, we are different, so the board matches to your needs might not fit for other even with the same body, style, etc. parameters, anyway, will you please share your body params, I saw your boots are 8.5 but what about your height and weight? TIA!

  16. kurt qler says:

    Ryan best carver

  17. Get Famous OR DIE TRYING says:

    if you ride a wide board and wear 8.5, what does that say if I wear a 12??

  18. Raymond Lim says:

    How much overhang do you get?

  19. cdwellr says:

    Have you ridden that board in any bowls yet? Would love to see a tutorial on riding bowls. Your vids are informative and entertaining. Keep up the great work.

  20. Abrax Swoard Poland says:

    Hi Ryan! GREAT movie. This is my favourite one! 🙂 Keep it up! I became your true fan some time ago and I'm still learning my switch cut turns but it takes so much time that I think that catching you may take forever… Looking forward to ride with you somewhere there whenever will it be 😉

  21. Phil B says:

    How tall are you and what do you weigh? I'm in the market for a new board and I really want to get into the type of stuff you are doing and trying to figure out an equivalent board for me(110Kg(not all fat ;))/185cm/12 boot). I love carving but want to go to the next level with your type of buttering tricks. Running a Burton Canyon 167(2003) atm. It's full camber and great for carving and going fast but a bit harder to ride switch, doing tricks etc.

  22. Денис Калугин says:

    Another great inspiring video to enjoy! Thanks, Ryan! Cannot wait for holidays to ride.

  23. LAZER1986 says:

    Ok so you ordered yourself a single radius, rather than a progressive one(donek offers them too)). Did you order inserts to be moved forward off the vertical center line? (I remembered that from one of your videos of unity board, and ordered myself the same) Have you asked for a carbon strings to be put in the board and where? Reveal some spoilers from the next video, haha:P

  24. Sarah Bailey says:

    Ryan, I love your videos! The first one I watched was how to really really carve and it really really helped! Want to put all your tutorials into practice but I only get to board one week a year (a problem of living in England and not being super rich). I never subscribe to stuff on youtube, but to you sir, I do, I'm always blown away by your edge control! OK thats is enough blowing smoke up your backside, us brits do really do compliments, we prefer friendly insults usually! Keep posting and maybe invest in a lily camera!

  25. Cichlid Bro says:

    nice review matched overtop some great footage!

  26. Roman Blecha says:

    Hi Ryan, is this board still a camber or did you switch to other type or hybrid? 🙂
    keep shredding like a king 😉

  27. Johnny Thörnquist, Team Native Sweden says:

    Cool video…Love the stuff you post. Your video about better carving has helped me to improve my riding. I use a Burton Cash 164W, moto boots and Burton bindings.

  28. Reid Bowie says:

    What's the tip and tail width???

  29. Joel Cedric says:

    hey, ryan! thanks for the videos! i just wanna compare my stance width with yours so i'm wondering how tall are you?

  30. Sam Fullick says:

    Ryan your style is epic, hope to ride like you one day.
    Do you ride park?

  31. Albert Calsina says:

    30 cm of waist lenght, that's insane!! Most boards have like 25-26. How come you need a board that wide?

  32. SS k says:

    Do you have any problem riding wide board in very icy condition ? Not really if it ever gets too icy in colorado. Wide boards are great for carving for me also most of the time until it gets really icy. I just dont feel like i get enough leverage on heelside when I stop . By icy I mean very icy on northeast. Widest I have is ride yukon 169 27cm waist. Not really sure what the equivalent waist width would be on 160cm board. I wear size 11 .

  33. Fabien Cazenave says:

    Great review! After years trying to find the widest possible board (currently rigind a 28.5 cm waist) and fitting my feet in the tightest possible boots, you’re the first rider I “meet” who values the point of really wide carving boards. I want a 30cm-wide board too! Seems like my next board will be a Donek.

    If more snowboarders find your riding style as inspiring as I do, maybe we’ll get cheaper bigfoot-carving boards someday…

    Side question, what bindings do you use to have enough lever on such wide boards?

  34. hee ya Jang says:

    와우 대다나다

  35. Денис Калугин says:

    Ryan, why are your vids so short? It would be nice to have over 10 min of wonderful riding!

