Dog sledding | Moment Invitational 2019 Submission | by VideoDemo

My name is Eirik Hauge, I am 36 Years old. I have a son aged seven, and we are dog sledding. We have seven dogs ourselves. I usually borrow one, so I ride with eight dogs. When we are going to our cabin, we have to bring alot of stuff, and food for the dogs. They have to be able to pull a heavy sled, often for long distances. We are renting an old log cabin, close to Hakkadal dog sled clubs trails. When we are training and need to make a stop, I often put up a wire between two trees that I can use to tie the dogs to. Alaskan Huskies are a polar dog and they lives outside 24/7. They have straws to sleep on in their doghouse, or on the ground, for insulation. We feed the dogs with a mix of organ meats, from pigs, or cattle. We mix this with kibble, and some salmon oil. The dogs are also breed to have a large appetite. So when competing at long distances they will manage to eat what they neeed, before laying down to rest. Alaskan huskies need a lot of exercise, and we are exercising regularly. We are out about four to five times a weeek, for four to five hours. It all started with my interest for outdoor activities. I spent alot of time outdoors. I then got a dog six years ago. I got my first Alaskan Husky about eight months ago. I have four younger dogs, and four older dogs, with a bit more experience. And the more experienced dogs will then teach the younger dogs the ropes. The dogs ar bred to pull and run long distances. The running is an reward for the dogs.

Antonio Breitenberg

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