Do You Need A Wide Snowboard?

Hey this is Gino at Next Adventure and
we’re gonna talk about wide snowboards. The difference between a wide board and
a regular snowboard is only a matter of a few centimeters, but these few
centimeters could be crucial depending on your boot size and depending on your
riding style. The main reason most people will need a wider board is dependent on
their boot size. sizes over a men’s eleven will typically require wider
boards so that their toes or heel don’t drag in the snow when they’re riding.
While you’re riding, if your toes extend more than an inch or a couple of
centimetres off the edge of your board they will drag in the snow as you’re
carving. Narrower snowboards will naturally transfer from edge to edge
faster than a wide snowboard. A wider board will have more flotation in deeper
snow. The same snowboard in a wide or regular will ride pretty much the same.
You won’t notice a big difference but it’s really about having your toes and
heel not stick out too much. Typically wide boards will be over 26 centimeters
in the waist and regular snowboards are usually around 25 centimeters. So
there isn’t much of a noticeable difference, just enough for your toes not
to drag in the snow and lose your edge as you’re carving. You may have less
options for sale with wide boards but most companies will offer a variety of
wide styles for you to choose from. You can see the big difference between a
wide board and a regular snowboard. Powder boards will be extra wide to
provide that much-needed flotation in that deep snow as well as provide enough
width for any type of boot to fit. But just in case, it’s always nice to
bring your boot to make sure that it’s not sticking over the edges. If you have
any questions about choosing a regular or wide snowboard feel free to call us
or just simply come in and talk to one of our experts. Thanks for watching and
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Antonio Breitenberg

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