Did surfing win the round?

Did surfing win the round?

Luminosity Gaming won against CLG in this
round after Fer successfully defended the bomb plant against 2 remaining players. But
things could very easily have been different, had he planted the bomb just a fraction of
a second later. Kazrael pointed this bit of surfing he did
on the way to the bombsite, which got him there slightly faster. Did it make the difference
between planting in time and losing the round and possibly the game?
I don’t think so. If I overlay the sound from another round where the time runs out, you
can see that there’s a comfortable extra half-second or so after the bomb has been planted before
he would have lost the round. And in case you’re wondering, running with the bomb out
is the same speed as the knife, so it doesn’t matter that he switched to it early.
Let’s imagine he didn’t surf at all. How much would this have slowed him down by? I tried
re-creating this and it slowed me down at most, by somewhere between 6 and 8 frames,
depending on which frame you compare. Let’s give surfing the benefit of the doubt and
say it saved as much as .14 of a second. It’s still tiny! And to show how small and insignificant
this is, I still started planting before him because he moved further into the bombsite
before planting than I did! This could have been because he was pressing the plant button
before moving onto the site, which can often result in it taking longer than if you press
the button the moment you reach it, as I’ve covered in a previous video. Or maybe he intentionally
waited until he knew he was well into the site before planting so as to avoid the whole
problem in the first place. Or maybe I’m reading into this too much. It does happen.
So in conclusion, that surf did make a difference, but didn’t decide this round. But every little
helps! Thanks to Kazrael for pointing out this surf
in the first place, Phinx CSGO for being the first to show the POV shot and ISoaw for uploading
all of the demos, which I ended up using. So if you have a spare moment and liked this
video, head on over to their channels and thank them for making this video possible!

Antonio Breitenberg

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