Dog Sledding Time !

Dog Sledding Time !

Well good wonderful beautiful morning Pawdience! We still have snow outside. So far today has been an interesting morning. It’s literally morning. We haven’t even been up for that long. I think we’re gonna go sledding. I think so. What do you think? Do you want to go hike hike hike? Do you want to go hike hike hike? I love how they just like stare. They’re like, um, are you talking to us? Yes, I’m talking to you. Yes, I’m talking to you. Yeah, I think that’s what we’re gonna go do. So in real time today is January 3rd. Yes, Wednesday, January 3rd. Shelby is having her surgery on January 7th. Which by the time you guys see this, she may have already had it. If you’re following us on Instagram You probably already know what happened YouTube or Instagram dot com slash SnowDogsVlogs I talked to the surgeon a little bit this morning and asked him about how long Shelby’s recovery will be, like how long before she could pull a sled again at least? Cause I think she’s gonna have stitches for at least 14 days and he actually said she won’t be able to pull for four to six weeks but he hopes to give her the go-ahead Sooner than that. But four to six weeks puts us at like the end of February, which sucks. Why are you always gonna have surgery in the winter times? So anyway, that’s where we’re at with that. So I think we’re gonna go take the dogs out for a run. What do you think? Wanna go hike hike hike? Shelby’s like get my stuff. I’m already ready. I’m leaving. All right, let’s go do this. And now I present to you: cat dog and frozen dog. Memphis is like I have to walk crooked with this on my back, Cuz it’s weird and Shelby’s just frozen. Shelby wanna go hike hike hike? Come on, let’s go! So a lot of you have asked like if Why our dogs act like that’s when we put their harnesses on. Talked to many husky owners. Many husky owner’s dogs act like this and I really think it’s because Huskies like you know when you put something on a cat’s back how they’re not really sure what it is and it takes them a few minutes before they move? I have a feeling that Huskies have that same type of sensation when something is on their back. They’re just not sure and then they’re okay. All right, let’s go! All right we got the sled out here. Jamie’s getting ready to launch the drone. It looks like nobody has been on this trail all morning. So that’s a good thing and it still looks just as pretty as yesterday. I think we’ll be good. What do you think? I think both just the two dogs will make it that whole way? Jamie: Oh on this way? Yeah! I hope so. That’s nice. It’s nice! So we’re gonna set up a couple cameras. And then I’m gonna get on this trail and Jamie picks me up at the other end. It works out pretty good. It’s about a mile and a half, I think, when I measured it before, I’m pretty sure that’s about how far it is. Go, go, go, go And you can tell it’s a little bit slower with just the two dogs. I didn’t get the start on a vlog. I got it on the GoPro down there, but I didn’t get it on the vlog. Jamie’s gonna meet me at the other end of this trail. It’s so beautiful out here. We could just stay out here all day. Not really. I think the dogs would get tired. Oh, we’re on a slight uphill. I only have one hand on the sled, girls! I gotta help kick. Ready? Here we go. A little kick. There we go. We’re on a slight downhill again. There they go. See? We know this trail pretty well. We do know this trail pretty well. And snowmobilers packed it down pretty good for us, huh? Go, let’s run. Oh, apparently we’re gonna go fast again for some reason. Maybe there was an animal. See they still have fast speed in them. They just don’t always use it. Try not to hold me down, Feel alive
when I’m in this town, Look at those beautiful stars, I wanna drive a faster car! Nothing can break me, no, no, nothing can break me! Try not to hold me down, feel alive when I’m in this town. look at those beautiful stars, I wanna take a trip to mars. Nothing can break me. No, no, nothing can break me Look at those beautiful stars, I wanna drive a faster car. Lay my troubles to rest,
Blow the smoke through my cigarette, City lights looking fine,
And know that this is my time now, I’m gonna be myself,
Or I could be someone else Noone’s stopping me now,
I’m gonna skip my breaks, I’m gonna make mistakes,