  36. 1carus John says:

    Ryan, just spent 4 days working on my carves — just a huge thanks for all your info. One issue I have is sliding out on my heel edge. I prob don't have my HB's pitched forward enough yet but I did get some success by moving my back binding back by one set of holes — so not strictly riding bang centre on my board, do you ride set back at all on your back binding – it kinda looks like you do? Again like so many on here, really appreciate your time and effort.

  37. SS k says:

    How is the flex compared to Custom X 159W?
    Did you do ask for anything special for the flex?
    Just curious if it would be stable at higher speed.
    I am actually surprised the board does not look that wide compared to your boots.
    thanks in advance

  38. Pabstat Pabst says:

    Awesome board, obviously….but as the widest non-custom build board around is a 28,5 Waist…..still gotta struggle with US 14 Boots :-(. Anyway, more videos please! Always enjoy watching them and get me motivated going up the hill even weather aint that good…thx! 🙂

  39. Jeff Stillwell says:

    sorry if I missed it in the comments… but what type of camber did you go with?

  40. Daniel Busby says:

    In Japan a company called BC crave is popular you can get a nice thick board on the market with them. Have a look

  41. Auta W Pigułce says:

    How do you like gimbal ? There is newest one, wearable gimbal and you can put it everywhere where you can put normal gopro. Check this out, you'll like it trust me ;D I really love your style of riding, i would like to ride one day like you. How long have you been riding snowboard and could you give me some advise of how to start flat tricks ? (i'm a little bit scared from snowparks which is stupid because i used to train gymnastics but also i think that flat tricks are funnier).

  42. Ka Ying Mok says:

    Hi, Ryan. What is the angle (I guess you input max 85 degree) you input into the formula to arrive at the width of your new board?

  43. Mok Jordy says:

    ryan, as they can gradually change the side radius from the tip to the tail for you to give a more circular turn shape for free carver, what is the reason for you to keep a constant sidecut radius?

  44. Q says:

    loved the video. your just so fluid…
    may i ask how tall you are and what your weight is? that board specs sound just so crazy to me.
    i ride since 1990 and never heard of a board with that specs. i have size 11,5 boots and ride boards from 25cm WW to like 27cm max… maybe i should reconsider…
    i think i heard you say that you ride 15 -15 but what stance width?

  45. john smith says:

    great skill. nice ride.

  46. KIMERICS says:

    Hi Ryan, I really enjoy your videos. I am looking everywhere for the type of board (rocker, camber, hybrid) you are riding. I know what brand, the Donek Twin, but it doesnt have much detail on the website either. I see you are carving beautifully, but also awesome with the buttering also. So my two questions would be… 1. type of board (rocker, camber, hybrid) 2. Flex of the board (Flexible, Medium, Hard)

    Thanks in advanced, keep shredding!

  47. Stevie Wonder says:

    Hello Ryan. How does a board like this ride pow and steep terrain? And over park jumps? I like the idea of a true twin all mountain board that will shred everything. I'm seriously considering a donek

  48. kevin vu says:

    I just got back fr keystone! I was trying the superman carves but I can't seem to get it.. I'm riding a burton descendant and I can carve pretty good with this beginner/intermediate board and I can hit up to +40mph. is it bc the waist is too small? toe drag washing out my carves sometimes too once in awhile.. i'll be back feb tho.! 152cm twin purepop camber waist I think is 23/24ish side cut 7.2

  49. Gérard Philipp says:

    Hi Ryan, I am in the process of ordering a customized Incline Donek. I wonder about your comment concerning the waist of 30.5 is difficult. Is this meant in relation to your boot size of 8.5 (26.5 cm) ? Because I have boot size 11 (29 cm ) so as such my board would need 33 cm waist!
    I looking for the same board as yours, so up scaling your board specs to my body , would that work? Does 33cm make sense?

  50. StereoSonic says:

    Ryan, hello from Rissia. What's the shape of this board? Camber, rocker, rockember? Is it Directional twintip or true twintip? And what is the flex point from 1 to 10? Tnx a lot.

  51. KroutSuprem says:

    does he work for the company or he is just sponsored?

  52. Terra Shaide says:

    I just got my custom Donek. I'm 6'2" with boot size 11(m).
    L: 160cm
    W: 30cm
    SC: 8.7m
    Stance: 63cm

    Previous board is a Ride Agenda (I don't ride "women's boards" – I'm too tall and they all suck anyways) so this custom build was a really good option for me. The adjustment period to the new width was about 3 runs in the morning. Then, the rest of the day was an absolute dream.

