Denison Women’s Soccer Recap vs. OWU

Denison Women’s Soccer Recap vs. OWU

MAGGIE ARMSTRONG: The team has talked about it before. Pressure only means we have something worth fighting for and just channeling that into something positive is how we came out here and put two in the back of the net today. So just using that pressure to fuel us to continue to fight for our season. KATE DANNEMILLER: There were obvious nerves in the beginning of the game but once we got them sorted out, we were ready to play and we definitely took it to em. MEG WOZNIAK: Kate’s goal, that felt good. Really calmed the team down. KATE DANNEMILLER: I’ve hit that shot a million time. It’s just a matter of when it’s accurate and I saw an opening and I took it. MAGGIE ARMSTRONG: I think it took some pressure off of us and just let us play more free in the way we play and then that led to the second goal. MEG WOZNIAK: Senior day and this being our last home game, this being do-or-die all just reasons for us to go out and give it our all and leave it all on the field. MAGGIE ARMSTRONG: I mean we could not be more proud of this senior class. The five of them have given so much over their four years and to be able to get this win for them and get them at least one more game, hopefully a few more. We just couldn’t be prouder and everything we did out there was to keep fighting for them. KATE DANNEMILLER: I’m really glad that we can give them a couple more games to play with them because I’m not ready for the season be over yet. MEG WOZNIAK: Our confidence is just building off this three-game win streak. MAGGIE ARMSTRONG: We’ve been playing do-or-die for the last three game so it’s nothing new in the tournament, so I think we’re really prepared as long as we keep this momentum going forward.

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