DOG SLEDDING in Explorers’ Edge – Let’s Discover ON

DOG SLEDDING in Explorers’ Edge – Let’s Discover ON

Hi everybody it’s Tony and Petula. And Let’s Discover Ontario. We always love to bring you to new places
and show you fun things to try with your family. Today we’re gonna join Lenka from The Travelling
Chicken, and we’re gonna go dogsledding! Who’s ready for an adventure? WHOOO! What is Travelling Chicken, what do you do? We started organizing trips for newcomers
in Ontario, so we want people who are new in Toronto to explore Ontario. And it’s a good way to make friends too? For sure, yeah! SHHH. What a good dog, eh? Good boy. These are my dogs, I have a company called
Sugardogs Adventure Company, and we do dogsledding tours for novices and just about anybody. Usually specialize in 1 & 2 hour tours, but
I do daytrips as well, where you learn how to operate the team, with me leading the way
on my team. These dogs are hyped up, they’re just super
excited, they can’t wait to go for a run. Ok guys let’s go, HIKE! The trails are all private, it’s all through
the woods. It’s just a fantastic way time to get out
with the dogs and see how much they love it, how much it really is to see them working
as a team and learning to work together with them. Alright, it’s a bit of a challenge sometimes,
it could get pretty physical. Because you’re not just a passenger, you’re
actively trying to steer and help push this sled up a hill. That’s it for us, that’s our dogsledding trip,
thank you so much to Travelling Chicken for organizing the tour, we had a great time. What do you think babe? It was a great day, great fun, unique way
to enjoy winter, but hard work. It could be hard work. That’s it for us, remember SUBSCRIBE for more
videos as always. Here we go, watch out. Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up. Ah, you’ll be fine, just walk it off.

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2 thoughts on “DOG SLEDDING in Explorers’ Edge – Let’s Discover ON

  1. YAKMAN ONT says:

    Great video That looks like a great trip..

  2. Jackie Pfister says:

    That looks like so much fun!

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