Disney Frozen – Elsa Ice Skating Rink: Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Hans, Rapunzel, Ariel – Toys

Disney Frozen – Elsa Ice Skating Rink: Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Hans, Rapunzel, Ariel – Toys

Hi everybody!
Welcome to Princess Fun Place! And today, I have this Elsa Frozen Skating
Rink, and I am going to open it up for you guys.
And it is has the village, and this skating rink as you can see, and it also comes with
this Elsa. And they painted her crown little bit blue.
These are the people who are going to watch them.
It is going to be Olaf the snowman that is so silly all the time. And he can take off
his all body. And this is Anna. She is Elsa’s sister.
And this is Kristoff. He bumped into Anna, so now they are in love.
And of course, what you can see right here is Hans. He is going to be one of the people
who is watching Elsa too.. And you know that he is in the movie Frozen
too. So lets get started by opening this package.
There we go! Now we got all the parts. And we got this
package open, so we got the village as you can see right here.
And also we have this fountain. It comes with these little tiny-tiny tea set.
And this is the skating rink you guys. See. As you can see here is a little snowflake.
And here is a flag. You can see it in Arendale on the street.
O now! this is Oakens Trading Post. And here is Elsa.
So we are going to open all of these now that we found everything.
And of course here are the instructions. And you can see what to do on the back too
and also on the front. I also found something else that you can also
do on the front. So we need the instructions to tell us what to do first.
First we set the skating rink on the floor, so lets open that first.
And then we are going to put in the village Jeej..!
So you know that it goes right over here because see those lines. Those are very important.
But those have to be faced to me, so I know which way to go.
Make sure when you have this palace, you have mommy or daddy to help you hold it, so it
won’t fall. Now we are going to do this. We could say
it is fountain. It is fountain. We are going to put in the
fountain now. It is bit hard, but that is Ok.
Now I am putting in this. What is it? Is it some kind of flag?
Yes. It is the queen Elsa flag that you saw when she was walking on the street.
There. And then we are going to put on Oakens Trading
Post. This is a bit hard too.
But that is ok. Jus push it. Ok. Good Job.
And then the last think that we have to do is put there the tea set over here.
There we go. Now here is Elsa on her skating rink and now we will
skate her and you will watch what happens when we skate her.
The pond will go up and down. And it is like a heart skating rink as you
can see. Only over here they do not have it.
But it is kind like a heart shaped skating rink.
Wow.. She is really skating in that rink. Wow!
And now that she is skating lets have another visitor over.
Anna don’t you want to come and skate? Ok. First I need to change into some skating
clothes. Here I am Elsa!
Oh, good Anna. There!
All done with skating, so now you can go Anna. There!
Now you are perfect! Now all we have to do is skate.
I don’t know if I am very good skater. You can do it Anna!
I know you can! But what if somebody would laugh at me if
I don’t know how to skate. I know you Anna.
You can do it. I know. You Can!
See Anna you are skating! Ok. I do know how to skate probably.
In my beautiful dress. There! Now tat Anna is done skating we will have
another visitor over. Here is one skating visitor and now that we
have one skating visitor we are going to… And who is your skating visitor?
It is Ariel! And she has her skating dress as long as Anna’s.
And it is blue. I bet it is one of her favorite colors.
Yes. Elsa’s favorite color is blue, but Ariel really likes pink. Oh. And it is amazing she
can skate! Yes, but I thought, I know how to swim.
Skating is just like walking and like swimming. And I know you can do it. Ok Elsa. I am doing
it! Now that we have one visitor on there we are
going to have another visitor come. Now that our second visitor came, we are going
to hop her on here! There Rapunzel!
Even though she has long hair, I think she can still do it.
Ohh yes! I hope she can still skate too.
Wow! She can skate even with her long hair you
guys. That is so cool.
Wow that is amazing. She is doing very well skating.
Yes. And now that we got everybody on – all the
visitors even Elsa and Anna and Ariel and Rapunzel, Kristoff is going to invite Anna
to have some lemonade at the Oakens Trading Post.
Hello Anna would you like to come with me and have some lemonade in the Oakens Trading
Post? I invite you, anyway.
Oh, yes Kristoff. I would love to come .
And there they are drinking some lemonade. uhmm that was delicious. Thank you Kristoff
for inviting me. You are welcome Anna.
This is a great set to play with. This is all for today. Thank you for watching.
I hope you like this video. Don’t forget to subscribe. Bye everybody!

Antonio Breitenberg

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