    Real girls don't ride snowboards, we ride Ultra Great Boards(TM) like Ryan!

    Thanks Ryan!

  53. Jesse Luikinga says:

    He Ryan, got an in-depth question for you here so it might sound weird at first. I've been doing some research lately and I believe that there is this golden rule of thumb considering stance width. Ofcourse everyone has their own style, so this mostly considers yours and the fact others also want to achieve this level of style and control.Since you've been riding for so long, I believe you've figured out this golden rule of thumb. Now for the question considering this, I'm really curious what your height, your stance width (center-bindings) and leg-length is. Because I truly believe, with your years of experience, you've figured out the best combination of these three and I believe that the combination of these three can be used as a sort of scale/ formula or rule of thumb to be applicable to other riders with other heights/leg-lengths. I think there is an optimal combination of stance width / leg length / angle of the anckles / weight to figure out ideal board length and binding setup to apply pressure in carves in the best possible way. This info would really help me since I'm consulting with Donek about creating a custom board.

  54. mougabo says:

    So I have been doing some research and there is no asymmetric board with a 30 cm wide waist, do you have any thoughts on asymmetric boards and carving vs non-asym?? another question, which camber profile did you ask for?

  55. Reid Campbell says:

    What are the Tip and Tail widths? and EE or your board?
    Love your videos. Super smooth style and I love the dope ground tricks.

  56. Rasheed Abiola says:

    Hey Ryan, cool videos. Just curious, how tall are you and how much do you weight and did you take this into account for you specs. I'm looking strongly and buying the Knapton Twin from Donek.

  57. Jesse Luikinga says:

    He Ryan, actually got a question about your signature board at Donek aka the Knapton. Have you actually ridden it yourself? Or is the shape/amount of camber based on your custom board? The reason I'm asking seeing your videos, I'm wondering about the flex in the tips. The problem I have with my Neversummer Ripsaw, is that it's a hybrid, therefor the camber is solely under the feet. However with such a short camber profile the tips are extremely stiff, so butters are barely doable. I'm thinking of customizing your signature board at Donek, I'm just wondering if the flex is basicly the same-ish as the Donek custom you have in the vidoes.

    Anyway, thanks for the time. Season opening up again soon!

  58. Mark Thompson says:

    Hey Ryan. What's your height and weight?

  59. tirachina says:

    I probably heard like 5% what you said in the video because my eyes were too busy watching your ride. xD

  60. Arms House says:

    Rude boy!

  61. Noah Demer says:

    Yo Ryan, or anybody else who could answer my question. I’m looking at getting more into carving and am wondering what specs my board should be. I am ~6’3 and ~158 lbs. boot size is 10.5 mens. I currently ride a 157 cm burton process flying v with large burton Malavita EST bindings. What boards out there would be good for me or what specs on a donek?

  62. Kahele Koki says:

    Finally no boot out bro you and donex were made for each other

  63. EDY LIVE says:

    1:56 WTF

  64. Marcos Perez says:

    What kind of bindings are you using

  65. Carl Bühlmann says:

    Such awesome and cool moves you have Ryan! The problems you described with not as wide boards are precisely what i have been experiencing. This is exactly what i wanna try in my next snowboard! Thanks for the good review

  66. Radek Boczek says:

    Hi. I found your videos and like the style a lot. You learnt me a lot:))) thanx.  I'm a "snowboarder" from last year but spent a lot of time a year on a snow so I know how to carve pretty low turns but with the boot out problem., Being a skier from 40 years who is crazy about carving turns and gs I know that problem looking for a narrow ski boots all the time. 
    I was thinking that if your board is 30,5 cm wide in the waist and 8,7 m radius – the tip and tail should be about 35 cm wide. Am I right? If yes – there is  big problem to put the board outside a cableway wagon. Isn't it too wide to play on a snowpark? Especially boxes and slides?

  67. Ouiji Boards says:

    I've got size 13 and it seems like 30,5 cm still isn't so wide that it would give me loads of room to carve. You didn't specify why progressing so mutch in width would be a problem. Coming from a standard snowboard model. I'm very curious

  68. Mr Unknown says:

    Hi Ryan ,please I need your help,I have 26.8 waist board , but every time I try going more deeper and I failed, I wear size 8.5 boots, board 154, what waist should you recommend? 30?

  69. TallGuyWithGlasses says:

    Holy Moly……..your skills are mesmerising……..

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