I just wanna feel alive. It’s just what I do when I’m out so Try not to hold me down, Feel alive
when I’m in this town, Look at those beautiful stars, I wanna drive a faster car! Nothing can break me, no, no, nothing can break me! What you think? Was that fun? Did you have fun, Shelby? Yeah, look at that face. Shelby’s like I did it guys, I pulled the sled. Yeah you did you did it really good, too She’s like I had fun. How about you Miss Memphis. Did you have fun too? Say yeah, it was pretty cool out there. The sled fits pretty good in the back of your Jeep, Jamie. Jamie: Yeah, it’d fit a little more straight with the the, uhm, screw strapes under it. . We don’t even have to fold it down. I don’t know if you guys remember this sled from last year. But the whole thing actually unscrews, collapses and folds down. We had it stored up here when we went on our long trip It’s pretty neat. What do you think? Huh? Yeah, happy dogs. Oh my goodness. So we’ve been back from sledding for a little bit girls are enjoying their lunch. Just might have to take that sled out and run around the neighborhood. Just might have to. See what we think. Play with that GoPro a little bit more. Because so far it’s pretty impressive. I think that just might have to happen. I mean why not? Shelby’s gonna have to wait all that time after she has her surgery to be able to pull anyway. So you might have to do that. So I think it’s been like five days since we’ve seen the Sun and look there it is. Making an absolutely gorgeous sunset through those clouds. I don’t think it looks as a vibrant on camera and here we got there there. That’s what it looks like in real life That’s so cool. I was just sitting here looking out the window. I’m like, well, it’s getting really bright outside That’s why. It’s so pretty! These girls are being lazy. I was thinking about taking them out on the sled, but I don’t know, they might be tired. Are you tired? Look at you. You’re all just snuggled up in the couch right here. You’re pretty cute! Maybe we’ll wait a little bit longer before we go. We made it. We made it before dark too, so I didn’t have to wear the headlamp. Whoa, that was slippery, huh Shelby? Though it’s definitely not as good as a trail, but it’s still fun. *Jess yawns* I don’t know if it was all the playing outside today and all the running around or what. What it was, but today’s probably a shorter vlog than I anticipated, but we’re tired. Even you look exhausted. How about you Miss Memphis? I should have filmed it earlier, she was sleeping in front of the fireplace like because I got that new rug and it’s super soft. And she was out, cold in front of the fireplace. That’s pretty funny. So, I don’t know. Maybe we’ll go out again tomorrow. Let’s see. It’s supposed to be 40 degrees tomorrow. So we’ll see what tomorrow brings. But for now, we’re done. Calling it a night. We’re going to bed. We hope you enjoyed today’s video. Thanks so much for watching. Oh, I remember what else I was supposed to say: Today’s the day we hit 700,000 subscribers on the dog’s channel! High-five Shelby! Yes, so the dogs hit 700,000 subscribers today. That’s pretty exciting! Made me pretty happy. I totally forgot about it because I was out playing with the dogs. But it did happen and I wanted to vlog it earlier. But like I said, pretty much crashed and I’m gonna go crash again. All right you guys as always, Stay Positive, Dream Big and we will see you again soon. Good night Pawdience. If you love our Huskies come along for the ride. All you have to do is hit subscribe. Follow as we share our lives with our dogs and join our adventures on Snow Dogs Vlogs!

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100 thoughts on “Dog Sledding Time !

  1. Snow Dogs Vlogs says:

    SHELBY UPDATE: Follow us at for realtime updates. She is home from surgery and recovering well. She is very very sedated. . . but she is doing okay! I also posted detailed updates here:

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    That far away shot of the Jeepโ„ข was amazing and almost looked like it was shot in black and white

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    went sledding a few times too with my girls, haha, i hope Shelby is getting better!!

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    Rubble: I Brought Mini Cookies From Jack In The Box!
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