Does Pressure Melt Ice?

I’m gonna try to demonstrate something called regelation. Which is where you provide a pressure onto ice and that turns it into water but after that pressure is removed it freezes again So, in order to demonstrate this I’ve taken apart the high E string from my guitar. I chose the E string because it’s thinner than a G string and that’s important. And I’ve weighted it with these two bottles of water. When I apply the string across the ice we should see the wire start to cut through the ice And perform the regelation of the ice. where we’ll see if it works because we are outside in Sydney and it’s warmer than 0°C obviously. All right, it’s past 3 A.M. but the experiment has been a success I passed this wire through this giant block of ice And it ‘s still a solid block. You can actually see the point where the wire went through, here. So, we pretty clearly demonstrated regelation. The idea that you can compress the ice, turn it into water and then when that pressure is gone it solidifies again as ice. Pretty cool stuff.

Antonio Breitenberg

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